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HOW TO INSTALL VIBER ON A COMPUTER - how to install viber on a pc, on a laptop

To download Viber to your computer, you need a phone with a valid Viber account. Keep it with you. Let's get started.

  • On your computer, write "Viber" in the search box. Or follow the link to the official website. It is better to download from it than from intermediary sites, where there may be viruses.
  • Look for the option “Download". There are two to choose from: the top and the green button. Click on any.
  • In the window that opens, select for which computer platform you are connecting Viber - for Windows or for Mac. Click.
  • When the application is automatically loaded into the "Downloads" folder on the Desktop, double-click on it with the left key. Thus, run the installation of this file.
  • Click the "Install" button.

In the installed messenger, a window with instructions of three steps will open. We'll have to fulfill the conditions of the developers.

  1. Open Viber on your smartphone
  2. Open the menu

    Click on the three stripes on the right and look for the next command.

  3. Open the QR scanner and scan the code

    He's at the top right.

If the webcam on the phone does not work

Click on the link and copy the automatically generated identification key. Run it on the specified link on your phone and Viber is activated.

On your smartphone, click on the Viber icon, you will be taken to the list of contacts. At the bottom right, you will see three stripes labeled "More". Click on it and you will see a list of commands.

  • Look for "Viber for computers and tablets", click on it.
  • It contains a QR scanner icon (top right). Click on the button, the scanner will open.
  • Point your phone at the code shown on the computer and scan. The name of your computer will appear on the phone in a separate tab. And the Viber main page window will open on the monitor screen.

Pay attention to the "Synchronization" button, click on it. The computer and telephone are connected. The phone will also display the same window with a proposal to click on the "Start" button. Click. The final synchronization of the messenger on the computer and phone will take place.

Now you know how to install Viber on a computer. Close the welcome window where the application opened and use it.

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Watch the video how to download Viber on PC