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Gemix AF-51


Every PC owner knows that a computer cannot be considered complete if it lacks a structure that provides sound. And this is actually so, because if speakers are not connected to a personal computer, then some of its functions are no longer available. As a result, the user will not be able to listen to music on the computer, watch movies with voice acting, communicate in voice chat, etc. With laptops, the situation is less problematic. The fact is that portable PCs have built-in speakers for sound reproduction. Almost always, they do not produce very powerful sound. And such speakers cannot boast of sound quality. Therefore, most laptop owners prefer to use external speakers. When choosing speakers, people pay attention to 3 main factors: the price of the speaker system, power and sound quality. Very often these parameters suppress each other. For example, if the power and sound quality are high, then the price will be high (for example, in Sven Royal 2R Black). If the price is low, then the remaining parameters will also be low (Microlab B-72). But, as a rule, buyers are always trying to find the best deal on the market. And only a few manage to meet him. An example of such a find is the Gemix AF-51 speaker system. It combines power and sound quality in one, and also keeps the cost quite low. It is about this model that we will talk about in our review.


The speaker power determines how loud the speakers sound. For most users, this parameter plays a major role. Gemix AF-51 has a total power of 60 watts, and this figure can be called surprisingly high. If you look at all the 2.0 type speakers in this price range, then you are unlikely to find a 60W stereo system. In this case, we can say that Gemix AF-51 is unique in its kind. Fans of loud sound should definitely appreciate the presented speaker system.

An important role in the full reproduction of sound is played by the range of reproducible frequencies. Many buyers do not pay special attention to this parameter, and then complain that the stereo system reproduces poorly low or high frequency bands. If we talk about Gemix AF-51, then it should be said that the stereo system has a frequency range from 40 Hz to 20 kHz. Such an indicator cannot but rejoice, it is thanks to it that you can enjoy a full-fledged sound spectrum.

The signal-to-noise ratio determines how clear the sound coming from the speakers will be. If this parameter is set to a low value, then the sound of the speakers is unlikely to impress you. The presence of clicks, whistles and turbidity disturbs the overall sound picture and makes it less pleasant to the ear. Most speakers on the market have a signal-to-noise ratio of approximately 65-85 dB. The Gemix AF-51 occupies a high position in this range, having a ratio of 80 dB. This cannot be called a perfect result, but this stereo system is superior to more expensive models (for example, Microlab SOLO 2 III).


Gemix AF-51 is a two-way speaker system, satellites have two speakers. All speakers are magnetically shielded. The functions of reproducing the mid-frequency and low-frequency bands are performed by the woofer. The speaker is 5 inches in diameter and is made of rubber material. With it, the sound becomes softer and more expressive. In the center of the speaker, there are cone-shaped domes that play a role in the distribution of the sound flow. As for the tweeter, it has a diameter of 1 inch.But the main feature of the tweeter is that it is made of high quality silk. When a manufacturer creates a high-quality model of a speaker system, the twitter is most likely made of silk material. Considering the fact that the Gemix AF-51 is a budget model, it is worth drawing certain conclusions: either the developers are very generous, or the stereo system has serious drawbacks that keep its cost low. As far as the generosity of Gemix is ​​concerned, they have always sold a quality product at an affordable price. And if we talk about the significant shortcomings of this model, then we have not found them yet.

Connection and management

The stereo system is connected to the network using a network cable. Its peculiarity is that it is disconnected from the main satellite. Some users see this as a disadvantage. There are several reasons for this.

1. Each time connecting the speakers, the user will have to perform an additional action (connecting the network cable to the satellite).

2.Under some circumstances, the cable plug may "come off" from the connector pins, thereby disrupting the transmission of electricity.

The presented arguments can hardly be considered weighty, given that the plug of the network cable is rarely removed from the satellite. Even when transporting the kit, the user does not need to disconnect the power cable from the main speaker. This means that the network connector will not wear out, and the plug will not be disconnected if you move the speakers or accidentally catch the cable. In addition, if the wire is damaged, it can be replaced without any problems. The speakers are connected to each other using a satellite cable. Bare wire ends are secured with screw Hi-Fi connectors. Terminals of this type are reliable, but it is much more convenient to use fasteners with spring-cage connectors, as in the picture below.

The on / off switch is located on the back of the main satellite. As you know, this arrangement is rather impractical, since the listener has to reach for the back of the speaker every time. The rear location of the switch can be omitted from the list of disadvantages, since it is used only when the system is turned on and off. But the rear-mounted controls will definitely cause inconvenience when controlling the sound. Most speakers with front-mounted controls have a cheap and frivolous look, while the aesthetic appearance of the speaker system is disturbed (for example, in the Sven SPS-704). But you can place the control panel on the side surface. Thus, it would retain its practicality and would not spoil the design. But, apparently, the developers did not like this option. The control panel kit includes a master volume knob, a bass band level knob, and a treble level knob. The depth of change in the loudness of the frequency bands is +/- 10 dB. This result is quite high and outperforms some expensive stereos. A few words should be said about the sound adjustment process. The knobs turn quite softly, but at the same time create some resistance, which allows you to more accurately adjust the sound parameter. No backlash or other defects were found during tuning. The only thing that confused me a little was the lack of a retainer in the 50% position. With the rear-mounted controls, such a detail would greatly simplify the process of adjusting the sound. In addition to the listed knobs, there are a couple of stereo inputs on the rear panel. Since the speaker system is single channel, there is only one pair of stereo inputs. With their help, a sound source is connected to the stereo system. To accomplish this task, a stereo RCA cable (tulip) is used.Also on the rear surface of the main satellite, you can find an input for a subwoofer.

