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Opera Mobile Store: mobile app store

We are pleased to present the latest development of the ** Opera Software ** company - an online application store for various mobile platforms. Remembering the successes that Opera mobile browsers have achieved, we are confident that the software store will be popular.

History of success

Opera entered the mobile industry back in 2005. It was then that the first version of the Opera Mini program appeared - a revolutionary mobile browser that allows you to save on surfing by compressing traffic on a special server. A lot of time has passed since then, Opera Mini has gained tremendous popularity not only on the Java platform, but also in other mobile operating systems, and the time has come for Opera to come up with something new and equally grandiose and useful. I am glad that the company did not "reinvent the wheel", and went along the path already trodden by other well-known manufacturers. This is how the world's first cross-platform mobile app store ** Opera Mobile Store ** was born.

The main advantage of the ** Opera Mobile Store ** over its counterparts (App Store, Android Market, etc.) is the availability of compatible software for various mobile operating systems and platforms: from Android to Windows Mobile (including Java, Symbian and Blackberry). Of course, the developing service still has many weaknesses, but first things first.

First meeting

You can open the doors of the mobile application store on the website or by clicking on the icon in the quick launch bar in Opera Mini (for this you must have a fresh version of the browser). If you log in directly from a mobile device, the system will automatically detect your phone model and offer a choice of software for the corresponding mobile platform. If you are exploring the site from a computer browser, then when you try to download the program, you will have to enter the phone model manually.

Opera's online software store is built on Appia.

To select applications, you can use both a categorical indicator and a selection of the best applications in the free and paid categories. By the way, speaking of paid programs, in Ukraine you can purchase applications by paying from your mobile account.

Buying Apps

A unique chance for those who, for example, have not yet learned how to use the Android Market, is the ability to download paid content. The payment process has been significantly simplified here, you can pay both by credit card and money from the operator's mobile account. Note that application payment services are provided by the international service, which operates in more than 200 countries around the world.

If you are a software developer, it's time to join Opera Mobile Shop and start making money. After all, you will receive exactly 70% of the money that users pay for your programs.


For Java (by and large, and for Symbian with Windows Mobile) there is no convenient online service for selecting and installing software. A service that you can trust, which contains a lot of useful applications. ** Opera Mobile Store ** is just such a service. Authoritative, affordable and wide-opener to the mobile software paradise. Of course, there are still not enough high-quality descriptions and unbiased user comments here, but all this will appear over time, there is no doubt about it.

The ** Opera Mobile Store ** was officially launched in mid-March. At the same time, its testing took place throughout February, as a result, the site was visited by more than 15 million subscribers. On average, users downloaded 700 thousand applications daily.


Welcome to the world of mobile applications for Android, Blackberry, Java, Symbian and Windows Mobile. In the mobile application store, no one will be left out, everyone can find interesting and useful applications for themselves.Note that it is most convenient to visit the store directly from a mobile phone: downloading and installing applications (via direct links without archives) will be carried out immediately.