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How to choose the right juicer - which universal (screw, citrus and vegetable) juicer to choose for home

A glass of freshly squeezed juice perfectly invigorates and quenches your thirst. To make the right choice of a juicer for your home, you need to decide what kind of juice and in what volume you plan to make, how important it is for you to completely preserve vitamins and the ability to regulate the flow of pulp into the juice.

There are electric and mechanical juicers. Mechanical juicers squeeze the juice using a lever that creates pressure on a particular fruit. They are designed for squeezing citrus juices. Mechanical models are much cheaper than electric ones, but juices are in no way inferior in quality. They are widely used in shopping and entertainment centers due to the spectacular process of juicing at the client's side.

Types of juicers

There are several types of juicers - citrus press, screw, universal (centrifugal).

Citrus press

The citrus juicer ensures fast, effortless operation, the motor runs quietly, and prevents leaks. Such juicers have a simple principle of operation: half of the fruit is placed on a rotating nozzle, on which you press hard with your hand. When the juice stops squeezing out, the crust is thrown out, despite the fact that there might still be something left on it. Sometimes there are advanced models, in which there is no need to hold the fetus with your hands, for this there is a special lever.

Juicer universal

The universal (centrifugal) juicer allows you to extract juice from fruits, berries and vegetables. During the operation of the apparatus, the fruits are converted into a homogeneous mass using department with a disc float. Then they go to the separator, where the juice is obtained. The versatile juicers can handle large quantities of vegetables, fruits and berries. This produces a lot of waste. When choosing a juicer, pay attention to the presence of the automatic pulp reset function. Without it, the waste will clog the mesh during prolonged work. You will have to interrupt to clean the device. Do not plan to harvest a lot of juice at one time, you can do without the aforementioned function.

Auger juicer

The auger juicer is capable of extracting juice from all vegetables, fruits, including herbs and herbs. Provides high quality and rich juice taste. Thanks to the technology of cold pressing, it allows you to get juice with a large capacity of vitamins. It has an enormous spin efficiency. Practical, convenient, reliable in operation.

The work of auger juicers resembles the principle of operation of a meat grinder. Inside the device there is a powerful screw shaft (auger), due to the rotation of which juice is squeezed out: it is used to obtain baby food, minced meat, fresh pasta.

Juice tank volume

All citrus juicers and most universal juicers are equipped with a container for collecting juices. The size of the tank, depending on the model, can be from 0.2 to 2 liters. In some miniature centrifugal juicers, the juice flows through a tap into a glass.

Pulp tank volume

The pulp dump tanks are removable. This makes cleaning the juicer easier. The larger the volume of the tank, the less frequently cleaning is carried out.

Body material

  • plastic cases are lightweight, easy to clean, cheap. They have a variety of colors. Their disadvantage is not high strength;
  • stainless steel models - durable, heavy, expensive. They have a polished surface. Steel models look stylish, they are durable;
  • the aluminum housings have an anodized surface. No fingerprints or drips remain on it.

Pros of juicers

Features of some models of juicers that you need to pay attention to when choosing:

  • juicers have one or two speeds;
  • some models have a wide chute for loading fruit;
  • equipped with a direct juice supply system;
  • protection against incorrect folding of equipment is provided;
  • certain types of models are easily assembled and disassembled. If assembled incorrectly, the device will not turn on;
  • all juicers have rubberized feet. Thanks to this, the technique is firmly held on the table during work;
  • Certain models come with a graduated cup.

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