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Moulinex YG 230 yogurt maker review

Moulinex YG 230 yogurt maker review

Yoghurt makers are becoming more and more popular every day, gaining respect among true connoisseurs of high-quality dairy products.

Nowadays, when flavors, stabilizers, dyes, flavor enhancers and other harmful food additives are added to dairy products in the production of dairy products, we often began to think about the quality of the yogurt and kefir sold in the store. This issue is especially relevant for families with small children. What to do when it's time to buy your child kefir, baby curd or yogurt? How to choose a quality product? Which manufacturer can you trust today? We ask these questions every day. To completely abandon fermented milk products and not buy them is not an option. They are good for the human body, but only if they are of high quality. Dairy products that are sold in our stores today are very difficult to call such. It is unlikely that yogurt and kefir with a one-month shelf life contain a sufficient amount of "live" bacteria (if they are present at all) that are necessary for our organisms.

Real yogurt, due to the content of "live" bacteria, helps in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, increases immunity by stimulating the production of interferon in the body. It must be free of thickeners, stabilizers, colorants, flavors, preservatives and other food additives. With the advent of household appliances on the market - yogurt maker, it became possible to make high-quality dairy products at home.

Today, yoghurt makers are produced by almost all household appliance companies. The most popular among them are the Moulinex and Tefal yogurt makers.

Presented in the review yoghurt maker Moulinex YG 230 one of the most popular models today. It is distinguished by high quality, reliability and elegant design, thanks to which it harmoniously fits into the kitchen interior. The Moulinex YG 230 yoghurt maker is very easy to use, does not require much maintenance, consumes only 13 W of power.

Appearance of the yogurt makerMoulinex YG 230

The body of the yogurt maker has a rounded shape. It is made of durable white plastic with a transparent lid. The set of the yogurt maker includes: 7 glass jars with lids (the capacity of one jar is 140 ml); instructions in several languages, including Ukrainian and Russian; book with yogurt recipes. The yoghurt maker is equipped with a digital timer (for 15 hours), LCD display-indicator of work, automatic shutdown with a sound signal. The principle of operation of the yogurt maker - maintains the required temperature throughout the entire cooking time of yoghurt.

How to make yogurt in a yogurt maker Moulinex YG 230

The process of making yoghurt using Moulinex YG 230 simple enough and does not require much effort. For this you will need milk and leaven (lactic acid bacteria).

What should be milk?

For delicious homemade yoghurt, it is recommended to use milk with a high percentage of fat. It must be boiled. Long-term storage milk, which is sold in tetra packs, undergoes a large degree of pasteurization, so you can not boil it, but simply heat it to the desired temperature.

Which starter to choose and where to buy it?

For making yoghurts, it is best to use dry starter culturesspecially designed for this. There are quite a few variations on today's market, both Ukrainian and European, and the prices are about the same. The selection criterion should be the bacterial composition of the starter culture.At the same time, you need to know that the wider the bacterial composition of the starter culture (the more diverse the number of bacteria it contains), the more useful the yogurt will be.

When buying a starter culture, be sure to pay attention to the list of bacteria that make up it. If there is no such list, then it is better not to buy such a leaven. Today it can be bought at any supermarket or pharmacy. You will have to spend money on the purchase of a sourdough only once, since then you can use homemade sourdough (homemade yogurt) as its quality. It keeps in the refrigerator for about a week. You can cook with such a leaven 2 more times, adding 2-3 tablespoons to fresh milk. The yoghurt obtained in this way has even higher levels of beneficial bacteria than when it was first cooked. Although it should be noted that for children under 1 year old, yogurt obtained in this way cannot be given, therefore, for children's yoghurts, you will have to buy a starter culture every time.

Cooking yogurt!

Boiled milk must be cooled to a temperature of 37-40 degrees. If this condition is not met, then the yogurt will turn out to be tasteless and slimy. If you use hot milk, fermentation will not occur. Add sourdough to chilled boiled milk and mix. Stir the mixture of milk with sourdough, preferably using a mixer or blender, so that there are no lumps.

Sterility... It is very important that the jars in which the yoghurt will be prepared are perfectly clean. Therefore, before using the yogurt maker, jars and lids must be rinsed with boiling water so that no foreign bacteria get into the yogurt. You can also prepare jars with lids for use in a microwave oven, after pouring a little water into them and keeping them there for about 5 - 10 minutes. Sterilization is not recommended, as the lids can be deformed from high temperatures.

The resulting mixture of milk and sourdough must be poured into jars (up to the neck), put unclosed jars inside the yogurt maker and cover it with a lid.

Thereafter connect the yogurt maker to the network, set the cooking time - from 8 to 12 hours. It depends on the type of leaven. After switching on, the indicator of the operating status of the yoghurt maker will light up, which will remain on until the end of the entire yoghurt preparation process. During the operation of the yogurt maker, the casks with their contents will gradually be warmed up, the temperature will be set at about 40-45 degrees and will remain so until the end of the cooking cycle. Please note that during operation, the yoghurt maker must not be moved, it must be at rest. Therefore, immediately arrange it so that it does not interfere with anyone. Yoghurt Moulinex YG 230works silently, does not heat up, milk does not boil inside, only condensation appears on the walls of the apparatus.

At the end of the cooking process, the operating status indicator of the yoghurt maker will go out, a beep will sound (five times), the display will show two zeros, which will flash until the device is disconnected from the mains.

After disconnecting the yogurt maker from the network, you can take out the jars. Warm jars should be closed with lids, and the date of manufacture should be marked on them with a hand-held marker. To do this, turn the top of the lid until the desired date appears in the window. The jars with the finished product must be sent to the refrigerator to stop the growth of bacteria. According to the instructions, freshly prepared dairy product must be in the refrigerator for 6 to 24 hours to thicken.

Ready-made yogurt should be thick and taste like sour cream. If you turn over a jar of ready-made yogurt, then it should not fall out of it. If the yoghurt turns out to be liquid, then you haven't kept it in the yoghurt maker enough. If the separated serum is slightly visible, then it is overexposed. There is nothing terrible in this, it will only affect the taste of the product.

You can add honey, jam, jam and fruit to yogurt for flavor. You can make some of the yogurt sweet right away. To do this, add a spoonful of jam or honey to the jar along with milk and sourdough. Such natural yogurt is stored in the refrigerator in a tightly sealed container for no more than 5 days. For children under one year old, such yoghurt can be given within the first two days from the date of preparation, and for children after one year - within three days. Only in this case will homemade yogurt bring the maximum benefit.

At once with the yogurt maker Moulinex YG 230 can be made7 jars of homemade yogurt or yogurt, that's about 1 liter of the finished product.

Should I buy a yogurt maker or not?

As you probably already understood, dairy products prepared with the help of a yogurt maker are qualitatively different from those sold in stores. They contain live bacteria. They do not include flavors, thickeners and dyes, which is very important for those who monitor their health, try to eat quality food whenever possible. Homemade dairy products cost several times cheaper than store-bought ones. And the very process of cooking with the help of a yogurt maker cannot be called too laborious. A yoghurt maker is simply an irreplaceable find for any housewife. So don't hesitate, be sure to buy a yogurt maker and prepare delicious and healthy dairy products. Bon Appetit!