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PRINTER PRINTS GREEN - why the printer cartridge prints green instead of gray, yellow, black, red

The reason is that the inkjet printer does not work well the nozzles responsible for supplying the pink-violet color (it has the Magenta marking on the cartridge). This can happen for a number of reasons.


Typically, this is an airlock in the cartridge. Airing of the ink channel could occur due to improper filling. To solve this problem, you need to correctly fill it, having previously evacuated the air with a syringe and a thin needle. After that, run the software full cleaning of the cartridge using the printer itself (this option is probably in its driver).

Clogged cartridge

We know that it is the nozzles of the pink-purple section of the cartridge that are clogged. Finding them will not be difficult. After that, you need to carefully disassemble the cartridge and rinse or blow out the nozzles. This is often enough for the printer to start printing correctly.

Overflowing ink

It is not as common as the previous two reasons, but it can also cause you to fill in too much ink when refueling yourself, and as a result, it collects in the nozzles, simultaneously forming drops there. Accordingly, through these droplets, the smallest particles of ink during printing cannot get onto the page of the paper.

This can be solved by placing the cartridge, nozzles down, on a soft paper towel. Leave in this position for half an hour, and the ink will drain by itself.

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