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Adidas superstar

The legendary model was first released in 1969 and has only grown in popularity ever since. "Shell", as this shoe was nicknamed for the original rubber toecap, has become the standard of quality.

Distinctive features of the Superstar:

• completely leather dressing;

• Shell-shaped rubber finger protector;

• relatively low glass.

Ribbed toes of sneakers are again found on the streets of cities and in gyms - they are recognizable and loved by all generations.

Adidas barricade

If you are looking for the perfect footwear for safe running on all types of surfaces - Adidas barricade will be the best choice. Stylish and modern sneakers made from breathable materials protect you from injury, and at the same time have many additional benefits:

• the upper part is made of artificial leather with a TPU coating;

• EVA midsole has excellent cushioning properties;

• Breathable lining and perforations on the forefoot provide comfort even on long runs.

Made with Adipren + technology, the rugged and durable model is lightweight and cushions foot contact.

Adidas adizero adios

This is the best choice for those who are preparing to run a marathon distance - lightweight and almost imperceptible on their feet, the sneakers perfectly hold grip on any surface: track, track, ground, asphalt, concrete. Their advantages are due to the peculiarities of production:

• lightness - the model does not include additional, weighting elements;

• stability - fixation with a hard back and branded stripes "Adidas" provides a comfortable fit of the shoe on the foot;

• thermoregulation - the mesh material of the sneakers promotes constant air circulation.

Comfort, convenience, thoughtfulness - the hallmarks of lightweight sneakers Adidas adizero.

Adidas adipure

Barefoot running attracts many athletes: experienced ones - after a bad choice of shoes, beginners - thanks to the knowledge gained from self-teaching books on the Web. Adidas adipure is a shoe that you will not notice on your feet. The advantages of the model allow fans of barefoot running to use it:

• lightness - the absence of any additional parts provides an ultra-low weight of sneakers - one weighs only 168 g (42 sizes);

• elasticity - the textile part is one-piece, while it does not form creases and folds when running;

• high quality - sneakers "breathe", which gives the impression that the feet are dressed in simple socks.

The main advantage of this model is that you cannot run incorrectly in it. The fixed heel and the lack of cushioning in its area do not leave any chance for mistakes in technique!

Adidas boost energy 2.0

The updated "boots" will delight fans of all-round running - they are equally good on the treadmill, and on the asphalt, and on the ground. The modified popular model is equipped with the details necessary for comfortable training:

• outsole - combines durable Adiwear rubber and foam capsules that guarantee the return of energy spent on running;

• upper part - Techfit mesh material perfectly supports the foot and provides airflow to the foot while running;

• Formotion system - guarantees adaptation to any surface.

The combination of proven technology and innovative technology makes Adidas Energy Boost the ultimate shoe for runners of varying ages.

Adidas supernova sequence

This model is the choice of professionals. At Supernova, every element is thought out and built for a comfortable run:

• Mesh textile upper reinforced with synthetic inserts;

• StableFlame insert stabilizes the foot and protects against flat feet;

• Boost outsole guarantees excellent cushioning;

• EVA insole is equipped with an instep support;

• perforated laces;

• Continental tread is reliable and resistant to wear.

The most comfortable ambient temperature for using Supernova is from +10 to + 250C.

Adidas springblade

The futuristic design of the model attracts everyone's attention - the unusual sole, consisting of 16 "blades" made of elastic polymer serves as a compensation system that increases the running speed. Springblade perfectly holds the foot on any surface, and as if pushes the foot off the ground. Do not hesitate, such shoes will become an excellent addition not only to a sporty, but also to an everyday stylish look.

Adidas Stan Smith

Functional classic - sneakers Adidas Stan Smith first appeared on the international market in the 70s of the 20th century. Today, several types of this model are produced, among which tennis shoes occupy a worthy place. The special cushioned outsole provides firm, soft traction and comfort for the Adidas Stan Smith wearer.

Adidas ZX Originals

The first marathons of the ZX series were presented to the world back in 1984. It was during this period of time that technologies such as Torsion and Soft Cell were developed in the German laboratories of Adidas, which over time have become classics in the production of branded shoes with three stripes. The ZX series gained massive popularity after the 1988 Olympic Games. Today, the novelty from Adidas - the ZX 750 model, combines legendary design and trendy modern technologies.

Adidas NMD Originals

What happens when you combine the best elements of three popular sneaker models into one pair of shoes? The Adidas NMD incorporates the virtues of iconic archival models: Micro Pacer, Rising Star and Boston Super. It was the Micro Pacer, first released in 1984, that were the first to have a built-in step and calorie burner counter. Today, this technology is making a comeback in athletic running shoes.

Adidas bounce

The Adidas Porsche Design Sport Bounce S3 Running Shoe grabs attention at the first glance. Every detail of this shoe is designed for the comfort of the wearer:

• one-piece upper made of one piece of leather does not restrict movement and firmly fixes the foot;

• the absence of seams is guaranteed to exclude the possibility of chafing and calluses;

• The outsole has excellent cushioning and a stunning design.

Adidas Bounce is the choice of stylish and confident people who prefer life on the move.

Adidas tubular

Retaining the traditional shape of the '90s, the updated running shoe has been reinvented as a stylish and ultra-modern shoe for classic aficionados. Trendy design tricks combined with innovative developments of the Adidas company:

• the uvula has been enlarged;

• added texture inserts;

• the height of the bootleg is increased;

• EVA outsole has acquired a rounded shape, remaining the same thickness;

• neoprene is used in the manufacture.

The same Tubular model takes on a completely different look, thanks to the contrasting shades of the upper and the sole. Particular strength and reliability is achieved by the addition of polyurethane panels for the laces, as well as a combination of leather and synthetics.

Old models of adidas sneakers

Adidas Gazelle

Popular in the 60s, sneakers are again rapidly returning to the streets of cities and the windows of brand stores. Comfortable shoes are suitable not only for sports - they are a great detail of a casual "bow" in the casual style. Sneakers are used with success by skateboarders, hip-hop and break dancers, and are increasingly found on the feet of young people all over the world.

Comfort in the soles of this model is provided by a flat vulcanized rubber sole and an enlarged soft tongue. As with most sneakers, the Gazelle toe cap is reinforced to provide superior toe protection.

The adidas company has been a leader in the sports ammunition market for many years. Whichever shoe you choose, rest assured - it's made with the best research and development in mind.