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The sensor does not work on the phone: why and what to do if the sensor does not work in the phone

F. ua will figure out with you why the smartphone sensor is not working.

What to do if the sensor on the phone does not work?

Reason # 1 - dirt and greasy spots on the touchscreen.

Do not handle the device with dirty or wet hands. A dirty touchscreen sometimes does not respond to user touch.

Decision: As soon as it gets dirty, clean it with microfiber or special wet wipes.

Reason # 2 - incorrectly installed protective film on the screen.

The screen does not respond due to air bubbles and dirt that form between the film and the touchscreen.

Decision: re-glue the film.

Reason # 3 - failure in the telephone system.

The device does not accept the received signals.

Decision: If possible, reset the settings and reboot the system.

Reason # 4 - cracks on the phone screen

Even small cracks lead to breakage. Sometimes the touchscreen reacts to touches only in certain areas of the screen.

Decision: Replace the sensor in your phone at a service center.

Reason number 5 - breakage or failure of the touchscreen control chip.

The microcircuit breaks down due to falling or penetration of moisture into the case.

Decision: Replace the circuit with a new one at a service center.

Reason # 6 - breakdown of the device components.

On impact or moisture penetration, the printed circuit board sometimes breaks.

Decision: To understand why the sensor on the phone does not work, diagnose it at a service center.

Do not attempt to repair the unit yourself. Replacing the sensor or components should be carried out by competent specialists so that later you do not have to buy a new device.

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