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How to choose a portable refrigerator

Summer is a time of rest, when it attracts nature. Someone is resting on the beach, and someone in the country. Everyone knows how appetite increases while being in nature. And how you want to sunbathe and quench your thirst with cold lemonade, you must agree. Of course, the food should be fresh, and the drinks should be cool. But if it's hot outside, then such a task becomes difficult. In such a situation, a cooler bag will come to your aid.

Thermal containers and thermal bags are used to keep food chilled, hot or frozen. It is very convenient to take them with you on the road or on a trip. I use large thermal containers when buying large stocks of frozen food, for storing them at home in the refrigerator. When delivering food from the store home, it is very important to prevent the temperature from rising to its critical value. It is considered to be -9 ° С as a critical temperature. Even a slight increase in the temperature of the product above the critical value contributes to the development of pathogenic bacteria in it. Subsequently, such a product will no longer be suitable for storage. In order not to be poisoned, frozen meat that has been exposed to a temperature above the critical one must be immediately processed for subsequent storage or eaten. In order to increase the storage time of food, dry ice or cold accumulators are used in thermal containers.

Cold accumulator

In a cooler bag, the main element that maintains a low temperature is a cold accumulator. Such an element is dry ice or plastic tanks with a saline solution inside. The functions of the active substance are performed by a solution of carboxymethyl cellulose. Cold accumulators are pre-frozen in the freezer of a household refrigerator.

To slow down the rate of temperature change, the walls of the cooler bag are made of heat insulator. Foam rubber or polystyrene is used as a heat insulator. The inner walls of the cooler bag are coated with a metal-containing material, which also contributes to thermal insulation. Before going on vacation, it is necessary to place the cold accumulator in the freezer for 8 hours. The exact freezing time will be indicated in the instructions. This must be done so that the saline solution has time to freeze. After freezing, place all the food you need in the bag, and fix the cold accumulator on the bag lid. Now you can safely hit the road!

Frozen food can also be used as an additional cooler. For example, put in a bag not only a cold accumulator, but also frozen chicken, from which you can cook soup in nature. Cold accumulators can be made in a wide variety of designs, as well as cooler bags.

Cold accumulator Campingaz Freez'Pack M20

Thermal bags

Thermal bags have a volume of up to 50 liters. The smallest thermal bag weighs less than 400 grams. In such a bag, several cans of drinks can easily fit. In a thermal bag weighing 5 kg, you can place up to 15 kg of food.

With a moderate external influence of air temperature, the storage time of food in a thermal bag is from 3 to 5 hours. Under the same conditions, but with the use of cold accumulators, the preservation time of food will be from 7 to 24 hours, depending on the number of accumulators and the volume of the bag. The service life of the thermal bag is at least 5 years.

The stretch thermal bags are made from durable fabrics such as nylon and polyester. Rigid bags are made from solid polymer materials.Foamed polymers such as polyurethane foam and polyethylene foam are used to insulate double-layer bags. It is very convenient to carry the thermal bag. For this purpose, it is equipped with handles and a padded shoulder strap. Large bags have telescopic handles with several fixed positions and rollers for movement. Some, especially large thermal bags, can be carried like a backpack. The soft thermal bag can be rolled up and tightened with the packing cord when not in use. When folded, the bag will take up little space.

Time Eco Thermal Bag TE-311S

Thermal containers

Thermo containers have a volume of 1 to 140 liters. The weight of a 2.5 liter container is only 360 grams, and of large containers up to several tens of kilograms. With moderate exposure to ambient temperature, the storage time of products without using cold accumulators is no more than 12 hours. When using cold accumulators, the storage time is increased up to 24 hours. When using the same materials, large containers of the same company will keep the temperature longer than their smaller counterparts.

Small thermo containers have one handle, large ones have two handles for carrying together. Some models are equipped with a lock in the handle to prevent the container from opening unintentionally. To facilitate the movement of the container, they are installed on roller supports and equipped with telescopic handles. In some thermo containers, cold accumulators are already built into the lid.

