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Review HP Compaq 6720s Notebook

Labor force at a very low cost

The company manufacturer HP offers a new model Compaq 6720s designed for daily work at home or in the office. Thanks to Intel's new dual-core technology, the new model can tackle the toughest jobs with ease.

Housing HP Compaq 6720s Notebook

The design of the new 6720s model surprises with its uniqueness for HP. Since the notebooks of this brand are made in a business style, desktop computers look awkward, but the HP Compaq 6720s has a slim body and smooth, elegant shapes, contrary to all the rules. The look of a modern laptop is created with many small details, such as an LED that indicates the battery level, located on the power button on the left side of the case.

HP continues to maintain its brand despite the redesign of the case. One of the main rules is simplicity and functionality. The work area is still perfectly organized. The keyboard is very comfortable, nothing superfluous, all the keys are in their places, interfaces and input devices are perceived perfectly.

The plastic from which the 6720s case is made is similar in perception to the completely inexpensive Chinese model Lenovo 3000er, which does not cause positive emotions. On the silver case, fingerprints and various dirt are practically invisible, but it is quite easily scratched. The quality of the case is fully consistent with the price despite some drawbacks, for example, the deformation of the keyboard and the case itself around the WLAN key when pressed.

The lid of the HP Compaq 6720s display also flexes when you press lightly on the outside; more pressure will distort the image. The LCD panel is held by hinges that do their job perfectly, without an auxiliary latch to help fix the screen in the desired position. The average performance of the display lid corresponds to both the price point of the notebook and this class of notebooks.

Interfaces HP Compaq 6720s Notebook

HP Compaq 6720s has a small number of interfaces for connecting a modem (WLAN, LAN, Bluetooth), three USB ports for connecting external devices. The placement of the ports leaves much to be desired, as all three ports are located on the left side under the ExpressCard slot, which is inconvenient, most of the ports can be blocked at any time by USB or an expansion card. To output analog video to an external display, the 6720s is equipped with only VGA interface, which is typical for notebooks of this class. HP also has a card reader for MMC and SD cards.

Input devices HP Compaq 6720s Notebook

Input is mainly done using a black keyboard, consisting of 87 keys. The keyboard looks a bit simple, like that of the recently tested HP Compaq 6715 laptop, but strangely enough it is a pleasure to type on it, which cannot always be said about more expensive models. The keyboard does not deform even with active typing.

The size of the touchpad is too large for daily use, good performance and precise mouse control is only ensured after upgrading. Thanks to the scroll bar, you can easily browse websites and long documents, the two touchpad buttons do not make much noise during operation.

Display HP Compaq 6720s Notebook

The 15.4-inch display of the Compaq 6720s has a matte finish, which eliminates distracting reflections on the screen, but the brightness is unfortunately lower than that of notebooks with a glossy display. Therefore, a glossy BrightView screen is available on some models.

As far as the Samsung display of the tested model is concerned, we can say that it performed well in the tests carried out. Thanks to the sufficient brightness (about 149.2 cd / m2) and uniform illumination on the laptop, you can work outdoors. But the color rendition and contrast leave much to be desired.

Performance HP Compaq 6720s Notebook

The HP6720s delivers consistently high performance thanks to the Intel Core 2 Duo T7250 processor, which has two cores and is clocked at 2 GHz each. In terms of processor power, the 6720s is not inferior to more expensive laptops, it can easily cope with both Internet work and resource-intensive video encoding. The HP6720 is good for office work, so when it comes to 3D games, it's a complete disappointment, the game looks like slides.

The HP Compaq 6720s comes with a 160GB Hitachi hard drive, which is not as good as the Intel Core 2 Duo T7250 processor. When all the memory is full, the laptop becomes loud and slow compared to other competing models. Having tested the Compaq 6720s with the HDTune utility, not very high data were obtained: the access time was 18.4 ms, the read speed was 34.2 MB / sec. As a result, we can see that the tested model loses much speed under Vista, which cannot be said about models with similar equipment.

The 6720s comes with additional 1GB DDR2 memory, which dramatically improves Vista performance and performance. Thanks to a technical hole at the bottom, an additional 1GB memory bar can be easily installed by any inexperienced user.

Noise HP Compaq 6720s Notebook

The HP Compaq 6720s has a noise level of 32.1 dB (A) when working with office applications or performing tasks that do not require special resources. But as soon as the hard drive starts working, the noise level rises to 36.2 dB (A). That is, the laptop is completely silent until the hard drive starts working.

The fan starts to work only when the load on the processor increases, its work gradually switches to constant mode. At an average load, the fan noise can be heard only in absolute silence, and at a normal office noise level, the fan is practically inaudible. If the laptop is under heavy load for a long time, the fan noise is 42.1 dB (A), which is quite loud.

The Matshita DVD drive just like the fan does not make much noise. The light scribe drive quietly transfers data from disk to hard disk, which cannot be said with an active drive head, the noise level is 48.1 dB (A), which is very loud.

Temperature HP Compaq 6720s Notebook

In the heat test, the laptop did not perform well. An hour after prolonged work at maximum load, infrared temperature measurements showed: the bottom surface is hotup to 52 degrees, and the top up to 35.6 degrees. Therefore, it is unnecessary to work on a laptop in the summer, putting it on your knees.

Loudspeakers HP Compaq 6720s Notebook

The Compaq 6720s has only one mono speaker. Due to the lack of stereo sound, the music sounds very unnatural, but it cannot be called bad, since it is quite equal to the level of a laptop. The speakers are quite enough for communication via Skype or Windows notifications. If you need better sound quality, we recommend using professional headphones.

Battery HP Compaq 6720s Notebook

After passing the Battery Eaters classic test under heavy load, the 6720s lasted 70 minutes. With a very low display brightness, in an energy-saving standby mode (9W), a 47W battery can last more than 5 hours. And with a power consumption of about 18 W and maximum brightness of the display with WLAN, the battery can only be recharged for 150 minutes.

Since the 6720s does not have an add-on interface, it is not possible to extend battery life with an add-on battery, unlike other HP models.

Summary of the review HP Compaq 6720s Notebook

HP Compaq 6720s is made in good quality, with easy-to-use input devices. With a low noise level and a 15.4-inch display, the laptop has a relatively high performance. Despite the fact that the power of the integrated video card is not enough for playing modern 3D games, the performance of the Compaq 6720s for most tasks corresponds to the level of modern personal computers, thanks to the Core 2 Duo processor and 2GB of RAM.

The laptop is great for long-term office work, thanks to its matte finish, brightness and uniform illumination, which is its big plus. The HP Compaq 6720s LCD display allows you to work perfectly outdoors, in the absence of direct sunlight, but, unfortunately, you will not be able to go far from the outlet for a long time, since the battery will go down in about three hours.

The very inconvenient arrangement of the interfaces and the presence of only one mono speaker cause negative emotions. The equipment also leaves a lot to be desired.

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