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HOW TO CHOOSE A FLASHLIGHT - which flashlight is better to buy

For any flashlight, high-quality optics, type and capacity of batteries, as well as ease of use are a priority. Then, even in the pitch darkness, quickly find a black cat -))).

Let's start with optics. It can focus or diffuse light beams to create a narrow or wide spot of illumination. The wider the spot, the less the "range" of the flashlight. Versatile dimmable models switch from focused beam to wide beam and vice versa. Its brightness is measured in lumens.

In some lamps, the brightness is regulated by step switching, in others - smoothly. The second option is more convenient, because the luminous flux gradually changes the intensity of the light. You will be able to determine the optimal mode.

The operating time of the device depends on the type and capacity of the battery.

  • An AA or AAA battery is cheap, but expensive: it runs out quickly.
  • A lithium battery holds a charge twice as long as a regular battery, but costs more.
  • The Ni-Mh battery can last up to five hundred charge cycles, but is useless if there is no outlet nearby when it runs out.
  • The Li-ION battery "sorts out" with maximum current output. One Li-Ion 18650 battery is enough to wander through the forest for ten hours in a row, illuminating your path.
  • The built-in battery is charged from a car cigarette lighter or any gadget with a USB connector. With a built-in dynamo battery, you can recharge anywhere with physical effort. There is one drawback, but a significant one: if the battery is covered, you will have to say goodbye to the flashlight.

A minute of scrolling the knob gives 30 minutes of light

How to choose a headlamp

When choosing a headlamp, take into account its weight and the features of the different fixings. For long-term wear, the optimal weight is up to three hundred grams.

The elastic strap is practical, it will not come apart after three days, it reliably frames the head and does not slip while holding the flashlight. The twin sling on the back of the attachment holds well when driving.

But if you plan to wear it for a long time without taking it off, it is better to fork out for a device with a portable battery or with a solar battery. This will reduce the strain on your neck and forehead.

Capacious built-in battery does not require frequent recharging. In addition, it can be powered from an outlet or a car cigarette lighter. The charge level sensor will notify you of power reserves.

How to choose a flashlight for spearfishing

The underwater (diving) flashlight must have an IP-X8 or IP68 waterproof standard. Some models (Ferei W160 T6, Lighten7 Diver U22A) operate continuously for up to eight hours at maximum brightness at a depth of two hundred meters.

With a maximum protection class of IPX-8

The most powerful long-range beam (1000 and above lm) gives color rendition under water no worse than in daylight. By concentrating the light, you can see the smallest details underwater from a distance. It is convenient to switch it using rotary magnetic switches. Depending on the model, there are up to three brightness modes. To avoid scaring the joint, switch to red, green, or blue light. The fish does not react to this lighting.

Choose underwater lights that meet the requirements of American military equipment. They are convenient to use and hold with one hand - they will not get tired. The aerospace alloy aluminum body has increased durability. You can chop nuts with them - you won't break them.

How to choose a bike light

A good choice of bicycle headlights is equal to the jackpot. Advanced models (Fenix ​​BC30R, Fenix ​​BT30R) illuminate the road well, with double focusing of light - at short and long distances. Without straining your eyes, view the road near the front wheel and at a distance of 100 meters (or even more, depending on the model).The luminous flux does not blind oncoming pedestrians or drivers. The top of the beam refracts and hits the road.

How to choose a bicycle flashlight

  • The attachment must be secure to withstand shock. Large lanterns are more practical in this regard, they do not move over bumps. They can be mounted on wide diameter handlebars.

  • It's good if the buttons on the case instantly respond to a point press, even when wearing gloves. But they do not respond to casual touches.
  • The lighting should be distributed evenly. A spot in the center distorts visibility on the road. It is worth taking a closer look at the shade of the diode: cold - shines brighter, warm - does not tire. Choose the one that is pleasing to the eye.

How to choose a handheld flashlight for hiking

Camping lights are awkward to carry. But they evenly illuminate the tent or resting place at 360 degrees with diffused, soft light. In order not to miscalculate with the choice of a flashlight for a hike, pay attention to important parameters.

  • The size... In this case, the judgment, the more the better, does not work. Choose compact models with a solid body and powerful "stuffing". It is more convenient to store and transport them.
  • Weight... The weighty model is not the most solid one. The quality of a flashlight is not related to its weight. Therefore, choose wisely.
  • Functionality... Several modes of operation, at least, are convenient. To set up a tent at night, you need good, uniform lighting, and for gatherings, the "economical" mode is enough.

How to choose a tactical flashlight

There are three conditions to choosing a good hunting flashlight.

  • Since the attachment systems use inch rings, the tactical flashlight must be one inch in diameter. Otherwise, do not install on the weapon.

  • Water resistance and shock resistance are important criteria when choosing a tactical flashlight. Various protection systems will protect the device from damage. It will not let you down in a merciless downpour or under water if it complies with the IPX-8 or IP68 moisture protection class (long-term immersion in water, dustproof).
  • Pay attention to the control of the flashlight modes. If you have a single-mode flashlight with a forward button, it will be an obedient assistant in your hands. If the modes are switched by pressing a button, then in a hurry you can switch the wrong one. And you will waste your time.

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