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How to choose a tumble dryer?

Some helpful tips for choosing a tumble dryer

It is quite difficult to imagine a modern home without a washing machine, but washing something is only half the battle. The linen also needs to be dried. Where can you do this, on the balcony? But not all apartments have this miracle, and the happy owners of balconies sometimes cannot use their advantages due to the fact that clean things can suffer from city dust and smog. Drying clothes in the bathroom is not always convenient. What to do? Away with strings and clothespins! It's time to think about it and buy dryer.

Dryers are very similar in appearance to washing machines - the same dimensions, similar design, but they do a completely different job.

For drying clothes, no matter how strange it may sound, there is a fairly large list of requirements. In order for things to be easily ironed out, they must have a certain moisture content - no more and no less. And yet, it is desirable that during drying they do not wrinkle much, do not sit down, so that the structure of the fabric does not suffer (the shape of the product is not lost, and it is not disheveled). This entire list of wishes was taken into account in the development of drying machines. The result is devices that outwardly resemble the well-known washers, but the functions of these units are somewhat different.

Home coordinates

The question of the location of the drying unit should not even arise. Naturally, it is next to the washing machine. The dryer is usually placed in a row with the washer or mounted on top. It is not only convenient, but also beautiful. With this arrangement, all actions with linen are performed in the same place, which eliminates the need for constant running around. Many firms produce these types of dryers that are attached to the wall.

Dryer types

Dryers can be of two types: condensing and exhaust. Models of exhaust dryers are cheaper, but you need to keep in mind that you need to remove moisture somewhere. Usually, to solve this problem, a hose is connected to a ventilation system or moisture is removed through the window, which is not very convenient, but much easier to implement. Exhaust dryers, for example, Mіele, are most conveniently used in private houses or cottages, where the task of installing a dryer using a ventilation duct or street is much easier.

Condensing dryers have a different structure. The air for drying is heated by the heating element. The heated humid air cools the heat exchanger. At the same time, moisture is condensed and sent to a certain container (container), and then simply poured out. The main advantage of condensation dryers is precisely that moisture does not come out. Plus, such models are almost always equipped with a filter to trap fibers and lint of the material. This filter performs the desired function - the function of air purification. After all, if the machine is clogged with dust and other small particles, then the efficiency of air circulation is significantly impaired. Over time, in this situation, the operation of the motor also deteriorates. It is advisable or even necessary to clean the filter after each use of the dryer. Thanks to this, the motor will run longer, and it will be easier for us to breathe.


Almost all machines can dry 5kg of linen at a time, and products from a wide variety of materials can be dried. The drying cycle can be programmed according to one of two parameters - residual moisture or time.

The drying time is programmed for the required number of minutes. At the end of the specified time interval, the unit interrupts its operation and does not take into account the moisture content of the laundry.

There are units, during the operation of which the water content in the laundry is taken into account. This is much more convenient, because you do not need to go to the dryer several times, check the moisture level of the laundry and adjust the drying time. The names of the programs in such products speak for themselves: "wet", "machine ironing", "ironing", "closet", "completely dry".

Products made from silk, woolen and other types of delicate fabrics must be dried as delicately as possible, so as not to spoil their appearance. For drying such products, special programs have been developed, characterized by lower air temperatures and shorter cycle times.

The drum rotation mode of the dryer is not of the last importance. For example, in the Electrolux Іron Aid drying drum, which is equipped with a pair of motors, the laundry can remain motionless during drying. This is due to the fact that one motor makes the fan move, and the other makes the drum rotate, and the operation of the fan is completely independent of the operation of the drum. It is this distinctive feature of the tumble dryer that allowed manufacturers to create especially delicate drying programs, when the drum rotates the laundry at sufficiently long time intervals (only 2 drum revolutions per minute), and the warm dry air continuously dries the laundry, which under these conditions undergoes the least drying. mechanical processing.

Asko machines rotate non-stop using specially designed paddles inside the drum that stir the laundry in a figure-eight pattern. This has a gentle effect on the products and makes it possible to dry them evenly. It should be noted that this operating mode relieves the motor from overloads, which are caused by a constant change in the direction of circulation.

There is a ventilation mode in dryers. It is used to remove unpleasant odors from clothing, such as the smell of a fire or tobacco smoke. Bypassing the washing process, clothes are kept fresh by blowing with a stream of air at room temperature.

Easy not to iron

Recently, in many commercials, you can see that modern housewives, due to their employment, do not consider it necessary to waste time ironing. In modern washing machines, an anti-crease mode or a loosening phase is more and more common. What about drying units? Here, too, there are enough tricks that allow less wrinkling of the laundry when drying.

Usually, the drum in dryers is of a rather large volume, because it is no secret to anyone that the laundry in a jam-packed drum wrinkles much more. In addition, it periodically changes the direction of rotation, and the drying process ends with a phase of cooling and loosening. It should be noted that a lot of things can be put on immediately after drying, without ironing the product, for example, T-shirts, jeans or shirts. Bed linen, terry towels, products from non-crease fabrics can be immediately put into the closet.

If the drying process has come to an end, and the machine is not turned off and the laundry is not taken out of it, then the drum rotates at regular intervals to prevent creasing.

Cart and other bells and whistles

In modern drying machines, any fabrics, including woolen products, can be dried effectively and painlessly.

Everyone knows that with a long rotation in the drum, woolen things get lost quite easily. But manufacturers have found a way out to solve this problem. In Bosch-Siemens models, these products are dried in a special container (basket). With this solution of the issue, there is no mechanical shoveling, the basket is always stationary, and the drying process is carried out with not very hot air with a strong flow. This ensures a very lean drying, which allows you to give the items their original appearance.In this way, you can dry sports shoes, slippers, and outerwear, and even soft toys.


Controlling a dryer and a washing machine is not much different from one another. Those models that are equipped with a display more clearly display everything that happens in the unit. Looking at the display, we can always determine how long the process will last and, in fact, how the program works, whether there is a failure, etc. We can also program the start time of the process (the so-called delayed start). Typically, this task can be deferred between 1 and 24 hours. This is very important when installing two-tariff meters, which allows you to operate the dryer when there are cheaper nightly rates.

In order to protect children during operation of the unit, as well as to avoid damage to property, in many models there is a child protection function, when turned on, your beloved child, with all his curiosity, will not be able to influence the dryer in any way.

Why not "two in one"

Washer-dryers are also on sale. Perhaps some people will decide that it is easier to buy one model that will both wash and dry. However, everything is not so simple. The washer-dryer can only handle half of the maximum load, and we are used to filling the washing machine completely. You will need to pre-sort the washed items and only then dry them in parts. And this, you see, is not very convenient. BUT dryer will be able to accommodate all the laundry you have washed and dry it in one go. And plus to everything, there can be no question of any additional drying programs in the washer-dryer - here you can only do standard drying by time, and for some models, by humidity. You cannot dry delicate fabrics and especially woolen items in such a machine.