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Review of mobile phone Vertu Ascent TI

One of them

A striking representative of the legendary Vertu brand, the Ascent model is a prestigious phone in the form of a classic candy bar in a metal case. The case is completely made of heavy-duty titanium alloy, frost-resistant, resistant to high temperatures, external pressure and other adverse factors. Such an expensive metal is used only in the model with built-in memory of 32 GB. The model with a smaller memory (namely 4 or 8 GB) has an aluminum case. Both versions differ from each other in the color of the leather trim on the rear upper part of the case, which is common to the entire Ascent range. The 8GB phone is finished in brown leather or gray or orange rubber. The thirty-two gigabytes are made of red or black leather. There are built-in Bluetooth and GPS modules, wireless communication and simple synchronization modules.


From the outside, the phone is very attractive. From the first minutes of acquaintance with it, it is noticeable that it was made by hand, since there are no gaps between the parts, there are no backlashes in the moving parts, and, having paid attention to the material of manufacture and the accuracy of assembly, we can say with confidence that they will never be. In the process of use, the suspicion arose that the phone would wipe itself in several vulnerable places. Such suspicions arose mainly about the back cover and sidewall, as well as the leather bezel in the rear upper part of the case. In other models of the same brand, we had to see a technical solution in the form of a barely perceptible threshold, a frame around the rear panel. Because of this, the phone, even when lying on a flat surface, did not touch it completely. Now this threshold is gone. Actually, it can be argued that if the phone is constantly moved across the table or panels in the car, the back cover of the phone will wipe out during operation. The back part is attached to the front part with numerous, tightly screwed screws. In appearance, they are made from the same material as the case, but sometimes in the description there is a mention in the assembly materials of such a metal as steel.


The phone is angular. Many sharp and right angles give it a more aggressive look than other models of this brand. Created by Vertu Ascent on the basis of the fourth series of Nokia. The phone is equipped with a two-inch lens hidden behind a sapphire crystal. The TFT screen displays pictures of 240x320 pixels and is capable of displaying more than 16 million colors. In the Ferrari version, when switched on, you hear the signature Vertu sound for this model range - the sound of the engine of the Ferrari F40 car. In other versions, this sound finds an alternative in a simpler sound. The menu instantly loads on the screen, which can be presented in two forms - a table and a scroll or a linear menu. By default, of course, scrolling is set and, frankly, there is no desire to change. The screen is clear. The icons are large and handy. The menu is standard "Nokievskoe", but with a slight bias towards the luxury class.

What has to offer

Games, calls, messages, organizer, settings, concierge call, web browser, SIM card functions and backing up to the company's server of all information contained in the phone with a guarantee of confidentiality are the main things that a phone worth six and a half thousand euros can offer. I did not check the efficiency of some services in Ukraine, so I cannot judge their relevance and convenience of the service. We are talking, for example, about a personal concierge. I liked the organizer menu very much, although there are a few unnecessary, as for me, items that only pretty much interfere with the work. It's about planning flights and reminding you of important calls. Quite a primitive exchange rate counter. In general, this is a matter of taste.The menu is designed in a dark style with a high contrast of images. Pictures are voluminous. Some objects are subtly animated. It is possible to customize the menu completely for yourself. But there are static moments that cannot be changed.

An approach

The setup itself is simple only in words. It will take a lot of time to set the phone with the necessary settings for each function. This is the main reason why I do not even advise you to start this venture. The process is long and laborious. Monotonous digging through the menu is tiring, and the game, as a result, is "not worth the candle." Is it really so important to you what color the backlight will be when you receive a call from your best friend's number? The luxury class phone is very simple. New models have long found the ability to produce natural sounds in all popular formats, although this is probably not the point of using a phone. The phone finds the network perfectly.


Operates in the bands GSM / EDGE 850 and 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz, WCDMA / HSDPA 850 and 900, 1700 and 2100 MHz. Its dimensions and weight are quite impressive (117x46x19 mm and 170 g, respectively). Especially the last one. So it's not very comfortable to wear. The battery of the device is considered to be very powerful, although, in my opinion, this applies exclusively to the standby mode. The conversation lasted 5 hours - exactly in accordance with the instructions. The wait is several times longer. 300 hours in GSM and 3G networks. Built-in memory, as already mentioned a lot. But there is nothing to use it purely "for its intended purpose". It looks like the company's request that we pay not just for the sapphire, the name and the metal case, but also for some imaginary dignity. The phone is far from multimedia, and it would not be suitable for it to include applications for entertainment in its body. What to use so much memory for - only God knows.

Shooting with the eyes

The camera was impressive. Pictures and videos are super accurate. Camera resolution 5 million pixels. The maximum photo size she can create is 2560x1920 pixels. There is a flash and autofocus. Videos can be recorded at high speed to avoid adverse lighting effects. The phone supports SMS and MMS messages, like all modern mobile phones. It is also possible to work with e-mail and send messages to other users of the Vertu service. According to the manufacturer, the coverage of your operator is not necessary for this.


Built-in GPS - receiver. In a specially developed service called Fortress, which is developed exclusively for this brand of phones, you can view information about your location, including photos, videos, tips on where to rent a hotel room, spend time, view the history of the city you are a guest of. ... Basically, the same information can be easily accessed through a web browser. By default, both services initially have the same start page. The phone has a built-in very bright flashlight, the lamp of which will help you open the door of a car or apartment in case there is no other source of illumination. The flashlight can be turned on both using the menu, and using a key for which this process can be assigned.


Voice recorder, chronograph and stopwatch are typical for the Nokia 4 series. You will not see anything new in them, although the menu icons have changed and acquired a richer, more sophisticated look. The pursuit of technical progress in Vertu is not vividly observed, with the exception of 3D technologies in the design of the menu and advanced multimedia functions (this mainly concerns the many supported formats, the most popular of which are: MP3 audio, AAC and WAV, MP4 video (H.263 ).


The model is endowed with an original design solution characteristic of the entire Vertu lineup, which consists in the fact that a sealed metal back cover is opened and closed using a special key and lock. Otherwise, it cannot be opened. Debunking the myth of the inaccessibility of Vertu ended on the last day of the phone test, when I almost accidentally noticed that its back cover can now be easily opened with a paper clip or even a fingernail, by simply turning the key hole, which is essentially a round nut with a longitudinal groove. In earlier models, things were more serious.