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Lenovo G560 Review

This Lenovo G560 is an entry-level 15.6 "laptop. It is equipped with an Intel Core i3 processor, a full function keyboard with number pad. Let's find out a little more about this instance.

The test model had the following configuration:

Screen - 15.6-inch, 720p (1366x768) glossy LED-backlit panel

Operating system - Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Processor - Intel Core i3-330M (2 cores, 2.13GHz, 3MB L3 cache, 35W TDP - heat dissipation during operation)

Chipset - Intel HM55

Video subsystem - Integrated Intel HD video chip using system-wide memory

RAM - 4GB DDR3-1066, dual-channel capability (2x 2GB)

Hard Drive - 320GB 5400 rpm Western Digital

Wi-Fi - Broadcom 802.11n wireless network card

Optical Drive - DVD-RW (Optiarc)

Battery - 6-cell 48Wh Li-ion battery

Our test unit has specifications for its intended purpose - everyday use. Filling in the form of a Core i3 processor and 4GB of RAM provides more than multitasking capabilities. However, there is something that this computer still cannot do - it is to play 3D games, since it has only an integrated graphics chip.

Build and Design

The G560 has a modern design and some of the elements are tastefully crafted from quality materials. The wrist rest is covered with brushed aluminum for a cool feeling. Compared to the bulk of 15.6 "-inch notebooks, the G560 is slightly lighter and thinner than its classmates. Despite the almost completely plastic body, the body of the G560 gives a solid feeling. The wrist rest and areas around the keyboard have good rigidity and won't flex, even under significant pressure. The plastic used to create the case is of satisfactory quality; it is thick enough not to be fragile, so you can confidently consider it reliable.

Unlike the case, the lid is covered in sleek, glossy plastic that collects dust and fingerprints. The build quality of the laptop lid is average and not as good as the lower case. It flexes slightly, and also bends if you try to slightly bend the cover around the edge of the corner. Overall, however, the build quality of the G560 is satisfactory.

Screen and speakers

The G560 has a 15.6-inch 720p (1366x768) LED-backlit display. While the glossy finish helps enhance color saturation and contrast, it also acts as a mirror - especially if there is a light source behind. Cleaning such a screen is also difficult.

The picture quality of the display is satisfactory; the display has a low contrast ratio of 150: 1 and lacks sharpness. Colors look a little washed out. Brightness measurements showed 210 nits at peak, which is average for this class of notebooks. Side viewing angles are also average, color inversion starts at 40 degrees off center. The vertical viewing angles are narrow; approximately 20 degrees off-center.

The 1366x768 resolution is problem number one; this limits productivity in general and makes multitasking difficult. Only half of a page in Word is visible; you will also have to spin the scroll wheel a lot, since the vertical resolution is 768 pixels. Using two windows open next to each other will also have no effect - since the horizontal resolution is only 1366 pixels.

All in all, the display is typical of a budget laptop; however, it is difficult to find a budget laptop with a 15.6 ”screen with a higher resolution (eg 1600x900).

The G560 has two stereo speakers above the keyboard.They sound good; Of course, there is not enough bass, but for normal listening to music, it will be enough. The touch-sensitive volume buttons above the keyboard work well.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The G560 has a full-size keyboard with a separate number pad. The keyboard is one of the advantages of this laptop and is very comfortable to use. Even with significant pressure, the deflection is not felt. Moderate key travel and pressure are both factors that contribute to faster operation and fewer errors.

But the touchpad is the exact opposite - its implementation in this model is not entirely successful. Good things first: the touchpad has a soft, slightly textured surface, which helps if your fingers are dry or damp. Also the touchpad has a reasonable size. Disadvantages: ease of use - only half of the touches were recognized by this touchpad. The lack of touchpad buttons, that is, its entire surface can recognize a touch as a "click", the bottom-right area plays the role of the right touchpad button, and the left-bottom area acts as the left button.

In general, it is necessary to get used to using the touchpad in this model, at first it can be a little annoying to work with it, again due to the constructive solution in the part of the touchpad buttons. For potential buyers, one thing can be advised - along with a laptop, it is necessary to provide funds for the purchase of a computer mouse.

Ports and accessories

The G560 laptop provides an impressive array of ports for a budget laptop. This number includes - e-SATA, HDMI (for connecting an HDTV TV). Also included is ExpressCard / 34, which can be used to add USB 3.0 adapters. Below are photos of the side surfaces.

Front: Wi-Fi switch, indicator lights, card reader (MMC / MS / MSPro / SD / xD)

Back side: battery

Left Side: Kensington Lock Slot, RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet LAN Input, VGA, USB 2.0, e-SATA, HDMI, ExpressCard / 34

Right side: microphone and headphone inputs, optical drive, USB 2.0, power connector


The G560 has sufficient performance for everyday use such as surfing the Internet or working in the office. The bottleneck for system performance in general is the slow 5400 rpm hard drive, which slows down slightly when launching programs, and the integrated video chip does not allow playing modern 3D games.

wPrime, processor performance (the lower the value, the better):

PCMark05, overall system performance (the higher the value, the better):

3DMark06, video and gaming performance (the higher the result, the better):

CrystalDiskMark measures hard drive performance:

Battery life

Measurements showed 4.1 hours of battery life on a standard six-cell G560 battery (48Wh). This is a very good battery life for a 15.6-inch laptop, especially for the budget model.

Heat dissipation and noise

The G560 has a very balanced cooling system. The Core i3 processor is not greedy and does not generate unnecessary heat. During everyday use, the fan noise is hardly audible. When running heavy applications, the cooling fan speed increases, but the noise level remains within acceptable limits. This notebook is suitable for use in places with low ambient noise such as libraries or auditoriums.

There are practically no hotspots on the laptop. Even the area on the left, where the hot air outlet is located, is slightly warm to the touch, and the HWMonitor software showed that the temperature of all components is within the normal range.


The Lenovo G560 is a decent budget laptop with acceptable specs for this market niche - the keyboard is comfortable and the build quality is commendable. It has more than enough performance for everyday tasks, a battery that lasts for 4 hours and a silent cooling system.The wide range of ports including HDMI, e-SATA, and ExpressCard is also impressive for this class.

The disadvantages include the unfortunate design of the touchpad (the entire area is like two large buttons, the user will have to spend some time to acquire working skills). Another drawback is the display (low resolution and faded colors), and finally, the glossy plastic of the display lid, on which fingerprints accumulate.


- High level of build quality

- Convenient keyboard

- Large selection of ports

- Four hours of battery life

- "Quiet" and "cold" - this is how you can describe a laptop during work

- Very good level of performance in most applications


- Unsuccessful touchpad

- Glossy plastic case - fingerprint magnet

- Screen quality is slightly below average

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