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HOW TO CHOOSE TV DIAGONAL - how to measure the diagonal of the TV, which one to choose for the room

The diagonal should be about 4 times smaller than this distance. For example, if only 2.5 meters separates the sofa from the TV in your apartment, choose a TV with a diagonal of 37-40 inches, 2.6-3 meters - 42-47 inches. And if this distance is more than 3 meters, you can purchase a model with a diagonal of 50 inches.

The diagonal of a TV is the distance between two opposite corners, measured in inches. Study the value in the characteristics of the product.

1 ″ (inch) = 2.54 cm

See the table for the correct size of your TV.

Screen in inchesScreen in centimeters
22"60 cm
32"82 cm
37"94 cm
40"102 cm
42"107 cm
50"127 cm
60"152 cm
70"178 cm

You can determine the diagonal of the TV in the old-fashioned way - obliquely with a building tape.

But figuring out which screen you need is even easier.

  • Measure the distance from the sofa to the intended location of the future TV.
  • Subtract 1/3 from it.
  • The resulting value is the largest possible size for your room.

For example, a comfortable distance to watch 32 ″ TV is 1.5-2 meters. Conversely, UHD / 4K models require a shorter viewing distance. From the same distance, it is comfortable to look at Full HD 32 ″ and UHD with a size of 40 ″.

What diagonal of the TV to choose

More is not always better. The main thing is that the image is clear and does not ripple in the eyes. And consider the difference between plasma and LCD panels. The pixel size of the plasma matrix is ​​larger than the LCD. Therefore, the plasma is placed further from the sofa.

What is the diagonal of the TV to choose in the kitchen

Optimal 19-24 ″.

For a small area, LCD TV models with a small screen are suitable. Important:

  • When choosing for the kitchen, pay attention to the viewing angles. They differ from model to model.
  • The built-in speakers should produce powerful sound. After all, in the kitchen they listen more often than they look.

How to choose the right TV size for your room

The best is 28-32 ″.

This choice is relevant for rooms of 10-15 m². In addition, most of the walls and sliding wardrobes are provided for installing a TV of this particular diagonal. Comfortable to look at from two meters - which fits into most layouts.

Choosing a TV size for your living room

Just right - 40-55 ″.

For the living room, “bigger is better” is a common mistake when choosing a TV size. When the image on the screen occupies a large part of the field of view, and at the same time you can see the "comb" of pixels, it spoils the viewing experience. Do not get fooled by commercials where a huge TV is sitting close to the screen. In less than a week, you will only see groups of pixels, not the whole picture.

  • Before buying, estimate the distance at which it is comfortable to perceive the picture from the screen of the selected model.
  • Then correlate this with the size of the room where the TV will be installed.

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How to choose a large diagonal TV

The one that is 60-80 ″.

Comfortable to look at when the screen fits into a 40-degree viewing angle.

  • For a 60-inch TV, that's 2.7 meters.
  • For an 80-inch screen, 3.7 m.
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