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Moulinex OW 1101 bread machine review

MOULINEX OW 1101 bread maker review

The selection of bread in stores today is very large, but its quality makes you recall with nostalgia the times when fragrant loaves, white and black bread with a crisp crust were sold. Unfortunately, today such bakery products cannot be found in the store. One of the options that will allow you to have quality bread on your table every day is to bake it at home. But homemade baking takes a lot of patience, attention and time. A bread maker comes to our aid in this not at all simple matter. The bread maker appeared not so long ago, about 20 years ago. The principle of its operation is very simple. The necessary ingredients (water, salt, sugar, flour, yeast) are poured into the form of the bread machine, the button is pressed and after a few hours the delicious bread is ready.

With the help of a bread machine, you can not only bake bread, but also easily knead dough for dumplings, dumplings, pizza and pies. Many models of bread makers also know how to bake sweet cake and make jam. Most modern bread makers have a timer that lets you bake bread right for breakfast. Such fresh bread invariably contributes to the uplifting of the mood. And what could be better than being in a good mood at the beginning of the day?

The price of a bread machine ranges from $ 50 to $ 450. It depends on the technical characteristics, the number of programs and the manufacturer's firm.

Main technical characteristics of the Moulinex OW bread machine1101

power: 600 watts
stove dimensions (HxWxD): 28x33x44 cm
maximum baking weight: 900 g
choice of bread size: 700/900 g
baking weight adjustment: there is
baking form: loaf
choice of crust color: there is
timer: yes, up to 15 o'clock
temperature maintenance: yes, up to 1 hour
power failure memory: 7 minutes
number of baking programs: 12 programs
selection of the degree of roasting: there is
color corps: white

Moulinex OW1101 bread maker complete set

The set of the Moulinex OW 1101 bread machine includes: a baking dish with a non-stick coating, a spatula for kneading dough, a measuring cup, a measuring spoon, a dough hook, a warranty card, an instruction manual.

The Moulinex OW 1101 bread maker is easy to maintain. After baking the bread, you need to remove the baking dish and wash it under running water. If the mold is not very dirty, just wipe it with a napkin.

Moulinex OW bread maker design1101

The Moulinex OW 1101 bread maker, as a household appliance, thanks to its modern and stylish design, looks impressive and is part of the kitchen interior. Moulinex OW 1101 looks very neat: the body is made of white plastic, has a streamlined shape. The Moulinex OW 1101 bread maker is the decoration of any kitchen, it fits into a kitchen with a modern design as well as a more traditional kitchen. The bread maker is equipped with an L WITH D-display and a viewing window. The control panel of this model is equipped with large plastic buttons. Such buttons and digital prompts do not cause difficulties even for those who are “on you” with technical devices.

The weight of the Moulinex OW 1101 bread machine is not very large, about 5.5 kg, so even the most fragile woman can easily handle it.

Bread maker Moulinex OW 1101 in operation

In order for your bread to turn out tasty and fluffy, you must strictly follow the instructions for using the bread machine:

  1. Place the bread maker on a flat, horizontal surface. Make sure that the sun's rays and drafts will not affect the temperature of the bread maker.
  2. Open the lid of the bread machine and remove the baking dish from it. To do this, you need to turn the shape counterclockwise and pull it towards you.

  3. Place the dough spatula in the mold.

  4. Put all the ingredients in the mold in strict sequence according to the recipe chosen. Ingredients bookmark order: liquids, salt, sugar, flour, powdered milk, special solid ingredients, yeast. All ingredients must be at room temperature and accurately weighed. It is convenient to use a measuring cup, measuring spoon and electronic kitchen scale to weigh the ingredients.

  5. When placing the ingredients, make sure that the yeast does not come into contact with either the liquid or the salt, as this may cause the dough to rise poorly.

  6. Place the dish with the ingredients back into the bread maker by screwing it in slightly clockwise. Lower the pan handle and close the lid of the bread machine tightly.

  7. Plug in the bread maker. After switching on, you will hear a beep.

  8. Use the control buttons to select a suitable baking program, set the weight of the bread, the degree of browning of the crust and press the "Start" button.

