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HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT KEYBOARD (Gaming, Computer, Wireless, Backlit, Mechanical) - Choose your gaming keyboard

With the help of the keyboard, data is entered into an electronic device and its control is carried out.

Keyboard selection

The device is intended:

  • for computers: large, designed for computer tables;
  • for a tablet: a wireless device is used, where data transfer takes place through a receiver;
  • for a laptop: a type of keyboard of small sizes;
  • for TV.


  • wired - connection to the system unit via USB - port or PS / 2 port. If there are few USB ports, give preference to a PS / 2 keyboard - this will free up one USB port;
  • wireless connection is convenient in that you do not need a wire to connect the keyboard. To connect a wireless keyboard, you need to insert a special adapter into the USB port. Data is transmitted via Bluetooth or radio. Disadvantage: needs recharging. Some models run on their own battery and charge via the cradle.


  • a membrane keyboard is a flat and flexible surface with keys printed on it.


  • compact (a few millimeters thick);
  • reliable in operation;
  • protected from dirt and moisture;
  • silent keystrokes.


  • lack of tactile communication, which makes it difficult to make an error-free and blind typing.

Modern computer keyboards use a combined membrane, rubber and mechanical keyboard technology. Pressing the plastic key pushes through the rubber cap, providing tactile feedback, and depressing the membrane.

  • mechanical keyboard - after pressing the keys return to their original position by a spring. Contacts are metal or gold-plated.


  • reliable and durable;
  • designed for 50-100 million clicks.


  • high price;
  • noise when pressing keys;
  • lack of tightness.

How to choose the right keyboard for your computer

A good choice comes from your own preferences:

  • kit (keyboard and mouse) - the purchase will cost less than purchasing these devices separately. They have the same design and manufacturer's firm;
  • keyboard - most users buy the device separately as the lifespan of the device and the mouse are different.

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Which keyboard should you choose?

Decide for what purpose you need a device - for work, for games or for combining two types of activity:

  • standard - designed for typing. Divided into two parts: for the right and left hand. Designed for those who work with typing and blind typing;
  • multimedia - in addition to the standard set of 104 keys, it is equipped with additional keys (of a different size or shape), which are intended for simplified use of the basic functions of the computer:
  • sound control;
  • control of the tray in the CD-ROM drive;
  • audio player control;

    to launch the network capabilities of the computer (open a search engine, mail, browser, etc.);

  • to work with popular programs (for example, open / close the calculator);
  • the state of the windows of the operating system is monitored (minimize, close, go to the next or to the previous window);
  • computer control: put into standby (hibernation) mode, turn off the PC.
  • flexible - easy to transport. It can be washed and will not break on contact with liquid. Some models are backlit;
  • game - it stands out for its design, the presence of additional buttons, which are placed in a separate block. Some of them have an additional display, analog joystick, backlight and more.Its keys are hard to press. For improved grip, they are often made of rubberized material. The keys used are W + A + S + D, Shift, Ctrl, Alt, Space and navigation arrows have a metal finish - to prevent wear or are highlighted in a different color. It is inconvenient to type on such a keyboard, but it is comfortable to play.

How to choose a keyboard for games?

Gaming Claudia are distinguished by their ergonomics and additional features:

  • additional programmed keys - their number is different depending on the specific model of the device. Programmed at the discretion of the gamer for a certain action in the game or the sequence of several actions - macros;
  • built-in memory - so as not to reconfigure the keyboard for each individual game, it has its own memory for saving game profiles. Convenient when quickly switching between key modes at the time of changing the game;
  • game mode function - Windows is blocked and unintentionally minimizing the game will not work;
  • rubberized keys with the possibility of their replacement are provided by manufacturers for comfortable use and prevention of force majeure situations;
  • additional screen and / or analog joystick - advanced gaming models are equipped. The screen displays information about the state of PC resources (RAM, processor load), etc., as well as the processes of game parameters. If you have a joystick, you can control the cursor without looking up from the keyboard, if this is relevant in the game;
  • additional connectors provided for headphones, microphone and USB port for quick connection;
  • key backlighting can be of different colors (blue, red, green, orange), with adjustable brightness and calm tone (eyes do not get tired in the dark).

We invite you to the catalog, where you can choose the model and type of keyboard based on your preferences.

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