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POPULAR DOLLS - the most popular dolls, the best for children, the best Barbie girlfriends

Which Barbie do you choose - fashionista, sportswoman, fairy or collectible? In any look, these are the most popular dolls with chic outfits and lush hairstyles. Girls experiment with them however they want. Many models come with accessories, animals, furniture, changeable dresses. Barbie knows how to transform. She is equally suited to be a teacher, a doctor, a hairdresser or a fairy-tale mermaid. Don't believe me? In vain!

Choose a flexible toy - one that is hinged. It's more interesting to play with this one: the doll bends, bends its knees and arms at the elbows. And interactive is generally lovely: it moves, makes sounds and even glows. Here's how not to fall in love with this ?! No wonder they say: "The best girlfriends are Barbies, not animals!"

Variety of series and models

Supplied with additional accessories

Wide range of prices

Many fakes

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L.O.L. Surprise!

LOL babies are good dolls. Each one is special and therefore mysterious. You won't be able to choose a specific model, the toy is carefully packed in a bright ball, capsule or stylish bottle - depending on the series. The abbreviation LOL stands for "a little shocking crumbs."

But the surprises don't end there. When the baby will unfold the package, in each layer of the wrapper will find a mini present: a set of stickers, clothes for a doll, a hairpin or something else. Believe me, your child will love it! Until you get to the doll, you will get a lot of joy. We will not be surprised if the girl exclaims: "Yes, this is the coolest doll!" In fact, it is.

Toy parts are made of high-quality plastic. And the packaging can be adapted as a seat, stand or bathtub.

With big eyes and facial expressions

Interactive models can walk on the potty

Many additional accessories included

Many fakes

Designed for children from three years old

How to recognize a counterfeit L.O.L. Surprise!

- Look closely at the title: LQL - copy, LOL - original.

- LOL Surprise has TM (Trade Mark) written next to it. There is no such thing on a fake.

- On the original packaging there is a description of the toy and the name of the manufacturer - MGA Entertainment, office addresses and phone numbers. There is no such information on a fake. Watch the video review of LOL HAIRGOALS series babies

Baby \ 'S First

These cuties are marketed as the best dolls for children under 3 years old. The first (First) means the most, so the manufacturer takes into account the nuances: soft toys, a vinyl head similar to skin, a friendly look, a cute face ... Such dolls and dolls are popular not only for babies, but also for older girls.

Baby dolls are suitable for playing mothers and daughters. It's nice to fall asleep with them. The toys faithfully imitate newborns that you really want to take care of.

  • Handles, legs turn.
  • If you press on the tummy, they laugh, babble and play pleasant melodies that soothe and give peace.

Baby's First dolls can be machine washed, the main thing is to remove the sound module. All series have a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

Dolls breathe with kindness and comfort

Do not cause allergies

Easy to care for

Batteries will have to be replaced periodically

Music sound is not regulated

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Monster high

Popular dolls for girls - Monster High. They are to the liking of dreamers and dreamers. Cartoon heroines help to travel to a fairy tale where magic dwells.

Dolls can be dressed up in fancy dresses, hairstyled and turned into good or bad fairies.

Many popular and favorite girly collections

The set includes a variety of accessories

Dolls don't move

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Disney princesses

They are like real ones: the best dolls made in the image and likeness of cartoon heroines. A beautiful face, expressive eyes with lush eyelashes, silky hair. The series of dolls includes the oriental beauty Jasmine, Cinderella in a charming dress, and elegant Snow White.

In terms of quality, fairytale Disney princesses are in no way inferior to Barbie dolls. Chic outfits, changeable dresses, arms and legs bend thanks to the hinges at the elbows, wrists and knees. Hair is easy to comb and fit into all kinds of hairstyles. The toys are made of plastic that washes well and does not smell.

Beautiful models

An exact copy of the fairytale heroines

Chic outfits

Durable dolls


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