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HOW TO CHOOSE A POT - which cookware is suitable for an induction hob

It is a pleasure to cook in a good saucepan. It saves money and reduces electricity or gas consumption. Such a saucepan does not have to be expensive: it is enough for it to meet four requirements.

Which pots are best to buy.

  • With a flat bottom. On electric stoves, it heats up faster due to the larger area of ​​contact with the heating element. A flat bottom makes the pan more stable, reducing the likelihood of scalding from hot contents due to a sharp tilt of the pan.
  • With a tight-fitting and heavy-duty lid. It should not slip when tilted 45 degrees.

  • No scratches, scuffs or chips. Otherwise, food will burn or become saturated with harmful metals.
  • With riveted handles - they are stronger than welded ones. To avoid the use of potholders, opt for bakelite, plastic or silicone coated handles. But such dishes are not suitable for ovens.

How to choose a stainless steel pot

A low-quality stainless steel makes a dull sound, a high-quality one - a sonorous one. Pay attention to the markings on the steel.

The best stainless steel pots labeled 12/18, 18/10, 08/13 and 12/13. It indicates the percentage of chromium and nickel alloys. The indicators are polished at the bottom of the dishes and are spelled out in the characteristics of the goods.

The quality of the steel is checked using a magnet, applying it to the wall of the vessel.

  • Products marked 18/10 and 12/18 are not magnetically attached. This is due to the structure of the alloy.
  • With brand 08/13 and 12/13 attract a magnet.

Solid stainless steel products don't have to be lightweight. Give preference to a multi-layer bottom with a thickness of 0.3 mm; walls - over 0.5 mm.

Benefits of stainless steel potsdisadvantages
Strong and durableDishes cool faster than ceramic or cast iron dishes
Heat up quickly and evenlyDo not fry in stainless steel saucepans and skillets, ingredients stick to the bottom
Can be cleaned with a metal brush - the coating will not deteriorate

Ceramic casserole: how to use?

The ceramic pot can be placed in the microwave and oven. But you cannot put on gas if you do not use a flame divider. Otherwise, fragile ceramics will crack.

What are the best casseroles?

Heavy. A 3-liter saucepan must weigh more than 2 kg. Thick walls are the key to durability. Buy ceramic utensils with a 4 to 7 mm bottom.

The quality of the product is influenced by the method of applying the ceramic coating. There are two options.

  • On the roll... The ceramic mass is applied to a metal disk and the product is squeezed out under a press. Under pressure, the coating blurs and deforms. Such a pan is short-lived, cracks and chips appear on it. When choosing, take a closer look at the interior coating. It is not worth taking with inhomogeneities.
  • By spraying... The coating is obtained with the same thickness over the entire surface. Again, examine the inside of the vessel: you can take it without smudges.
Pros of ceramicsMinuses
Due to the porosity of the material, the dishes do not burn and are juicy.Brittle ceramics are afraid of temperature extremes and contact with fire

Can i cook in aluminum pans?

The forums are full of questions: “Is aluminum cookware harmful? Can I cook and bake in it? " We answer: it is not harmful! It is appreciated for being quick to cook and bake. During the cooking process, an oxide protective film forms in an aluminum pan. It prevents metal from reacting with food.

But if you cook acidic foods or scrape off stuck food, the protection will not work. Aluminum reacts with acids and gives the food an unpleasant taste.For the same reason, cooked food cannot be stored in it.

How to determine: aluminum or stainless steel?

The aluminum pan has a dull grayish tint. Shiny or matte stainless steel, with a pronounced metallic color.

You should not buy a bowl with thin walls, the food will constantly burn. In a good saucepan, the bottom should be from 3 mm., And the walls from 1.5 mm.

Aluminum cookware: benefits and harms

Benefits of an aluminum pandisadvantages
EasyCannot be cleaned with a metal brush, the protective layer will be damaged
InexpensiveScratches and dents remain from careless handling
Heats up quickly

How to choose an enamel pot

Enameled dishes are metal products with a layer of enamel. The coating protects products from harmful metal ions. All kinds of food can be cooked and stored in such utensils. It is not toxic. But until the moment, until you damage the enamel.

Food in a spoiled dish burns and is saturated with lead and cadmium. If you constantly use a damaged pan, it is not surprising to get poisoned by toxins. Often - with complications in the kidneys, liver and bone marrow.

Can I bake in an enamel pot?

Yes, except in three cases:

- chips and cracks on the enamel;

- you will bake at temperatures over 250 ° C;

- a sharp temperature drop: the oven is hot, the dishes are cold and vice versa.

The practicality of the utensils depends on the thickness of the enamel coating. The thin layer is heterogeneous: you can easily see the gaps on the walls of the dishes. Unscrupulous manufacturers save on materials and apply glaze intended for the outer coating to the inner walls of the dishes. It is harmful.

  • The brown and yellow colors give off iron.
  • Red is copper and manganese.

Safe colors for inner enamel are black, white, cream, gray-blue and blue.

Which cookware is suitable for an induction hob

You can use stainless steel, cast iron and aluminum cookware on an induction hob with a magnetic bottom. Kitchen utensils made of glass, ceramics, copper and other non-magnetic materials are not suitable for induction.

How to choose cookware for an induction hob

  • The diameter of the pan bottom is at least 12 cm. This is the minimum parameter for the area of ​​contact with the burner. Otherwise, the stove will not turn on.
  • Bottom thickness 2-6 mm. Look for the markings on the bottom where it says it is suitable for an induction hob.

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