Eskimo Isothermal container 34.5 l

Car refrigerators

There are more than portable refrigerators. In addition to them, another type of coolant is a car refrigerator. Automobile refrigerators are divided into three subtypes: absorption, thermoelectric and compressor.

Let's take a look at thermoelectric refrigerators. This is not quite a refrigerator in the classical sense of the word. Structurally, such a refrigerator does not contain either a compressor or a refrigerant; without them, it is difficult to imagine a modern refrigerator. Cooling is performed by Peltier elements. The Peltier element is a thermoelectric converter, the principle of which is based on the Peltier effect - the appearance of a temperature difference when an electric current flows.

At the time when an electric current passes through them, the element cools down and gives off cold to the chamber with food. When current flows in the opposite direction, the element will begin to heat up. Thus, Peltier elements can not only cool but also heat food. The heating temperature does not exceed 65 ° C. It is very convenient when in one device it is possible to cool drinks and warm up lunch.

Another advantage is the unlimited running time of the refrigerator. This is only possible if there is a source of electric current. In the car, the refrigerator operates from a 12 Volt network, and outside the car - from a 220 Volt network. In this case, you need an AC converter.

Campingaz Converter 220V / 12V

It should be noted that the use of a refrigerator is limited by energy dependence. Refrigerator without power, just won't be able to function.

The disadvantages include the fact that such a refrigerator works rather slowly. At the same time, the required temperature inside the chamber is reached for a long time. The food you want to transport must be cooled beforehand and only then placed in the car refrigerator. Use cold storage accumulators to speed up cooling. There is nothing you can do about heating food - you have to wait.

The design of thermoelectric car refrigerators is diverse. These can be small, built-in boxes. They can also be small cabinets or bedside tables. There are also very small refrigerators - for cooling or heating one portion of food.

Auto-refrigerator Campingaz POWERBOX 24L CLASSIC

Now let's look at absorption refrigerators. In such models, ammonia solution is usually used as a coolant. Due to absorption (absorption of ammonia by water) and heating of the solution with a gas or electric heater, it begins to circulate according to a special scheme. Please note that such models of refrigerators are able to work without electricity. In this case, liquid or gaseous fuels are used. This possibility is the main advantage of such devices. The downside is that the device cannot be tilted. In this case, the absorption process is disrupted. Although, why tilt too much? This is certainly possible, but not often.

Those models of absorption refrigerators that are powered by electricity, as a rule, are connected to a direct current source of 12 or 24 volts. However, there are also models on sale that operate on a 220-volt alternating current network. Those devices that operate on both the electrical network and gas are usually somewhat more expensive. One five-liter bottle of liquid gas is enough for 8 days of continuous operation of the refrigerator.

Consider compressor car refrigerators. In such models, the refrigerant circulates inside due to the operation of the compressor. Their main advantage over thermoelectric and absorption refrigerators is their speed. This means that they will cool food faster. When the power supply is cut off, the cold can remain inside the compressor refrigerator for no more than 6 hours. This is provided that it is not opened. Compressor refrigerators are not as widespread as the two previous types. The reason is that these models are highly sensitive to vibration and shock loads. In addition, such devices must not be tilted more than 30 degrees. In this case, the refrigerant will no longer circulate normally and the unit may break down. Remember the quality of our highways - then it will become clear to you why such models are not popular with us.

Compressor auto-refrigerator Osion BCD-30

A vacation or a picnic, a trip to the country house is all relaxation. Without resting, it is difficult for a person to live in modern conditions. Do not spoil pleasant memories of your vacation with stale food or warm drinks. You should not risk your health and the health of your loved ones. To do this, it is better to purchase a portable refrigerator - in our store, you can easily pick up any model for yourself. It should not be forgotten that some refrigerators not only cool but also heat food. This can be great when traveling, because in some places it is simply impossible to start a fire.

Successful shopping and pleasant rest!