Subjective listening

During testing, Gemix AF-51 exceeded all our expectations. Immediately after turning on the stereo, we realized that something amazing was in store for us. After pressing the power switch, there was no pop, as is usually the case on budget stereos. When the speakers are turned on, they do not emit noise, hum or other unpleasant sounds. Only at the maximum volume level is a weak, quiet noise felt. If the plug of the stereo cable is not connected to the audio source, hum will appear in addition to the quiet noise. It cannot be called loud, but its prolonged exposure causes hearing fatigue. Compared to other models, our stereo system is quite quiet, so the noise level coming from it can be called moderate. When it comes to sound reproduction, the Gemix AF-51 does well here as well. In order to test the versatility of the speaker system, we listened to works of various musical styles.

_Rock_. When listening to songs of this style, you will feel the effect of a “wall of sound”. Electric guitars sound rich, powerful and bright. The sounds of the drum kit are transmitted dynamically and vividly. The percussion is reproduced cleanly, but at the same time the fullness of the sound is felt.

_Trance_. This style is of interest to us because we can use it as an example to determine how a stereo system perceives electronic drums and complex bass lines. Some speaker systems cannot cope with fast-flowing varied bass and therefore reproduce the track in an incomplete and inharmonious manner, while highlighting numerous sound artifacts. Fortunately, the Gemix AF-51 coped very well with trance reproduction.

_Dubstep_. It would be logical to test the bass reproduction capabilities on the example of a dubstep track. Compositions of this direction usually have very unusual, sometimes "exotic" bass-parts. While listening, one cannot help but hear how tightly and powerfully the stereo system transmits bass. Despite its spectral fullness, the bass does not overwhelm the same powerful drums in any way. It is hard to imagine that in the presence of aggressive bass, strong drums and gentle classical instruments, harmony and beauty can be preserved in the sound. Undoubtedly, the great merit in this is the creator of the musical composition. But we must also pay tribute to the one who created the unique reproduction medium with which the listener can fully appreciate the musical creation. And that creator is Gemix.

_Orchestral music_. It is very interesting to know if our hero of the review can cope with the reproduction of acoustic instruments? Of course, you can't even try to compare a couple of speakers with a live orchestra. But we still checked how accurately the Gemix AF-51 will simulate the sounds of live instruments. Let's start with the low frequency instruments. The double bass sounds expressive and natural, its bass does not have hum and other artifacts. Trumpet and trombone are complex instruments as they have fairly wide frequency spectra. Therefore, for correct reproduction of these instruments, a stereo system with excellent technical characteristics is required. Since Gemix AF-51 is considered a budget model, we were not in the mood for ideal results. However, the stereo system proved to be very worthy. The trombone is played very impressively, lending drama and seriousness to the composition. The sound of the trumpet also delighted with its epicness and fullness of frequency. But let's not hide the fact that there was a slight lack of naturalness in the sound. The violin is the embodiment of tenderness and a certain rigor. Therefore, it is worth checking if the Gemix AF-51 can handle such a complex instrument. We can proudly state that the speakers reproduce the sound of a violin well.Only minor deviations from the desired result were observed.

Housing and appearance

Gemix AF-51 body is made of MDF wood boards. This material gives the speakers a lot of weight, but the wooden shell prevents the vibration from the stereo system from spreading. In addition, wood, being a durable material, protects the satellites from mechanical damage. There are special feet on the bottom surface that prevent vibrations from spreading to the column substrate. As for the front surface, there are: a tweeter, a woofer and a bass reflex. The speakers, as expected, are fixed on self-tapping screws. The front positioning of the bass reflex allows the speakers to be placed at a minimum distance from the wall. The dimensions of the set are quite acceptable, which makes it possible to transport the speakers without any problems. The weight of the satellites is very light, which also contributes to easy transportation. The dimensions and weight of the speakers are 265x180x217 mm (h / w / d) and 7.7 kg, respectively.

The design of the Gemix AF-51 speaker system is quite interesting. The casing of the satellites is covered with black laminate, on which you can see decorative wood textures. The front edges of the case are truncated, which gives the satellite an original shape. As mentioned earlier, speakers and a bass reflex are located on the front surface. They are bordered by silvery rims that join together to form a "coherent sound structure." At the top left is the humble Gemix logo.


Acoustic speakers - 2 pcs.

Power cable - 1 pc.

Signal cable - 1 pc.

Inter-speaker cable - 1 pc.

Operation manual - 1 pc.


Sometimes the buyer is faced with a difficult task - to buy a powerful, high-quality and inexpensive speaker system. It would seem that a product with such characteristics does not exist in nature. However, Gemix has developed a unique stereo system - the AF-51. As we could see, the speakers produce powerful and high-quality sound. In addition, the satellites have a solid case and original design. The only thing that can cause discomfort is control. But, you see, for the sake of high-quality sound, you can sacrifice a convenient location of the controls. Generally speaking, the AF-51 can be considered the best in its price range. Gemix AF-51 is a unique stereo system that will exceed all your expectations.