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HOW TO CHOOSE A MANEZH - which arena is better to buy for a child, reviews

There are two popular types of playpens - playpen and playpen-bed with a cradle. The first is voluminous and takes up a lot of space. The second is more convenient, it is easier to lull the baby in the cradle. When he grows up, the cradle is easy to remove, there will be more space for games. Such a playpen is good for a small room, where there is nowhere to put a crib and equip a play area.

  • The one-level playpen is designed for children from birth. You can sleep and play in it. This line includes Ommi, Caretero, Wonderkids.
  • Two-level - several floors. The upper one can support a child weighing up to 9 kg, the lower one - up to 16 kg. The more expensive models come with a convenient changing table and an arc with toys - Babyono, CAM, Bertoni.

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They fold easily when needed and are compact when folded. Not heavy, thanks to the wheels - mobile. Such a playpen can be easily transported to your grandmother, to the country house, to nature or to the sea.

Children's playpen: at what age?

When the child learns to crawl (from 6 months) and begins to "study" the contents of the cabinets. At first, leave it in it for no longer than ten minutes to associate it with pleasant emotions. The option "cry and get used to it" is not the best, otherwise the baby's anxiety, excitability and sleep will be disturbed. The arena limits physical activity, so an hour and a half a day is the maximum recommended by orthopedists. They advise alternating periods of calm with play.

Do not hesitate to check the stability of the frame right in the store so that the child cannot throw the playpen. Pay attention to the height of the sides, it should be at least 80 cm so that the baby does not climb over them and fall out.

Which playpen is best for a child

If it is good to sleep in the crib, then the playpen is more versatile in use - it is still fun to play in it. These products are made from fabric mesh, nylon, polyester or natural fabric.

  • Raincoat fabric is preferable, it is durable and easy to clean.
  • Oilcloth does not withstand the onslaught of children's teeth. Pieces peel off from it, which you can easily choke on.

A reliable plastic frame or metal that can withstand the baby's jumps is taken as a basis. All metal parts of the frame are equipped with soft pads to protect the child from injury. Check for sharp corners, protruding screws, bolts and fasteners.

The most practical option is a rectangular or square arena. This design takes up less space than a round one. If the room is very cramped, a triangular (corner) structure will help out.

Net playpen

Relatively lightweight and compact. The kid, of course, does not care, but you will have to move him several times a day. This can be a decisive factor in the question: "Which arena is better to buy?"

The playpen bed can be easily disassembled and washed quickly, which is convenient. It does not take up much space when folded. Most of the models are folded like a book or like an umbrella.

Ophthalmologists argue that looking at the world around you through a grid is harmful to the emerging vision. They recommend leaving the baby in the arena for half an hour at a time.

An acidic mesh is evil, go for calm, solid colors in pastel tones.

  • Small is safer.
  • A small researcher can climb out through large cells.

It is good if the ring handles are provided in the arena. When the baby tries to get up, he needs to grab onto something. The rings will stimulate physical activity. And it's great if you buy a model with a zippered side entry. Over time, the child will learn to crawl into his "nest" on his own, you will not have to strain your back to plant him.

Manege with wooden partitions

Reliable and stable.No matter how the child throws out energy, he will not overturn a weighty structure. It is not difficult to keep it clean - it is enough to periodically brush off the dust with a damp cloth.

This type of arena is exclusively stationary. It is heavy, you won't be able to move it around the apartment. Yes, and in the doorway he will not pass. To move the playpen, you will have to disassemble it. It is worth taking into account the "pitfalls" of the wooden structure:

  • while the baby is learning to get up and walk, he will stuff the bumps on the solid bars;
  • if the manufacturer has not thought about the gap between the rails, the handles and legs can get stuck in them. The optimal distance between the blocks is 6-7 cm.

If a wooden playpen is covered with varnish or paint, its safety must be certified by a quality certificate. After all, the child will try the planks "on the tooth". 100% natural and harmless option - impregnation with linseed oil or beeswax.

Arena fencing

Separate sections are assembled into a small fence for the baby. This arena does not have a bottom, it is placed directly on the floor. Use a blanket or rubber mat if necessary. The fencing is plastic and wooden:

  • plastic is easier to wash,
  • but wood is more environmentally friendly.

Conveniently, you yourself choose how much area to give your baby for games. The sections are connected according to the principle of door hinges, they can be delivered, removed, given any shape and size to the arena. When the child grows up, the fence will come in handy to limit the play area for the child so that toys are not scattered throughout the apartment.

"Bold Minus" - lightweight construction. The grown up kid will be able to move around the room with the playpen. But inventive mothers get out of the situation: they tie the fence to something heavy, for example, to a crib.

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Which playpen to buy: reviews

Our customer Elena is delighted with the Caretero Grande playpen. Its design provides swing skids for swinging. The child can be swayed as if in a cradle. In case you are relaxing in nature, the visor above the arena shelters the child from the sun's rays and gusts of wind, and the mosquito net protects from insects.

Elena writes: “A great option for all occasions. The quality is top notch. Nothing broke in a year, the color has not changed, nothing has torn».

Andrew I appreciated the spaciousness and safety in the Baby Design Play. In his review, he noted: “An excellent playpen for your money. Good product quality, good mattress. Worth the money».

Yes, the really soft Baby Design Play mattress cushions toddler falls! The corners are protected by overlays, the sturdy frame can withstand any stress.

Krivoberets Victoria impressed by the Carrello Grande CRL-7401 Gray.

This bright playpen with large transparent inserts has become a favorite place for her child to play: “The playpen is just super! The baby liked it)) Bright drawings, the quality is also good-looking! In the future, it will be perfect for the construction of halabuda)))».

CARRELLO Piccolo + is a cozy play area and a nook to sleep. Withstands even a grown child who loves to jump on it. Natalia shares his impressions: “Large (approximately like a crib), sturdy playpen. Color as pictured. There is a way out for the kid. Easily unfolds, only first you need to fix the top, after the bottom».

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