  9. After pressing the "Start" button, a sound signal will sound indicating the start of the first cycle of the bread machine - kneading the dough. The bread maker at this stage mixes all the ingredients and kneads the dough. After that, it stops for about 20 minutes (the stop time depends on the program you have chosen) in order for the dough to "rest" and rise. And again he starts kneading the dough. During the second kneading, a sound signal will sound indicating that additional ingredients can be added to the dough: olives, nuts, seeds, cheese, dried fruits and other products. To do this, you need to open the lid of the bread maker, add the necessary ingredients and close the lid again.

  10. After completing the dough preparation stage, the bread maker will start the second cycle of work - baking bread.

  11. Bread baking time depends on the program you have chosen.

  12. When the bread is ready, the bread maker will notify you with long beeps. They sound so loud that you can hear them at any end of the apartment.

  13. Open the lid of the bread machine and take out the baked bread pan. Attention! Be extremely careful when opening the lid. The inside of the lid and the mold handle get very hot, so use oven mitts. Do not bend over the bread maker when opening the lid to avoid being hurt by the hot air escaping.

  14. In order to remove the bread from the mold, it is necessary to turn it over and shake it a little. If the dough spatula is stuck in the finished bread, you can easily get it out using the hook for removing the stirrers, which is included with the bread maker.

  15. Put the finished bread on a wire rack, cover with a napkin and let cool well.

  16. Disconnect the bread maker from the power supply. Let the mold cool. Rinse and wipe the baking dish and dough spatula. You can reuse the bread maker only after it has cooled completely.

Programs bread makers Moulinex OW 1101

Programs are selected using the "MENU" button. After selecting a program, the time of its execution will appear on the screen.

  1. White bread. Bread is baked using wheat flour.
  2. French bun. The bread is baked according to a traditional French recipe.
  3. Whole flour bread. Bread is baked from flour with bran.
  4. Quick baked bread. This program is similar to the 1st program, only faster in time.
  5. Sweet bread. Bread is baked according to recipes with a high sugar and fat content.
  6. Very Quick Bread I. This program can only be used to bake 900 g of bread.
  7. Very quick bread II. This program can only be used to bake 700 g bread.
  8. Fresh dough. This program is not suitable for baking. With it you can knead any yeast dough.
  9. Jam. A sweet filling for baking is being prepared.
  10. Cake. Sweet cakes are baked using dry yeast.
  11. Sandwich. Soft bread with a thin crust is baked.
  12. Baking. Designed for baking for 10-60 minutes. You can also use this program to warm up and crisp on pre-cooked bread.

Positive sides appearedenia bread makerand in your home:

    1. You will always have fresh homemade bread at home;
    2. You will eat not only delicious, but also high-quality bread, you yourself choose the products for baking bread. Homemade bread does not contain soy flour, E300 and other harmful additives that are saturated with store bakery products;
    3. you can bake exactly the bread that you want right now, and not be content with the store's assortment;
    4. with the help of a bread maker, it will always be possible to prepare various types of dough.
    • But there are, of course, negative points:
    1. most bread makers are large enough devices that take up a lot of space in the kitchen, so before buying, you should think about its placement;
    2. not everyone likes the hole from the kneading spatula in the middle of the loaf;
    3. when buying a bread machine, your loved ones run the risk of gaining a couple of extra pounds.


    In conclusion, we can say that the Moulinex OW 1101 bread maker is an excellent choice for a family of several people. Firstly, because of its low price, and secondly, due to the possibility of choosing the weight of the finished bread (maximum - 900 g). In addition, 12 programs will make it possible to find suitable for all family members, from adult lovers of traditional pastries to little sweet tooth. If you live alone or are interested in preparing masterpieces of the world culinary, this bread maker may not seem very convenient.

    Bread maker Moulinex OW 1101 Is a device for those who prefer to bake bread on their own, rather than buying baked goods of unknown quality in a store or market.

    Bread maker Moulinex OW 1101 will bake the bread itself, you just need to load the ingredients into the oven shape and plug it into the mains. It will become your best assistant in preparing delicious and healthy bread.

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