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How to choose an alarm for a car

Making the right choice of alarm for your vehicle

Sometimes one gets the impression that the security functions of modern car alarms, although slowly, but surely retreat to a secondary position. At this time, all sorts of service capabilities of these devices are increasingly developing, for example, remote start of the car engine, a set of modes for arming and disarming the car, programmed to the owner's taste, a turbo timer, and so on, etc. ...

The cost of such "prudent" anti-theft systems directly depends on a huge variety of factors, for example: the popularity of the brand (it is directly proportional to the number of advertisements), the level of protection of cars from autopsy and theft, as well as the quality of manufacture of devices.

It is worth noting that over-advertising of security devices results in potential hijackers scrutinizing the most popular modern systems. Based on this, if you express a desire to truly secure your beloved car, then it is better to opt for little-known brands and means, as they will create huge problems for attackers.

The purpose of absolutely any security alarm is to let the owner of the car know about an attempt to steal it and attract the attention of people who are in the immediate vicinity of the car, which in turn should stop the intentions of the hijackers. The ideal option for car security using an alarm is such when even those people who created or installed the car alarm would not be able to bypass it or turn it off. But this device is, oh, how not cheap, and not every car owner will be available. Based on all that has been said, the developers of security systems, based on the fact that in most cases the hijackers are not familiar with the principle of the alarm system, ultimately leave some loopholes that simplify the creation and installation of a security system.

In addition to purely barbaric methods of neutralizing car security systems, thieves often use in their practice the so-called rocking of the client, when the car owner is forced to turn off the burglar alarm, assuring him that it is faulty. This method, quite old as the world, is quite painstaking and very long, but in the end result it is worth it. Car thieves, using various methods, persistently insist on the constant triggering of the alarm for several days. And, in the end, this will lead to the fact that the owner of the car begins to doubt the serviceability of the alarm and turns it off, thereby opening an unhindered path for intruders. That is why we strongly recommend that you be as careful as possible to the sudden frequency of alarm triggering. It also makes sense to monitor the surroundings, maybe you will notice some suspicious persons.

In order not to find an empty parking space instead of your own car on one of the beautiful days, experts strongly recommend that you perform a number of actions. And, first of all, you will need to install two anti-theft security systems from different manufacturers on your car at once. The first alarm will be available for "identification" by an intruder, but the second must be installed secretly in order for it to become an annoying surprise for him.In addition, make it a habit, every time you leave the car, to control the setting of the car on the alarm, doors, windows, hood, trunk, the presence of keys, and even the contents of the cabin - quite often the valuable things and money left in the car interior provoke criminal persons to encroach on. Put at least one nut with a non-standard head on each wheel - this will significantly complicate the life of those who like to profit from other people's car tires. And if suddenly you do not intend to use the car for a long time, then you need to prepare it for parking so that the car does not become a simple prey for a thief: drain the fuel, remove the battery, cover the car with a cover. If you put your car for winter storage, then try not to forget to shake off the snow from it, so that it does not give the impression of an abandoned thing and was not subjected to analysis for spare parts.

In addition, it is strongly not recommended to leave your car near concert halls, cinemas, and other establishments. In these cases, the hijackers will certainly know how long you will leave your car unattended. If you have arrived in your car to a performance, concert or other cultural event, then it is best to leave your car at a slight distance from this institution and at the same time walk on foot. In the parking lot near the house, it is best to choose the most walkable and illuminated place. You should also think about your actions in advance in the event of a robbery. In the event that the attacker is armed, it is better, unambiguously, to listen to his requirements. But it is worth noting that in this case there is something to oppose to criminals. So, the delivery set of some car security systems includes special radio key fobs, in the event of a robbery, with which you can stop the engine of your car. There are also other kinds of devices, for example, a transponder card. If this card is outside the passenger compartment, then the car's engine simply cannot start. It is best to carry this card with you at all times, for example, with your wallet.

Now let's go directly to car alarms.

