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Review of the game A Steel Beasts Pro RE.

Maybe someone will explain to me why the civilization that came up with the flaccannon and antigrav boots is so limited in terms of tank design? The Goliath from UT3 clearly copies the Leopard 2A5, which was created 10 years ago. His computer cannot make allowances for target movement. In addition, the "Leopard" cannot envelop itself in a smoke screen and throw defensive grenades. Can't hit 45 mph and doesn't have a night vision device. He's pathetic!

Modern combat vehicles are smart and complex. A Steel Beasts is a harsh simulator that will teach you how to manage, shoot and command a tank squad. Dozens of excellent tutorials will introduce you to several types of Leopard and Abrams tanks. The quality of the instructions and the lack of Russian and British tanks looks odd. But until you realize that this product was developed specifically for the American, German and Scandinavian troops. When eSim developers write on the forum that “this is not a game,” they are not joking. Why? Because the tank school does not need companies and environments like Crysis. Solo missions will lead you into a world devoid of shadows, anti-aliasing and post effects. Sometimes you have to break through a pine forest or grassy gorges, but it looks poor. Fortunately, the strength of the simulator lies in the AI, and the "live" missions distract attention from the graphical component.

Modern tank combat is all about timing and heavy tactical work. It's exciting. If you see T72, then he most likely sees you. You won't have to rest and relax on the battlefield.

Shelling can destroy a tank anywhere along the way. It's a cruel world, but luckily there are difficulty settings, and a chance to change the tank in case of a breakdown. In some scenarios, you will have to command dozens of units: infantry, engineering vehicles, artillery. Using an elegant map, battle planning is easy. SB Pro PE is the ultimate war game.

Random elements and powerful artificial intelligence always keep missions fresh. The built-in editor ensures that the buyer only gets a couple of bugs and hundreds of game scripts made by players. You can also buy an add-on to the game. SB is the best simulator for learning all the intricacies of modern warfare.

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