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WHAT TO FEED A KITTEN - how to feed and how many times a day, what kind of food

The water should be clean, fresh, change the water every day and scald the water container with boiling water. Raw frozen beef - (for a kitten at least 30 grams, for an adult cat - 100-120 grams). Chicken or beef offal (heart, lungs, liver, kidneys) in raw (frozen) or boiled form. 2-3 times a week.

For the development of a tailed pet, balanced cat food is what you need! Your pet will not refuse a delicious chicken, turkey or fragrant rabbit with pieces of trout and green beans. At first, give the little cat canned food. They contain 80% water, they are well absorbed and do not injure the fragile esophagus.

When switching to dry food, do not feed the kitten with leftover food from the table. Our Murziks, like children, quickly twist indulgences to themselves. But not all of them are beneficial:

  • The kitten will constantly beg for a piece for itself as soon as you sit down at the table.

  • Natural food is absorbed faster by the body, dry "requires" a plentiful drink to digest food. If you change the types of food, the stomach and intestines will not be able to quickly reorganize. As a result, disorders and metabolic disorders are provided.

Do not change the once selected feed for a new one, even if it has a similar composition of products. Each brand has its own blend and balance. A change in diet can trigger allergies and feel unwell.

How to feed a kitten, accustoming to dry food

If you really had to, accustom the baby to the new food gradually. Over the course of several days, little by little adding complementary foods:

  • 1st day: Offer the cat 75% of the usual food and 25% of the new food.
  • 2nd day: The cat menu should be 50x50% of both types of food.
  • 3rd day: feed the baby at the rate of 25% of the old and 75% of the new ration.
  • 4th day: Transfer the animal completely to the new menu.

How many times a day to feed is individual. A small kitten (2 months old) has teeth erupting with might and main, it grows quickly, and the stomach is smaller than a thimble. You will have to feed often and in small portions. To keep your baby healthy and playful, buy only high-quality kitten food.

Watch a video how the cat likes to play with a mint ball

What is the best cat food

Animal complementary foods are distinguished by quality and composition, conventionally dividing into three types.

  • Economy and medium classes Is a cat's "fast food". It is made from cheap raw materials (soy, cellulose, cartilage) with a high content of preservatives, dyes, flavor enhancers and ... catnip (analogue of valerian).

    An example of economy class feed is Kitekat, Whiskas, Friskies, etc.

  • Premium and super premium feed are distinguished by a balanced formula of ingredients. High in meat content. No preservatives or fragrances. Their composition is thought out to the smallest detail, and specialists work on recipes. Your kitten will be happy to devour such a treat every day - for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

    This class includes feeds Hills, Josera, Nature's Protection, etc.

  • Hollistic - high-class food is well absorbed by the body of the cat. It is hearty and consists of natural products. Its high cost is offset by a small daily requirement for the animal. Manufacturers do not add flavors and flavor enhancers to the composition. If your mustachioed gourmet is accustomed to a fragrant delicacy, then he will not "appreciate" this benefit. For the time being, for the time being - until he gets used to it.

    Holistic, Chicken Soup, Wellness, etc. are in demand.

What do you feed your kitten with? Share in the comments!

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