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HOW TO OPERATE A QUADROCOPTER - how to calibrate a quadcopter and find if it has flown away

There are two options to launch the quadcopter:

  • download a free app for iOS or Android and connect to the flyer using your phone or tablet via Bluetooth;
  • learn to control the quadcopter using the remote control.

Remote Control Commands

With the left stick (stick), you can move the copter in a vertical plane and rotate it around its axis.

  • up - the quadcopter is gaining altitude;
  • down - going down;
  • to the left - rotates to the left;
  • to the right - turns to the right.

The right lever can be used to set pitch (roll) and roll.

  • pitch down - the front of the aircraft rolls down;
  • pitch up - the drone rushes up;
  • when moving the joystick to the left, the toy tilts to the left;
  • when you roll the stick to the right - respectively, to the right.

For training flights, you should choose a calm day. You will be able to do somersaults at 90 and 180 degrees without fear that the wind will interfere with the trick. If you study indoors, do not worry about the screws: they are covered with protective rims.

How to Fly a Quadcopter: Flight Modes

The choice of flight modes depends on the controller installed in the quadcopter. Depending on the model, there may be more or less of them, but for beginners, I recommend four to help you learn to fly quickly.

  • Stabilize (self-alignment or orientation in space) - helps to get comfortable with the controls. You will learn how to track and change the angle of the drone. But tricks in the air will not work.
  • ATTI, Attitude (stable flight mode): The flight altitude can be automatically adjusted. If you return the joystick on the remote control to the neutral position, the drone will align and fly on autopilot in the previously set direction. This is ideal for aerial photography. The camera shoots smoothly, without shaking.
  • Position Hold, GPS ATTI, Position (GPS stabilization) - The system corrects vibrations and wind noise. The drone "snaps" to a point with certain coordinates and does not move until you give it a new direction. It is convenient to operate in this mode if you do not know the terrain well and lose your orientation in space.
  • Manual Mode, Acro Mode, Rate Mode (manual mode): You can set the flight speed and take turns with strong roll.

How to find a quadcopter if it flew away or got lost in the forest

If your lost device has a GPS tracker: call your mobile operator. He will report the exact coordinates of the location of the "lost".

I advise you to take screenshots of the area during the flight. They will help you quickly find the crashed quadcopter. Or track your flight on an interactive map in real time.

Before starting the aircraft, check the battery level, make sure the platform has recorded the start coordinates and calibrate the aircraft.

How to calibrate your quadcopter

Raise the drone to a height of half a meter and set the direction of movement forward / backward, left / right.

- If the device listens, everything is in order.

- If there are deviations, check the rotor blades and the flight controller. They must be in the same plane. If they are in the same plane, and the drone still does not hold the horizon, most likely, they are not in tune with the accelerometer. Check its calibration.

Models with GPS modes have an auto return function. It allows you to return the drone before the battery runs out.

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