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HOW TO REMOVE ABDOMINAL - how to lose weight in a week and get rid of the belly

In fact, getting rid of the stomach in a month or two is real. The main thing is to follow a diet and regularly load yourself with physical activity: combine aerobic training that mimics movement, and strength training with weights and dumbbells, push-ups or pull-ups.

  • Strength exercises will melt subcutaneous fat.
  • Aerobic exercise will cope with the visceral, which has stuck to the internal organs.

Yes, you have to sweat to lose weight in the stomach. But the result is worth it: a muscular corset will form, which will tighten the sagging sides. Thus, the body weight will be reduced and the sagging belly will be removed.

TOP 5 Exercises for Aerobic Training

They help to improve metabolism and increase blood flow in your body.

Exercise bike

Makes the muscles of the abdomen and legs work.

  • Start with a three minute warm-up. → Then increase the load on the pedals until you have to get off the saddle to crank them.
  • Continue pedaling, concentrating on leg strength. → After 3 minutes, reduce the load to zero and pedal for 4 minutes.

This is one approach. Do two more without rest.

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Rowing machine

Drain your energy reserves with maximum fat burning effect to lose weight in the stomach.

  • Row slowly, but in a constant rhythm.
  • Try to use your legs with might and main, straightening them almost completely.

Row for 30 minutes.

Weighted skipping rope

Burns calories more efficiently than rowing. If you jump 100 jumps per minute, then trigger the mechanism for the production of additional growth hormone. It destroys fat and helps to get rid of the belly.

Step your foot in the middle of the rope and pull its handles towards the top. In height, they should reach you to the middle of the chest. If not, adjust the length.

  • Jump as fast as possible within half a minute. → Relax for 30 seconds.

Continue in this mode for another 4 minutes.

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Panting on the treadmill will burn more calories and lower the concentration of liver enzymes - triglycerides - in your blood to quickly clear your belly. The latter are fats that are stored in adipose tissue in reserve.

  • Run with acceleration: alternate walking → jogging → running at full speed for half an hour.

To remove your belly, run at least 20 km in a week at 80% of your maximum heart rate.

Hoop or hula hoop

Burns body fat, helps to lose weight in the abdomen, improves blood circulation in muscles and increases tissue elasticity. Working out the oblique and rectus abdominis muscles, you will remove the abdomen and "model" a slender waist.

You will spend more energy on spinning a light hoop, while a heavy one will strain your abdominal muscles.

  • Bend your knees slightly and swing.
  • Twist, pulling in your stomach, and change the rate of rotation: slowly → accelerate.

To make it heavier, pour sand or cereal into the inside of the hoop.

5 Strength Training Exercises

The beauty of these exercises is that you can do them whenever you want. The main thing is to develop a habit of constantly tense abdominal muscles. If you go on a diet and don't be lazy, then you will definitely have a toned and flat stomach!

Lateral pelvic lifts

  • Lie sideways on a cushion and rest on your elbow.
  • As you exhale, lift the pelvis off the floor, then return to the starting position.

Do 25-30 reps.

The massage belt uses vibrations to stimulate and tone the abdominal muscles. If you wear it and do fitness exercises, the efficiency of fat burning increases by up to 50%.


  • Stand on your elbows with your feet together and straighten your body in line with your hips. Keep your back straight.

  • Take your legs off the floor one by one, staying in this position for 2-3 seconds.

Do 8-12 reps for each leg.


  • Stand straight with your feet wider than shoulder width apart.
  • Lower your shoulders and pull them back. It is important to maintain a straight posture when squatting.
  • Hands can be held in several positions:
    • stretched forward
    • bent at the elbows and pressed to the body,
    • folded behind the head, elbows to the sides,
    • in the castle in front of you,
    • palms at the waist.
  • Start squatting and make sure that your back remains level and your shoulders do not rise.
  • Lower your pelvis as low as possible, because a deep squat is the best way to burn fat and get rid of the belly.

Do not rush to squat and get up quickly. Breathe deeply and slowly.


Doing this exercise systematically can help you get rid of internal (visceral) fat and reduce your waistline.

  • Sit on your knees with your heels tucked under you.
  • Put your hands on your hips, exhale and pull your stomach in strongly. Hold it for 1-2 minutes.

How to quickly remove the belly after childbirth

It is believed that after childbirth, the body returns to normal after 6 weeks. When the discharge stops, lactation and hormonal levels stabilize, you can start training. If there were complications or caesarean, it is worth consulting with a gynecologist, and only then do abdominal exercises after childbirth.

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Long breath diet

Breathing exercises help burn fat. Oxygen reaches the fat cells and breaks them down into carbon and water. The more we inhale, the more fat is burned.

  • Stand up and put one leg forward and the other back.
  • Tighten your glutes and shift your weight onto your back leg.
  • Inhale slowly for three seconds, raising your arms above your head.
  • Then exhale forcefully for 7 seconds, contracting the muscles of the body and spreading your arms to the sides.

Do the exercise every day for 2-10 minutes and you will be amazed at the results.

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