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HOW TO CHOOSE EARRINGS - how to choose the right earrings for your face shape

To choose the right earrings, you need to know your face type - it depends on which jewelry will suit you. Stand in front of a mirror and circle your face with lipstick. Compare your outline with those in the picture above and choose the closest one.

Round face

You'd better give up bulging earrings and Congo rings: they visually make your face wider. Long pendant earrings and chain earrings with a weighting agent at the end, thanks to which the face looks narrower, go well with a round face. The weighting agent shifts the focus to the neck and "stretches" the face, emphasizing the jawline and making it more elongated. The length of the jewelry should be up to the middle of the neck, no more, otherwise the effect will be "smeared". A correctly positioned weighting agent focuses on the smile, which is usually pleasant for women with a round face.

Narrow, elongated face

Large round earrings look good, as well as in the form of triangles or squares. They make the face more expressive. Don't experiment with pendants.

Square, wide face

Small earrings are not yours. For a square face, voluminous long oval earrings are good (but not round - they will make the face "wider"). Pendants with iridescent stones will look especially impressive.

Triangular face

Do not wear triangular earrings. They accentuate the pointed chin and "widen" the cheekbones. Better to pick up oval or round earrings. They will soften the sharp contours of the face and make it more harmonious. The ideal option is “carnations” with iridescent stones.

Oval face

Earrings of any shape will fit an oval face. Owners of an oval face type need to choose jewelry based on what they want to emphasize:

  • neck - choose long earrings;
  • lips - choose large round earrings to accentuate your smile;
  • visually highlight makeup, especially blush - choose triangular jewelry.

If you have a short haircut, then round silver earrings with pearls or other stones will help create a particularly interesting look.

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Only wear massive jewelry for special occasions. If worn every day, they will stretch your earlobe without adding to your appeal. Better to wear small earrings or studs that suit any type of face.

How do you choose your earrings? Write in the comments. Suddenly your review will be useful to someone!