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HOW TO CLEAN FISH - quickly and easily remove scales from fish

Do you think that neatly peeling fresh fish with a knife or a fish peeler, and even quick and easy - is this from the realm of fantasy? Residents of Kiev, Volyn, Odessa and other regions have proven that this is not the case. You won't cover your kitchen with scale wallpaper if you clean your fish properly.

  • Place the carcass in the kitchen sink and pour over boiling water. Cover the work area on the table with plastic film, and lay several layers of newsprint on a cutting board. The fish does not slide on it, and the wet scales stick and do not scatter.
  • Use scissors or a knife to cut off the fins and tail from the scalded carcass to avoid injury. If you leave your head for the broth, remove the eyes - they make the broth cloudy.
  • Drag your fingers against the growth of the scales, from the tail to the head. Scalded corneas are easily removed in layers without damaging the fish skin. Clean the sides first, then the abdomen.
  • Carefully make an incision along the abdomen to avoid hitting the gallbladder. Bile gives the meat an unpleasant bitterness, but if it does leak out, quickly rinse the area with salted water.
  • Gut the entrails, remove the gills, and scrape off the black film inside the carcass.
  • Rinse the fish under running water and cook.

How to remove scales from perch

To quickly remove scales from perch, carp or other river fish, you need a sharp knife with a thin blade. This method is especially good when you need to clean large fish.

  • Make an incision under the scales near the tail.
  • Gently pry the skin from the inside, moving from the tail to the head along the edges of the carcass to create a kind of "pocket".
  • While lifting the skin, trim the skin over its entire area.
  • When you remove the scales from one side, turn the fish over and do the same on the other.

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