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The laptop turns off: why the laptop suddenly turns off by itself during the game, work - the reasons and what to do if the laptop turns off

The laptop is clogged with dust All laptops are equipped with a cooling system, which is represented by a fan and a heatsink. In advanced cases, dust can reach a layer of 5-10 mm, which causes the processor and other components to overheat, and at the peak of the laptop overheating, it turns off itself.

The laptop turns off spontaneously during operation - an unpleasant situation. This article describes several common causes and how to fix them.


Placing a laptop on our lap, laying it on a blanket, fluffy blanket or thick tablecloth, we provoke it to overheat, because the air inlets inside the case are blocked.

Decision. Use your laptop on a hard surface. We also recommend using a laptop cooling pad. Inside it there are fans that take cold air from the environment and supply it from below to the laptop. The flow of air from the laptop cooler cools the internal components of the device. The temperature drops by 5-15 degrees.

The stand has a slight tilt, which makes working on the keyboard more convenient and comfortable.

The laptop is clogged with dust

The laptop is equipped with a cooling system consisting of a fan and a radiator. The fan blows around the radiator grill, which has many iron plates closely spaced for cooling. Dust gets stuck between them, forming a felt, the thickness of which reaches 5 - 10 mm in advanced cases. Therefore, the processor, video card and other components overheat.

Decision. The best option is to contact a service center to avoid damage to parts. At your own risk, you can clean the laptop from dust yourself:

  • unscrew the screws on the back panel;
  • remove the cover;
  • Use cotton swabs to remove large pieces of dust from the cooling system. Remove its remains with a can of compressed air or a vacuum cleaner with a “blow-off” function;
  • clean the fan using the same can of compressed air;
  • place the cover on the back of the laptop in place and screw it down.

Disconnects from the battery

Does it work normally from the network? The average battery life for a laptop is 2-3 years. Uninterrupted operation depends on the type of battery, capacity, operating conditions. At the same time, the average laptop lifespan is 6-7 years.

Symptoms of a Bad Battery:

  • the charge level is incorrectly determined;
  • the indicator does not detect the battery;
  • When the power plug is pulled out, the laptop turns off, does not work on battery power.

Decision... Contact a service center for battery diagnostics. Replace it with a new one.


Users often acquire viruses by clicking on spam links and going to questionable sites

Decision... Install a version of one of the antiviruses. For example, antivirus from Kaspersky, ESET Nod 32 or Dr.Web. Update its bases. Do a deep virus scan on your laptop.

Damage to the motherboard

The motherboard is the main body and main board of a laptop that houses its main components. In case of mechanical stress on the laptop, the motherboard can be damaged, leading to breakdown.

The main breakdowns requiring repair of the laptop motherboard are as follows:

  • malfunction of the input-output ports (USB, headphone jack, FireWire ports, etc.);
  • malfunction of the video adapter (built-in or external discrete);
  • damage to integrated devices (sound and network controllers, modems, etc.) due to electrostatic discharge or other causes;
  • problems associated with the cooling system (overheating and failure of bridges, video cards or processor);
  • the consequences of poor-quality power supply (failure of power controllers, reflow or burnout of power connectors);
  • mechanical breakdown or liquid damage (flooding);
  • incorrect user actions (self-assembly and disassembly of the device).

Decision. Repair or replacement of the motherboard is carried out by the specialists of the service center.

Recommendation: keep an eye on the general condition of your laptop, it will last you longer.

Watch the video on how to disassemble and thoroughly clean the laptop