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HOW TO CHOOSE A BAG - what bags are in fashion now

If you need an elegant and minimalistic bag, classic models are the best option. When an office dress code isn't necessary, look at other types of handbags.

Shopping bags

The most versatile and practical option for everyday wear:

  • it holds replaceable shoes and a set of uniforms for sports training;
  • a stack of documents - for a business meeting;
  • 1 kg of apples, a carton of milk and bread - to run into the supermarket.

Go for a vibrant, saturated color. This bag will be a great addition to your casual look.

  • It is combined with cropped tight-fitting trousers.
  • Looks spectacular with jeans and light cotton blouses.
  • It will be appropriate with a light dress.

The brands Celine and Fendi, as well as Armani and Chanel are considered classics among shopping bags.

Backpack bags

Wear it flirty on one shoulder - it is comfortable, looks natural and does not "slouch". With what you can:

  • with a light summer dress;
  • with maxi-length dresses made of flying chiffon.

Photo from the site:

I advise you to take a closer look at the backpacks of the brands Ralph Lauren, Anna & Li, Eterno, MIC.

Bright clutch

Good for casual style. It goes well with skinny jeans and a black leather jacket.

In an evening look, it serves as a spectacular addition. But for "overloaded" dresses with embroidery, with rhinestone or sequin embellishments, flashy decorated clutches are not suitable. Choose only solid color models. Dark blue, gray and beige are in vogue now, which go with everything.

The brands Axel David, Bexhill, Blanknote, Karya have a "healthy" value for money.

How to identify a leather bag

- Genuine leather is porous and not perfectly smooth.

- It retains well and accepts heat.

- The skin is elastic - creases and creases on it quickly disappear.

How to choose a women's bag: 2 golden rules

We are often complex because of our imperfect forms. To find a bag that will hide flaws and emphasize the merits of your image, adhere to two principles.

Choose the size of the bag according to your height and build

The size of the bag should be proportional to your height:

  • for tall - bulky bags;

  • for miniature - smaller models.

Place the bag at a level where there is less problematic place in the figure. Here's what I recommend.

  • For little ones (height up to 155 cm): To appear taller, choose a bag with long straps and wear it over the shoulder. The harnesses will visually stretch you. It is better for overweight girls to take a model with wide straps.
    • If you have large hips, the bag should be square or elongated.
    • Horizontal models emphasize the slimness of the legs.
  • For girls of medium height (155-175 cm) bags with short handles, which are worn under the arm or on the elbow, are suitable.
    • A large figure is ennobled by roomy bags up to 30 cm wide and a little more than A4 sheet in height.
  • For tall girls (above 175 cm) the bag should be bulky and horizontal. The ideal size is 40X50. But you should not wear it on your shoulder, because on high ones it is visually perceived wider. Carry the bag on your elbow or in your hand.

Choose the shape of the bag, taking into account the type of your figure

With the help of the bag, you can visually correct the figure. It is enough to decide on the type of your forms.

"Apple" (sloping shoulders and pronounced belly)

Choose from rectangular, square or trapezoidal bags. Thus, you will visually stretch and appear slimmer. The main thing is to transfer attention from the problematic area of ​​the abdomen to the decollete area or to the legs.

  • I do not advise: round bag models. They will emphasize the splendor of your figure. Clutches with a long strap are also not an option.
  • Decision: Grab a bag with short handles and carry it on your shoulder or in your hands.

"Pear" (pronounced waist, shoulders narrower than hips)

Take a closer look at rectangular models or shopping bags. They hide the roundness of the hips.

Photo from the site:

  • I do not advise: to wear clutches and models of bags with rounded corners at hip level or in the hands.
  • Decision: Handbags with medium handles are fine. Wear them on your shoulder - thereby highlighting the dignity of your waist.

Inverted triangle (broad shoulders and narrow hips)

Rounded and horizontally oriented handbags visually balance the figure.

  • I do not advise: models with a short strap. They focus on the problem area in the neckline. Bags that expand towards the top are also not what you need. They repeat the silhouette of the figure, "exposing" its imperfections.
  • Decision: Choose models with short handles or a clutch. Wear it on your elbow or in your hand - this way you "tie" the eyes of others to your legs.

"Rectangle" (the width of the shoulders and hips are the same, the waist is not pronounced)

Your task: not to draw attention to the waist, switching it to the legs. The angularity of the figure will correct the models of rounded bags.

Photo from the site:

  • I do not advise: rectangular models and clutches.
  • Decision: Take bags with short or medium handles and hold them in your hand or on your elbow.

Hourglass (narrow waist, equal shoulder and hip width)

Any bag shape is suitable. They look especially good when placed under the arm to focus on the waistline.

  • I do not advise: large girls with an hourglass figure carry bags over their shoulders. The strap will visually cut your neckline and accentuate the hips.
  • Decision: Choose handbags with short handles and medium straps to draw attention to slender legs.

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