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Prints for children

The process of creating an engraving is quite complicated, it requires knowledge of technology, the availability of special tools, experience and physical strength. But despite the complexity, prints are very popular.

Today, every child can try himself in this difficult art. This does not require expensive tools or special skills. A variety of sets for creativity in the genre of engraving are presented to the attention of children, according to which it is easy and simple to study.

The creation of a children's engraving is different from the real one. The set of the young engraver includes a blank and a special tool - a graver. A blank is a sheet of cardboard with two layers of paint: a base and an engraving surface. Shtikhel has the shape of a pen with a metal tip, which is beveled to the side. This shape is modeled after a professional instrument of the same name. The blank has an outline of the drawing that the child can engrave. From the movement of a child's hand beautiful patterns are born, and castles and ships, birds and flowers, various fairy-tale characters appear from them. For elegance of work and more aesthetics, the base layer is made golden or silver. The resulting paintings are very beautiful and resemble real prints.

Children's engraving will help a child to plunge into a fairy tale. The simplest engraving sets are designed for children from five years old. In blanks for the smallest, the drawing is distinguished by large details and simplicity. For older children, the choice can be stopped at a more complex drawing with small lines. The subject matter of the image can be different. It can be a hero of your favorite cartoon, an image of a car, ship or plane, an animal or a bouquet of flowers, or maybe a fairy-tale princess or an old castle. Every child has the opportunity to find a drawing that suits his taste.

Despite the simplicity and accessibility of children's prints, at the first stage of work, an adult needs to explain to a child how to correctly position the drawing, how to hold the tool and monitor the intensity of its pressure. So, when drawing lines of movement, you must do to yourself. If you need to draw a curved line, it is better to move not the hand with the graver, but a sheet of paper. All this is especially important if the child wants to learn more about the art of engraving and move from children's sets to more complex work on wood or metal.

Why is this hobby useful for a child? It is through the drawing that the child gets acquainted with the world around him and expresses himself. In addition, engraving has a number of developmental moments. This is painstaking work that requires perseverance, patience, accuracy and attentiveness from the kid. Engaging in this type of creativity contributes to the development of the child's tactile sensitivity and the development of fine motor skills, and this gives an impetus to the improvement of speech, memory and thinking.

A set of children's prints is a great original gift for the children of your friends, relatives and acquaintances. There are also special engravings, postcards, on which there is a drawing on one side, and a place for wishes on the other. The engraving can be taken on a trip, because it takes up little space and allows you to while away the time on the road for a useful and exciting activity.

With the help of engraving, the child will discover the wonderful world of art.

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