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HOW TO CHOOSE AIR CLEANER - which air purifier is best for home

Do you suffer from frequent bouts of allergies? An air purifier will save you from feeling unwell. will show you how to choose an air purifier for your home.

When choosing an air cleaner, first of all, pay attention to its main parameter - filters. The more degrees of cleaning the device has, the better it cleans the room from dust, allergens and other microparticles:

  • all device models are equipped with preliminary (coarse) filter... It retains large dust particles and protects subsequent filters from clogging. If necessary, it is convenient to clean it with a vacuum cleaner. Requires replacement on average after 6 months, since the filter material gradually wears out during the period of active operation of the device;
  • an activated carbon filter (not available on all models) absorbs unpleasant odors and tobacco smoke in the room. Depending on the level of contamination, it is replaced if odors are not removed properly. You yourself will feel when the need arises;
  • a fine filter (HEPA) captures up to 99.97% of micro-particles of dust, animal hair, pollen, etc., preventing their re-circulation in the air;
  • into the structure combined filter contains green tea, antibacterial enzymes and anti-allergenic substances. Thanks to this combination, the air space is completely disinfected from allergens, bacteria and even viruses. This is especially true for people with low immunity.

Models of expensive purifiers independently control the degree of filter wear. You will see on the control panel a glowing indicator next to the filter that needs to be replaced.

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Extra features

In order not to miscalculate with the choice of an air purifier, explore the additional capabilities of the device:

  • Nanoe technology (ionic cleaning method). Air purifier manufacturers have gone even further: they have developed Nanoe technology that allows you to deodorize the air by spraying silver ions. Ions neutralize the toxicity of contaminated substances by destroying their structure. Models equipped with this technology create a clean and fresh microclimate in the room without the need to change the filter. Your purchase will pay off quickly. You will also save money in the future by choosing such an air purifier;
  • ultraviolet lamp (photocatalytic cleaning method) removes bacteria that are captured by the HEPA filter and decomposes them into inorganic components - water and carbon dioxide. Its low power (2 W) has nothing to do with powerful medical UV lamps, which, when turned on, leave the room. Therefore, it is safe for the user, even near the working device;
  • timer can be programmed to automatically shut off after a certain period of time. You don't have to be at home to purify the air in your apartment. If you want the device to run continuously, turn off the timer.

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Air flow rate

To quickly freshen up a room, just select the air flow rate. The principle of operation of the air cleaner is simple:

  • the air intake system absorbs polluted air from the room;
  • drives it through the filtration system;
  • and blows clean air through the holes on the panel;
  • purified oxygen spreads in the upper part of the room, pushing contaminated oxygen down to the device.

Remember: the more powerful the purifier, the faster it cleans oxygen.

Depending on the model, there are 3-5 operating modes:

  • silent - optimal for working at night;
  • quiet - suitable for cleaning small rooms;
  • moderate - for continuous work in rooms up to 25 m²;
  • intensive - for continuous work in rooms up to 50 m²;
  • maximum - quickly cleans heavily polluted air.

Now you know how to choose an air purifier for allergy sufferers.

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