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HOW TO CHOOSE A BIKE LOCK - How to protect your bike from theft

If you wish, you can open any bike lock. But the longer the hijacker goes with him, the more chances you have to stay with the bike.

To break the anti-theft cable, you will have to bite into the tightly woven metal fibers under the rubber sheath. Or to be sophisticated in another way. The level of protection of the castle depends on three indicators.

  • Castle type: key or code. It is difficult to find an ambiguous code combination. And knocking down the lock with a hammer is easy. One blow and the lock was gone. You can say goodbye to the bike.

  • Rope length: long (more than a meter), you can fasten several bicycles at once. Short - one, and only to the fence.
  • Cable thickness: thin wire (5 to 12 mm) can be cut or cut with wire cutters. Above dense (more than 12 mm in diameter) will have to work hard. But don't reassure yourself with the thickness of the rope. For dodgy businessmen, the portability of the cable is not an obstacle.

Benefits of a cable lock

  • Easy.
  • Flexible, can be fastened in hard-to-reach places.


  • Low level of protection. It is best used to fix the wheels to the frame. Or in combination with other bike locks.

How to protect your bike from theft with U-lock

The heavy duty U-frame made of hardened steel cannot be cut with pliers. You will need a bolt cutter or a hacksaw for metal.

But you can open the lock with a master key. There is a set of pins (protective mechanisms) inside the lock. To open the lock, you need to put these pins on the same level. The pick finds each pin separately and sets it in one line. You can open a regular lock in seconds. Therefore, choose a U-lock with a burglar-proof jumper or a combination lock.

U-lock advantages

  • High level of protection. It is difficult to pick up a master key to a bicycle lock and it is difficult to bite a bracket.


  • High price.
  • Heavy - weighs up to two kg.
  • Bulky design.
  • Small staple grip. You can fasten the frame or wheel to the fittings with a small girth. The hijacker can remove the wheel and walk away with the bike, or leave the frame but take all the removable parts of the bike.

How to choose a bicycle lock - chain

The chain is reliable. Steel links will not take a sledgehammer or a hacksaw. Choose a bike lock with welded or cast cells. Otherwise, unbending them is a second. And do not neglect the code protection, burglars easily knock down turnkey locks, despite the power of steel shackles.

In order not to scratch the bike, the chain is hidden in a braid made of soft fabric.

Advantages of chain anti-theft devices

  • High level of protection.
  • Flexibility: you can strap on your bike in hard-to-reach places.


  • Heavy and bulky lock: the meter chain weighs up to three kg. Not handy for a girl or a child.

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