Sheriff APS-85 Closed Loop Alarm

Electronic security devices for cars can be conditionally divided into two huge subclasses - volatile security systems and non-volatile security systems. The first systems provide blocking of the car engine only when the security system is switched on using a special key fob of the car owner. Their plus is that even if the alarm unit leaves the operating state (failure of the electronics system), the owner of the car will always be able to start the engine of the car without resorting to the intervention of a specialist. But, nevertheless, this advantage simultaneously turns into a disadvantage, when the hijacker detects and thereby "amputates" the brain of the security system, and after that he only has to deal with the ignition switch and start the car engine.

Non-volatile security devices are canceled in that even if the car alarm system unit is removed, the car engine remains in a blocked state. And therefore, in order for the attacker to be able to start the car, he will also need to detect and then eliminate the gaps in the standard electronic circuit. The disadvantage of this type of alarm lies on the very surface - if the control unit fails, the car owner, trying to reanimate his car, will be forced to follow in the footsteps of the hijackers.But, nevertheless, purchasing security products from well-known manufacturers, you are unlikely to encounter faults in electronics.

During the selection and purchase of the car alarm model you are interested in, you should pay special attention to the number of car engine locks. The ideal option would be when there are at least two of them, for example, one of the locks is installed on the ignition switch, and the second, directly on the starter, or on the fuel supply system.

Also, a lot will depend on the type of alarm siren. There are types of sirens, both the simplest ones and with an autonomous rechargeable battery. The disadvantage of the former is that if the power wire breaks, they will not be able to function. Advantage - these types of devices are absolutely not afraid of moisture, and on this basis, washing the car engine, which is equipped with this siren, as a rule, is not a problem. Autonomous types of sirens immediately activate the "panic" mode when the supply wire breaks. The disadvantage of these types of sirens is that they are afraid of moisture, which means that careless washing of the space under the hood can lead to the withdrawal of these systems from working condition. And, of course, any siren, when triggered for a long period of time, can "pull" all its charge from the battery.

Sheriff ZX-950 Closed Loop Alarm

In order to resist code grabbers and scanners, modern alarm models are equipped with an anti-scanner function, as well as the so-called floating code. Each time you press the button of the transmitter, the code changes arbitrarily, and therefore an attempt to write it down for subsequent use will lead to nothing. This scanner will work immediately as soon as the system senses an attempt to pick up the code, in which case the electronics will block the radio channel, erase all the codes of the transmitter from memory, and in order to turn off the alarm, the car owner will have to use a coded switch.

In addition, it will also be important what standard sensors the security system is equipped with. It is recommended to use such burglar alarms that contain at least two sensors, for example, volume and shock sensors. For car owners with expensive video and audio equipment, we also recommend a volume sensor, which briefly activates a siren when a person approaches the car by twenty or more centimeters, depending on the settings. By installing such a device on your car, the number of curious people looking into the car interior will be greatly reduced. The operation of these sensors can be directly influenced by changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure, operation in the immediate vicinity of the welding machine, and other factors. That is why, during the selection and purchase of car alarms, it would be nice if the security system model could avoid false alarms.

Signaling model Sheriff APS-65

Descriptions of security and service functions of modern car alarm models abound in technical terms that are quite obscure for non-specialists, and therefore we will try to decipher the very common ones for you.

The term "Jack" is a mode of short-term disabling of the security functions of the alarm (except for the "panic" mode). This mode must be activated when the car, for example, is left in a car service, and you do not want to transfer the key fob of the alarm system to the auto locksmith. In this mode, the car is absolutely free from any kind of security, well, except that only the owner himself, having resorted to the help of a key fob, will be able to activate the "panic".

The "panic" mode (anti-cardjacking, anti-hijacking) is used when intruders literally steal a car in front of its owner's eyes. To activate this "panic" mode, usually it will be enough just to press the corresponding button on the remote control. In this case, the alarm will withstand a slight pause, in order for the thief to drive away from the owner of the car at a safe distance, and then activate the siren, as well as locks and parking lights. In addition, this mode can be activated optionally when the key is turned in the ignition lock, or every time the door is opened - this is in case the driver suddenly fears that intruders, when seizing the car, will forcefully take him with them “for a ride in the trunk”.

Signaling model Sheriff APS-35PRO

The "activation" mode may be required when it will be necessary to turn on the old key fob after replacing the batteries in it, or when activating a new key fob.

