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D-Link DIR-655 router model overview

D-LINK DIR-655 (802.11n): home Wi-Fi access point

Gigabit Router Model D-Link Xtreme NTM DIR-655 with the 802.11n communication standard, compared to 802.11g devices, it can provide 6 times more coverage and 14 times faster speed, while remaining backward compatible with 802.11b and 802.11g devices. Connect the DIR-655 router to a DSL modem or cable Internet and purchase shared high-speed access to the network, media players, and game consoles. This device allows you to create a secure wireless network to access photos, music, videos, printers, disk arrays and other files. Due to the use of Xtreme NTM technology in the device, as well as three external antennas, this access point will provide you with a long range of wireless network in your home, apartment and office. For those for users who work with applications that require bandwidth, this communication device will be an indispensable assistant.

Switch model DIR-655 in the D-Link line, it occupies a position above the average, and at the same time cannot be proud of some ordinary design delights or overly unique abilities. This device carries a Wi-Fi access point (version 802.11n) with three external antennas and 2 dBi gain, four Gigabit LAN ports, one WAN port, and one USB interface connector. You should immediately clarify the situation with USB connectors in routers. Despite the fact that most devices are perceived by any USB connector in the same way as on a computer (if this connector is available, everything will function in accordance with Plug & Play), in our case everything looks not so unambiguous. It is impossible to simply connect USB storage devices to Wi-Fi access point DIR-655 and use them as network resources. It will be necessary to install a specialized program D-Link SharePort on a computer or laptop, which acts as an intermediary between the computer and USB, transferring information via TCP / IP. But at the same time, only one laptop or computer can work with the connected hard drive. Testing such a "USB disk" at speed is considered redundant, since, unlike competitors, the function requires a computer or laptop. An interesting feature of the D-Link DIR-655 access point can be considered the support of modern technology called Wireless Intelligent Stream Handling (WISH), which is based on the D-Link QoS traffic priority service. Based on the official statement of the manufacturer's representatives, this device is capable of separating wireless and wired traffic, as well as subjecting it to analysis. As a result, information, for which maximum performance is very important (broadcasting multimedia files, VoIP and gaming traffic), receives special tokens and, accordingly, is processed in the very first place. It is not possible to assign a dedicated port for a set-top box, but on the other hand, it is possible to broadcast IP television to all LAN ports as well as wirelessly.

Device D-Link DIR-655 will provide its user with the speed of routing information with a direct connection to the provider - 208 and 240 megabits per second, in L2TP mode - 99 and 153 megabits per second, and in PPTP mode - 80 and 97 megabits per second (respectively - Upload / Download). The maximum data transfer rate via the Wi-Fi module in the 2.4 GHz band is 63 megabits per second.

The maximum data transfer rate in wireless mode is determined by the specifications of the IEEE 802.11g and 802.11n communication standards. The actual bandwidth will actually be slightly different.The conditions under which the network operates and various environmental factors, taking into account the volume of network traffic, network service data, as well as building materials and structures, can reduce the real bandwidth. Also, various environmental factors can affect the range of the device.

A very solid, but not particularly outstanding model of the D-Link DIR-655 router

This device is not able to stand out as something special, and therefore it can be safely called the most ordinary workhorse. The performance of the main functions is not bad, but you should not rely on a sufficiently high speed, as well as stability during active downloading of torrents. Proprietary firmware cannot be stable, and this manifests itself in the form of spontaneous reboots of the switch, as well as in the unreliable functioning of PPTP. An additional organ of functionality, such as an interface USB connector, is present in this device purely nominally. This model can only be recommended to not very demanding and balanced users.