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Sony Ericsson ST17i Xperia Active review

The Xperia lineup has a new model called the Active ST17i. The specifications of this smartphone are similar to those of the Xperia Mini. Here is exactly the same screen with a diagonal of 3 inches and a resolution of 320x480 pixels, a processor with a frequency of 1 gigahertz, 512 megabytes of RAM, a 5 megapixel camera.

Unlike the Xperia Mini, the Active is a rugged, rugged smartphone for active people.

Contents of delivery

The Xperia Active box contains:

- battery;

- wired headset;

- microSD-card for 2 gigabytes;

- microUSB cable;

- cover;

- strap;

- replaceable panel.

Design and ergonomics

The Xperia Active draws attention with its unusual color scheme. Three colors are used in the design of the case: black, silver and orange. The back panel is black, but you can change it to the white one that comes with the kit. Thus, the appearance of the device can be periodically updated. Note that the additional panel (as opposed to the base one) is made of cheaper plastic.

The smartphone has a fairly compact size: 92x55x16.5 mm. The weight of the device is 110 g. The dimensions of the Xperia Mini are approximately the same: 88x52x16 mm. The Mini weighs 16 grams less.

At the bottom of the case, it's hard not to notice a huge hole for attaching a strap, which once again reminds of the sports bias of this model. Above the display there is a slot for the earpiece. Proximity and light sensors are located next to it. This model lacks a front camera.

At the bottom of the front panel there is a block consisting of three touch keys: return, main screen, additional functions. Pressing the sensors is accompanied by vibration feedback.

On the left side there is a screen lock button. There are 2 buttons on the right side of the device. The first one adjusts the volume, and the second one is used to launch the camera menu. The upper end of the device is not burdened with any functional elements. At the bottom there is a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack and a microUSB port. The connectors are securely covered with special plugs. By the way, the smartphone boasts a peculiar feature. When you open one of the covers, the Xperia Active will remind you to close the cover to prevent moisture from entering.

On the rear panel there is a hole for the main speaker. There is also a 5-megapixel camera lens, deeply recessed into the body. A flash is visible near the camera's peephole. By the way, this flash can act as a flashlight.

Opening the back cover, we find a special plastic overlay. It will take effort to remove it. In addition to the battery, there are 2 compartments inside. The first is for the SIM card, the second is for the memory card. As you can imagine, you won't be able to quickly change the card.

By the way, according to the manufacturer, this device is capable of working under water for up to 30 minutes. In this case, the depth should be no more than one meter.


The TFT display of the device is capacitive with multitouch support. The screen resolution is 320x480 pixels, which is quite good considering the small 3-inch diagonal. The manufacturer paid special attention to protecting the screen. Durable mineral glass is used here. In addition to this, the factory film is glued on.

There are no questions about the sensory part. The image quality is at a good level largely thanks to the proprietary "enhancer" Sony Bravia Mobile. SBM makes the picture richer.

Hardware platform

The smartphone is powered by Qualcomm 8255, with a 1 GHz processor and Adreno205 graphics accelerator. The amount of RAM is 512 megabytes. To store user data, 300 megabytes of internal memory are available, plus a slot for microSD memory cards. A 2 GB memory card is supplied with the mobile device.Those who find this volume insufficient can purchase a card up to 32 gigabytes.


The smartphone uses a 5-megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash. There is a separate key to launch the camera. I was pleasantly surprised by the speed of launching the camera menu. The same goes for the process of saving snapshots.

The maximum photo resolution is 2592x1944 pixels. Other resolutions are also available - 2560x1440 and 1632x1224. The camera settings are familiar. We will not dwell on them in detail.

Examples of pictures taken with the camera Xperia Active:

The camera can record video in a resolution of 1280x720 pixels at a speed of 30 frames / sec. Other options: 800x400, 640x480 and 320x240 (for multimedia messages).

Player, radio

The music player interface is straightforward. The song list can be sorted by artist, album, track, list. You can create playlists yourself, or use automatic lists (this includes popular tracks, as well as recently added ones). In playback mode, the album art is displayed, if available. Standard playback controls are included.

The equalizer offers several presets (classic, rock, pop, jazz, dance, folk, and others). You cannot manually adjust the sound.

The proprietary xLOUD function, which significantly increases the sound volume, has not gone anywhere. Thanks to this, the phone can be heard even in noisy places. The sound quality of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Active is good. In addition to a large headroom, the smartphone boasts good sound detail, low and mid frequencies. This unit may well replace an average player.

The radio has the function of autosearching stations. The reception quality in the city is good. Under test conditions, the receiver automatically found about two dozen radio stations. SE's signature Track ID allows you to quickly find the track title along with the artist's name.


The built-in browser is very convenient. At the top of the application, an address entry line is displayed. There is an icon next to this area that you can use to bookmark the page. The browser keeps a history of visited pages. There is support for "multi-window", there is also a function to search for text on the page. Web pages are scalable using multitouch. Of the additional features, we note full support for Flash.

Connections, battery

The smartphone is equipped with a Wi-Fi b / g / n module. The device can work as an access point. There is also Bluetooth 2.1 with support for major profiles, in particular A2DP. Using a microUSB connector, this device is connected to a computer. Rechargeable via USB port.

The smartphone is powered by a 1200 mAh battery. The Xperia Active can last up to 5 hours of talk time without recharging, and up to 14 days in standby mode. With continuous playback of musical compositions, the smartphone will work up to 25 hours. In video playback mode, battery life is reduced to 6 hours.


Sony Ericsson Xperia Active - a successful Android background in a reliable case. This model can withstand immersion in water without any problems.

For relatively little money, you get a full-fledged Android smartphone with a modern set of features such as a 5-megapixel autofocus camera, Wi-Fi, GPS receiver - all in a waterproof case.

Of the direct competitors of the Xperia Active, only the Samsung Galaxy Xcover can be distinguished. There is one more interesting model - Motorola Defy, but in our country it will not be on official sale.