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Why the laptop is heating up - what to do if the laptop is very hot

If not a new laptop is getting too hot (or freezes, slows down, turns off or makes a lot of noise), although everything was normal before It means that the cooling radiators inside the laptop are clogged with dust or fluff. You can do otherwise and try to clean the laptop's cooling system from dust yourself.

Programs slow down, the cooler makes noise, the laptop shuts down by itself - sure signs that it is overheated. The most common cause of overheating is dust clogging the ventilation grill and the inside of the laptop. Cold air does not flow in the right amount, which leads to overheating of the components. It is treated by cleaning.

Please note that self-cleaning requires an understanding of the laptop design. Therefore, if you are not confident in your abilities, then it is better to contact a service center.

Cleaning the laptop from dust

The laptop cooling system is located on the motherboard. It consists of a fan (cooler), a cooling circuit and a radiator (see photo). Cooling air enters through openings in the housing. They are located at the bottom or on the side. There are other important elements on the laptop's motherboard - the so-called bridges, video chips, and the central processor.

Let's start with the easiest way. All you need is a screwdriver, cotton swabs, a can of compressed air, and anti-static gloves.

  • We put on gloves, remove the back cover of the laptop.
  • We remove large pieces of dust with cotton swabs, then blow through the cooling system with compressed air from a can. Be careful not to bend the cooling pipes and radiator fins.
  • The cooler is blown through with short "zips" so as not to unwind too much. Be careful not to get compressed air onto or damage other components on the motherboard.

More drastic cleaning can be done. True, this requires more qualifications than the previous method. And they use it in advanced cases.

Carefully separate the cooler from the motherboard, clean the dust with a brush. The plastic parts of the case, especially the radiator grill, are treated with foam and cleaned with a clean cloth. We remove dust from the cooling circuit. You can try to disassemble the cooler by removing the blades. To do this, raise the blades and, if they are removed with the spindle, remove and clean to a shine. A couple of drops of grease in the spindle seat and assemble the cooler.

After that, carefully install everything back.

It is recommended to carry out preventive cleaning of the laptop once every couple of weeks and take it to a service center at least once a year.

Replacing thermal paste in a laptop

In order not to disassemble the computer twice, we recommend replacing the thermal paste at the same time. Thermal grease is a substance that is applied between the top surface of the processor die and the bottom surface of the board to transfer heat more efficiently. Over time, it dries up and loses its heat-conducting properties. Therefore, it needs to be changed from time to time. First, carefully remove the processor and video chip from the board. Remove the old thermal grease with a foam cleaner for plastic surfaces. Apply a thin layer of fresh thermal paste and place the processor and video chip back.

The computer is warming up due to programs

The second reason for overheating is the operation of demanding programs. Symptoms: The computer shuts down while playing games or running graphics applications. Try using a laptop cooling pad. It is advisable to use the stand whenever you are playing or working in a graphics package. Also, to reduce the temperature, limiting the maximum processor power to 60-80% will help.

Computer infected with a virus

The last reason overheating occurs is that the computer is infected with a virus. Update your antivirus and check your laptop.

Do not place your laptop on soft surfaces such as a blanket or rug. Not only do they impede proper air circulation, but they are also sources of dust and other small particles.

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In order to improve the cooling of the laptop, special pads are used. To get a better idea of ​​what a laptop stand is, we offer you a video review of one of them.

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