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HOW TO CHOOSE A CHAIN ​​FOR A CHAINSAW - which chains are better for chainsaws, how to determine the chain pitch

Chain pitch is measured in inches. It is indicated on the product and affects the quality of the cut. The higher the saw power, the more you pick up the step. For non-professional instruments up to 2500 watts, the standard pitch is 0.325 inches.

The chain pitch must match the pitch on the drive sprocket of the engine and tire. If you change it along with the tire, replace the engine sprocket with a collapsible one and install the drive ring on it with the desired pitch.

How to choose a chain for a chainsaw in the shape of a cutting tooth

The choice of chain for a chainsaw should take into account the shape of the cutting tooth. When viewed along the tooth, the cutting edges form a similarity to the number 7. The rounded tooth is called Chipper, with an acute angle - Chisel.

Chisel teeth are characterized by high productivity and cutting speed because their configuration reduces the contact area of ​​the tooth with the wood during operation. A serious drawback of the "chisel" tooth is that it quickly becomes blunt on wood contaminated with grains of sand. Resharpening such a tooth requires very precise adherence to all standard angles and parameters.

The Chipper tines have a large contact area with the wood in the cut and thus a lower cutting speed. But this drawback compensates for the undemanding quality of regrinding. The rounded corner of the "chipper" will tolerate sharpening errors more easily and performs well in working with contaminated wood.

How to choose a chain for a chainsaw according to the thickness of the shank

The shank is the part of the chain link that fits into the guide bar. Its thickness must strictly correspond to the groove of the tire so that the chain moves as smoothly as possible, the cut is smooth and there is no excessive tire wear.

How to choose a chain for a chainsaw in length

Its total length is determined by the number of links that make it up (it is also equal to the number of shanks). The chain for one bar may not fit on a bar of the same length on another saw. Therefore, see what length the manufacturer recommends in the instructions for the saw.

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