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choose a children's sleeping bag

It is common for every baby under the age of six months to wake up at night. Children often throw off the blanket or, on the contrary, cover themselves with it. From uncomfortable temperatures, heat or cold, the baby will cry.

To make the baby's sleep calm, strong and pleasant, a new invention has appeared on the modern market, which replaces a blanket, bedspread and sheet at the same time. Baby sleeping bags keep your baby at a comfortable temperature throughout the night. If the baby wakes up, then being in the warmth of the sleeping bag, most likely he will fall asleep again. In a baby sleeping bag, the baby is safe, he will not be able to cover himself with his head and suffocate, and the baby's legs will not get stuck between the crib slats. If the child has allergies, the sleeping bag will prevent him from combing the skin rashes. A sleeping bag will become an indispensable item when traveling and traveling. It becomes much easier to move your baby to the crib if your baby falls asleep in a sleeping bag.

Baby sleeping bags come in various sizes and are suitable for babies from birth to three years of age.

Caring for the sleeping bag is very easy, you can wash them in a washing machine at a water temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.

The material from which the baby sleeping bag is made: top and lining - cotton (100%), filling - polyester (100%).

For hygiene reasons, it is recommended to use two sleeping bags so that they can be washed alternately.

Let's figure out the dimensions and learn how to choose the right envelopes for sleeping. Given the purpose of the sleeping bags, their length and width should allow the baby to move the legs and turn on the side.

Sizes according to the age of the child:


The size

From birth to 6 months

1 (66 cm)

6 to 18 months

2 (86 cm)

18 to 36 months

3 (92 -112 cm)

(table no. 1)

We have already figured out the dimensions, now it is worth choosing the coefficient of insulation of the envelope for sleeping.

So, insulation coefficient (denoted by tog) is a unit of measure that allows you to determine thermal protection, that is, you can find out how quickly the sleeping bag will lose heat.

The child, being in the sleeping bag, independently maintains the desired temperature with the heat of his body. It is worth knowing that this coefficient should not be more than 3 tog.

Appropriateness of clothing and temperature:


Suitable clothes for the baby

13 ° C to 18 ° C

Long Sleeve Pajamas

18 ° C to 21 ° C

Sleeveless bodysuit and pajama top

21 ° C to 24 ° C

Sleeveless bodysuit.

(table number 2)

There are two types of insulation coefficient: 2.5 tog and 1 tog. Let's learn how to navigate these indicators. So, the first indicator is the standard level for using a sleeping bag throughout the year. This ratio is equivalent to one sheet and two blankets. 1 tog is suitable for use on hot summer nights or in warm environments, and is equivalent to one sheet and one blanket. Do not be fooled and mistakenly think that 2.5 tog is a winter option, and 1 tog is ideal for summer. In winter, the premises are heated, and summer nights are sometimes very cool. Ideally, you should have sleeping envelopes with ratios of 2, 5, and 1, since, based on the outside temperature, you will use sleeping envelopes, given the circumstances.

If the child is too cool or too warm in the envelope, simply change it into suitable clothing, referring to table # 2, which is located slightly higher. Install a thermometer in your child's room to keep the temperature constant.

Examples of maintaining the required temperature:

- if the rays of the summer sun shine directly on the thermometer, then it must be covered with a handkerchief and the window window must be opened.

- if possible, regulate the temperature with central heating.

Know that for a child, coolness is better than overheating. The wet back of the head will indicate that the baby is hot. From time to time, check the compliance of children's clothing with the temperature in the room.

Choosing a sleeping bag suitable in all respects for your baby, your baby will feel cared for, cozy and comfortable!

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