The presence of the "polite backlight" service function after stopping the car engine ensures that the interior lighting is switched on for a short time. Well, in the dark, this function will not only make it easier for the driver and passengers to get out of the car, but also make it possible to avoid looking for small things, something like a purse, documents, an umbrella, and so on.

A programmable code for disarming the car is required in the event that the key fob from the alarm has been lost or the battery is discharged in it. This code is entered by the owner of the car using the ignition, as well as the emergency shutdown button (switch "jack"). Also, this code can, for example, consist of the following sequence of actions: "turn off - turn on the ignition, press the emergency stop button once, turn the ignition on and off again, and also press the emergency stop button twice."

AntiScan function (AST). This function makes it impossible to pick up the code to the alarm system of your car by the simplest search of options. It functions in this way: during two or three times the wrong code arrives at the input of the receiver, the system turns off the receiver for a while, and thus the alarm does not perceive any signals at all, they will be either correct or incorrect. "Antigrabber" will resist reading the codes of the transmitter-key fob for their subsequent reproduction, as well as disarming the alarm. The transformation of the grabber into a useless device implements the application of dynamic code.

During activation of the “2-step door unlocking” mode when disarming, the electric lock controller issues a command to open only the door from the driver's side. This action excludes the possibility of rapid penetration of unauthorized persons into the car from the side of the car opposite to the driver. It is worth noting that in order to implement this function, it will be necessary that the electric locks of the doors of your car make it possible to give a reverse impulse (5-wire), or the alarm controller would be able to connect the electric locks itself, which is not of a conventional design.

The programmed opening or closing of the electric locks of the car doors while the ignition is turned off or on is necessary for the purpose that, when stopping at a traffic light, the attacker would not be able to throw the car owner out of the passenger compartment.

Signaling model Sheriff ZX-800

The function "Bypass faulty zone" will be useful in case of failure of one of the existing sensors. The fact is that in the overwhelming majority of alarm models, each of the available sensors, or a group of them, forms an independent trigger signal.If any malfunction occurs, while arming your car, the alarm will warn you about this with a special siren sound, as well as LED indication and flickering of the parking lights. And if suddenly you do not take any measures, then in this case the electronics simply deactivates the faulty "zone" - this is one or several sensors that are closed to one input. Because of this reason, manufacturers do not advise the car owner to connect several sensors inside the passenger compartment to one interface connector (as a rule, shock and volume sensors are connected together). It will be better if the sensors are connected separately, and for this purpose, additional interface connectors are provided in the control units of the overwhelming majority of car alarm models.

The main advantage of the "automatic arming" function can be considered convenience - he just slammed the car door and forgot about the alarm, while the electronics itself will do absolutely everything if, during the programmed time interval, the hood, doors or trunk are not in open position. And besides, in the absence of a radio communication session, a keychain machine, attempts to read codes using a grabber will be doomed to fiasco.

The alarm function "Non-volatile memory of settings" may be needed if the car's battery is discharged or the on-board network was de-energized during the repair.

The "Starter blocking" function will not provide an opportunity to start the car engine when the system is in the security mode. The relay that activates this function can be installed separately, or it can be built into the control unit of the security system.

Sheriff APS-75 Closed Loop Alarm

The "Engine blocking" function simultaneously with the starter blocking will also prevent unauthorized starting of the "heart" of the car. Usually, the actuator (relay, or fuel intake valve), which is necessary to block the car's engine, is not included in the alarm delivery set, and therefore it is purchased additionally.

Very often this kind of blocking functions fall on the shoulders of the "immobilizer". This device can be installed separately, and can also be built into the control unit of the security device. In the event that the actuator that blocks the car's engine is not connected, or this function is completely absent, then when the "panic" mode is turned on, your car will be able to continue driving, regardless of the sound siren signals and the flickering of the light indication lamps.

Signaling model Sheriff APS-55

The "Additional control channel" function is required to use some other device that is controlled by the security alarm key fob. In this case, there can be an electric trunk lock, an immobilizer, power windows, a central locking unit, "hudlock", and so on. In addition, the additional channel can be used for various kinds of service functions, for example, to remotely start a car engine.