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DOWNLOAD MUSIC FROM "VK" TO PHONE - how to download music on android free

Download music from VK to phone: 8 steps

To download music from VK, the program is not needed. Sleight of hand is enough. No fraud -))).

  • Go to the application and select the "Audio recordings" tab.
  • Select a song in the settings. Click "Save".
  • Exit the app and go to your phone explorer. But first, make sure that the "Show hidden and system files" checkbox is checked in the explorer settings → Find the ".vkontakte" folder.

  • In “.vkontakte” open “cache” → Select the folder “audio”.
  • Highlight the files of interest and click "Copy".

  • Locate the files in a convenient location for you (in this example, the folder "Music from the VK cache").

  • Change the format of the copied files - rename them by adding .mp3 audio format at the end

  • THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP: enjoy your favorite hits!

On a note: VKontakte music is not the only tool where you can legally listen to your favorite tracks for free. Services "Soundcloud" and "Deezerl" allow you to download your favorite hits without any fee. Artists publish their own recordings to share with their fans. You can listen to music on your computer and using a special application.

Enjoy this trick and don't forget to share with your friends!

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