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HOW TO CHOOSE A SEMI-AUTOMATIC WELDING MACHINE - how to choose a semiautomatic device for garage work, for home

The thickness of the steel with which the semiautomatic device can work is determined by the maximum value of its current strength (measured in amperes) and the no-load voltage (measured in volts).

If the amps are not enough, the seam will be shallow. Check your plans against our table of maximum amperage and working metal thickness correspondence table.

Metal thickness, mm

(mild steel)

Current strength, A

The open circuit voltage between the wire and the workpiece initiates an electric arc. The higher it is, the thicker the metal the discharge is ignited.

  • For a garage and a home workshop, 30-40 V. is enough.
  • For service stations - 50-70 V.
  • For production - 80-90 V.

The choice of a welding semiautomatic device for the diameter of the wire

The thicker the steel, the larger the wire diameter is needed to create a good connection.

Metal thickness, mm

(mild steel)

Wire diameter, mm

How to choose a semiautomatic welding machine by duration

The on-time is the permissible welding time without interruptions at the maximum current. It is indicated as a percentage of the ratio between running time and cooling time. For home conditions and service stations, 30-40% is enough (3-4 minutes of work for 6-7 minutes of downtime).

How to choose a semiautomatic welding machine for garage work

  • Control

    It can be synergistic and manual. The first automatically adjusts the parameters for the task you specified. It greatly simplifies the use for those who master the work on semiautomatic devices. Manual control is for the pros. Thanks to him, you can more finely adjust the parameters of the device.

  • Welding type

    For a wide range of tasks, a semiautomatic device is needed that works with solid wire and flux cored wire. The most versatile machines also allow the use of stick electrodes and a TIG torch.

  • Pulse mode

    Needed if you weld non-ferrous metals, stainless steels, aluminum alloys.

  • Weight

    A portable device weighing 12-20 kg is the best option for a garage or small work on the road. It will require a long hose for a gas cylinder or a compact cylinder. But if functionality and a large amount of work are more important to you, then you should not focus on weight. His problem is solved with a mobile stand.

  • Wire feeder

    In a semi-automatic for a home workshop or garage, the feed mechanism can be built into the body. A remote mechanism is needed where mobility is important: it allows you to work at a distance from the main power source.

  • Equipment

    To work with a semiautomatic device, you need a torch, a hose, an earthing cable and a cable with an electrode holder. Great when they are sold with the unit.

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