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What is bodybar. A short excursion ...

In the modern market, the range of sports equipment is huge, but there are not so many compact and affordable sports equipment. In small, small apartments, we can afford, perhaps, a Swedish wall, dumbbells or a jump rope. And not everyone can afford an exercise bike or treadmill, since they take up a lot of space and are quite expensive.

However, there is a simulator that is very simple and affordable at home that everyone can afford. It does not take up much space and is a great addition to cardio training, and is also suitable for resistance training, stretching and balance training. Today, almost all fitness instructors include it in their programs. This sports equipment can also be used in gyms.

The bodybar is a special gymnastic stick used in strength aerobics for group or personal training. It is something between a barbell and dumbbells, representing an alternative to these sports equipment.

The bodybar will help you correct and form the correct posture, strengthen the muscles of the shoulder girdle and arms, as well as correct any part of your figure. The gymnastic stick develops endurance, coordination and dexterity, provides training of such muscles and ligaments that other simulators are not able to use.

The bodybar is widely used in strength fitness, aerobics and couples. The bodybar for aerobics is also used in martial arts, as a weapon of defense and attack. It perfectly controls the symmetry of the exercise performance, it can even replace the barbell. The bodybar gives the athlete the opportunity to train with various loads and maintain almost any part of the body in the required shape.

The bodybar does not take up much space, so you can use it at home, in a fitness club, as well as in the workplace in an office to relieve stress.

The bodybar gymnastic stick is very convenient to use. This versatile fitness machine has a steel bar covered with soft rubber on the outside and colored knobs at the ends. The rubber surface of the bodybar prevents your hands from sliding during your workout. And colored knobs (pink, orange, yellow, blue and purple) are used to distinguish gymnastic sticks by weight.

Bodybars are 90-120 cm long, and their weight ranges from 1.5 to 9 kg. The taller you are, the more bodybar you need for fitness. But each athlete chooses a bodybar for training, with which it is convenient and comfortable for him to train.

In order for exercises with a gymnastic stick bodybar to bring satisfaction and tangible results, as well as to be comfortable, it is necessary to choose the right bodybar for training.

Experts recommend that beginners start their classes with an optimal weight of 1.5 to 3 kg.

For mid-level athletes, a bodybar weighing from 4 to 6 kg is suitable. In the future, with the acquisition of experience and skill, the weight can be increased to 9 kg.

For professional athletes, a projectile weighing 12-18 kg is suitable for training.

The length of the bodybar must be selected in accordance with the height, the higher the height, the longer the bodybar.

The results of training with the bodybar will not keep you waiting long, as with its help the muscles of the back, arms, buttocks are strengthened. Exercise will give a beautiful relief and tone to your body, improve metabolism and increase muscle mass, and this, in turn, will significantly reduce your weight.

There are a lot of bodybar exercises.When choosing exercises for yourself, be sure to consider age, training experience, how long you have been practicing, as well as your goals.

It is necessary to repeat each exercise 10-20 times, it all depends on the level of physical fitness. Do the exercises in 2-3 sets.

The most important thing during training with a bodybar is proper breathing, otherwise you can only harm your body. The amount of exercise should be gradually increased. Strength training with a gymnastic stick is an essential training element in all aerobic programs.

The appearance of the bodybar gave strength training a qualitatively new level, significantly diversified exercises with dumbbells and a barbell. Unlike barbells and dumbbells, the bodybar does not need additional discs for weight. It also provides hands with synchronization of movement, unlike dumbbells, which makes training more effective.

With the help of a bodybar and correctly selected exercises, any upper and lower body is corrected. Stick training is gaining popularity, especially among women.

The bodybar brings novelty to your workout routine, the breadth of its application can only be limited by your imagination. That is why there are more and more lovers of training with the bodybar every year. These simple activities will help you improve your health and prolong the youthfulness of your body.

Several years ago, it was a challenge for club owners and fitness instructors to buy a bodybar for use in training. Today, this problem has been practically solved, the bodybar can be easily purchased in sports stores or on the Internet.

If you work out in a club or at home with a gymnastic stick, then you probably know what weight and length are optimal for you. The assortment of our online store will surely interest you and your family. We bring to your attention gymnastic sticks with a colored tube and various weights. You can easily find the right model for your family at affordable prices.

You can also purchase a bodybar for a fitness club. Choose and order a weight from 2 to 7 kilograms, so that every visitor in the gym is comfortable and comfortable. Your regular customers will definitely appreciate it.

We will always be happy to help you choose and purchase a bodybar for effective workouts!

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