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HOW TO CHOOSE A BREAST PUMP - which breast pump is better electric or manual

It doesn't take a lot of time to figure out which breast pump is the best to choose. An electric breast pump is definitely better than a manual one. And that's why.

A pump-action breast pump is a greetings from the days of grandmother's youth. Traumatic and ineffective. Modern ones look a little more decent than their ancient predecessors, but in terms of comfort they have not gone far from them. We do not recommend it.

Syringe pump - you can't do it alone

Winner in the nomination "We wanted the best, but it turned out as usual." In order to use it, you need TWO: Mom must hold the chest, and Dad must pull the pump off. Almost a mockery of people whose multitasking exceeded every conceivable limit.

Reciprocating breast pump - works well, doesn't clean well

This device is already closer to acceptable comfort. The wide pad protects the skin from cracks and bruises, and the lever allows mom to suck milk comfortably and with the necessary strength. Disadvantage: It is not very convenient to wash and sterilize the piston breast pump. But if your budget is already laid out, then choose the right type of breast pump of this type.

Electric breast pump - smart and enjoyable

Mom's favorite. It's just a holiday: he expresses milk on his own while mom is resting, reading or making a face mask (at least with one hand, but already something). For such a gift, dad will be adored very much. Many electric models express both breasts at the same time and come with a milk storage kit. If you need mobility, you can opt for a battery-powered device.

We advise you to buy an electric breast pump, which is able to simulate two phases of breastfeeding by a baby. In the mode of the first phase, the device stimulates lactation, in the mode of the second phase it pumps out milk just like a baby sucks. With this alone, he removes the question of which breast pump to choose.

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Watch how your Philips breast pump mimics the baby's sucking movements: