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TYPES OF GLOVES FOR MARTIAL ARTS - how to choose shingards, they are gloves for mma, which shingards are suitable for a pear, how to choose the size

MMA gloves (for mixed martial arts, also called shingards) spoiled the "holiday" of the participants and spectators of the fights without rules. After US law, worried about the health of athletes, introduced a precautionary measure, fighters are forced to use this means of protection, so as not to turn the opponent's face into mince.

Before choosing the right MMA gloves, you need to know what types they are divided into in a civilized society:

  • training. 7 oz. Solid impact surface;
  • competitive (shell). 4-5 oz. Separate striking surface fingers.

One ounce - 28.3495 grams

What is the difference between training and competition models?

Solid Impact Hybrid Training Gloves

Best for sparring. Suitable for pears. In these, you can work out all types of blows without injuring your partners. The thick impact surface protects the fist from damage during impact, but does not interfere with the grip of the hand when performing painful or choking holds. Producers remember well that for mixed martial arts, not only kick is important, but also wrestling skills.

The training models are ideal for work on equipment and paws. They have a tighter padding in the wrist area, protecting this area from a powerful blow.

The thumb was also not bypassed, because this is the most vulnerable part of the fist, and especially for beginners, when they do not twist it in side impacts. Thumb guards prevent injury even for experienced fighters during training.

Output: perfect for full-fledged work and practicing all techniques of striking and wrestling techniques. Minimum chances of injuring yourself and your sparring partner.

Gloves with a split impact surface for each finger

They are used in professional and amateur competitions. For pears are also good.

Some fighters use them to easily imitate combat, practicing wrestling techniques and movements.

Competition models are also suitable for use with equipment and paws.

Gloves with a small striking surface area perfectly protect the wrestler's hand, absolutely "not worrying" about the opponent's appearance. Without dodging the blow, you can easily get bruises, cuts and a broken nose.

Thumb protection is negligible, and in some models it is completely absent. For example, in the UFC promotion. Such gloves are almost imperceptible on the hand during grips and painful holds.

Some models provide additional protection for the middle phalanx of the fingers to avoid bruises and wounds if the fist is incorrectly positioned on impact.

Output: designed for maximum injury to the opponent. Used in competitions, experienced fighters opt for light sparring and apparatus work.

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How to choose MMA gloves depending on fixation and materials


All MMA gloves are fixed on the wrist with Velcro. Depending on the model and quality of the product, the clamps are:

  • with single velcro - the most common models;
  • with double - reliable and durable.

Materials and fillers

  • Genuine Leather. Professional gloves are sewn from it - for MMA world promotions;
  • premium leather. Most of the promoted brands of fighting equipment are made of artificial leather. Manufacturers insist that it lasts longer than natural;
  • cheap leatherette. Budget models are sewn from it. They will last much less, but are suitable for beginners who are not sure if they need such a sport.

The liner is often made from absorbent materials. These shingards absorb sweat well and fit the hand. Some professional models are treated by manufacturers with antibacterial impregnation that absorbs odors. The gloves do not exude an odor even after long training sessions. And hands fog up in them less.

All MMA gloves use multi-layer foam. In some models, manufacturers add gel inserts.

How to choose shingards by size

Shingards for MMA are divided by letter sizes - S, M, L, XL.

For universal, double sizes are provided:

  • S / M (children and teenagers),
  • L / XL (adults).

The following values ​​are less common:

  • Yong - for children;
  • Regular - teenager and adult up to 70 kg;
  • Large - from 70 kg and more.

To choose gloves with optimal palm coverage (measured in cm), study the size table on the manufacturer's website or in the product description.

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Happy shopping and easy wins!

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