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WHAT IRON TO BUY - how to choose a good one for your home and which is better: with a steam generator or a regular steam generator for daily use

To get away from the controversy, take the first model of the steam generator that comes across from the average price policy and compare it with a steam iron. (For a full review of the Philips GC7635, see the video at the end of the article).

The steam generator is a massive iron with a water tank. Ironing under a powerful steam flow.

  • Models with a steam generator smooth out creases by barely touching clothes. They do not leave marks and will definitely not burn the fabric, because the cool sole will not burn you or your things.

  • A regular iron often leaves wet marks, or even rust. And any housewife has come across tan marks on her clothes.

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With steam generators, you do not need to switch modes - silk, wool, cotton will be perfectly ironed.

  • The steam system works "without recharging" for an hour. Its reservoir holds up to 1.5 liters of water. Can be added without unplugging.
  • A regular steam iron with a small reservoir needs to be refilled more often. Carefully so as not to shock. Disconnecting from the network.

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In models with a steam generator, a special cartridge filters out limescale well. Handles even tap water. If necessary, the system will notify that it is time to replace it.

How to choose a good iron

The more holes on the toe of the sole, the more convenient it is to iron creases on the fabric, cuffs and pockets, areas near buttons, lace.

Pay attention to the strength of the steam supply. Powerful appliances will vertically iron blackout curtains hanging from a cornice or a jacket on a hanger. They are also easy to iron folded items or bedding.

Steam systems are a good option for a large family. They will cut ironing time by 30%.

  • The best models for ironing are palladium-coated. Such a sole is self-cleaning and 100% will not stain the laundry.
  • Models with sintered soles cost less, but will work too. Glide normally, iron effectively.

The water in the steam generator is heated for 3-7 minutes. A regular iron will heat up faster but last longer.

When choosing a technique, pay attention to the price. An expensive system will "beat off" itself due to the underestimated consumption of electricity (it turns off automatically) and low water consumption. The payback period is several years.

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If you only iron on holidays, don't bother. A regular iron is enough.

Storing a large steam generator can be a problem. The iron will fit in the most secluded corner.

Watch the video on how easy it is to iron with a steam generator. The result is not worse than if ironed in a professional chemical. cleaning

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