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Cycling tourism

Cycling tourism is one of the smallest and most desirable types of tourism. You will be quicker by a certain type of price, you will not need a bike, but physical training is good.

Bike stem history

It is worth noting that there are deyaky dzherels, the first clues about oversubstantiation of people on constructions with wheels date back to the 15th century. Alle the development of a bicycle as a kind of transport pochavayas only in the XIX century.

So, Lyudvig Drys designed a kerovan front wheel for his scooter. The yogo car was 2.4 meters long, and the wheels were 30-inch. On such a scooter, I have driven 100 kilometers in 7 years. For a while, Pierre Misho, in 1860, put two pedals on the front wheels of the scooter, and after two rockets, these scooters started releasing them seriously, and got their name - a bicycle. Yak only a bike has appeared, I will immediately be prompted for new reconstructions and changes.

There is a frame made of tubes, gum is put on the wheels.

Since 1870, the release of sales of the first metal bicycles with high wheels has begun. Also, the wheel was twice as large as the wheel of a freewheeling bike. The first low bike with a lance drive was introduced in 1885 and was called a "rover", and the last one had 20 kilograms. In 1888, the driver of the tire was asked to repair the repair of a two-wheeled bicycle.

In 1950, the Italian cyclist Tullio Campagnolo walked around the wines, which such a viewer stays on a lot of other bicycles.

Before the completion and reconstruction of the bike in the XX century. So in 1974 rotsi repaired vipuskati bicycles with titanium, and in 1975 rock - with carbon fiber. The 1983 rik was marked by the cycling computer, and at the earliest of the 1990s, the expansion of the index system and the mixing of speed was started.

See the bike

The latest bike virobniks let you run the next row of bicycles.

Road bike... Such a bike is a sign for oversubscription with great performances on high-quality asphalt. On such bicycles, records can be set on many-day cycling races, such as the Tour de France, Giro de Italia, Uelta, as well as on the Olympic Games. By developing the design of such a bicycle, virobniks optimize the characteristics of the bike. The number of such bicycles to reach the top, some of the stench are suitable for high-class professionals, and the warehouse is close to 10-20 thousand. US dollars. The number of bicycles for wheeled cyclists is worth 300 dollars, and for polished designs up to 1000 dollars.

MTV (mountain bike)

Such bicycles can be very useful. So they have a cheap wheel diameter, on the road from the road. The frame of such a bicycle is movable. Oscillating gear bicycles are used in folding road heads, then such novelties as hydraulic galma and shock-absorbing forks, bullets for gear bikes.

Shosseyny and girski bicycles are the same official, the construction of such bicycles was distributed in order to achieve maximum performance in the new minds of the race. When using such bicycles, cyclists often sacrifice ease of operation and comfort to achieve maximum performance.

City bike (citybike).

The name itself is to talk about the range of its stasis, the definitions for driving along the streets of the city. By its design, the wine is similar to "road". The design of such a bicycle has a large number of planetary bushings, since it doesn't require any maintenance, since it gives the possibility of shifting gears in any station without turning the pedals.

Touring bike.

A bicycle of this type is a sign for the use of tourist routes. There can be short trips for one or two days, as well as a lot of autonomous transcontinental rise in price. In terms of its original appearance and design, the wine is similar to a road bike, it protects the stability and allows you to comfortably oversaturated with a significant vantage.

Tourists on bicycles

Rise on bicycles for health improvement. Riding bicycles is able to change the mind, in addition, to change and normalize the activity of the mental and heart-vascular systems and organisms. Bicycle rides can be short and trivial. Yak bachimo, the rise in price on bicycles has become one of the most popular types of summer bikes and rozvag.

There are two types of higher prices for bicycles - cycling trips and cycling tours. Participants of bike tours go without luggage, they are invited to transport them in a super-powered car. To live the stench in cafes and restaurants, to stay at night in hotels or campings. Beruchas fate in cycling, speeding up the blessings of civilization is not expected to give in. The price is tied together, so the route can pass through such places, de eh dumb and zovsim.

It is a kind of sport, it is also sports cycling tourism, in which it is seen a number of categories of folding hikes. So the length of a bicycle trip in the first category of folding is not less than 300 km.

If you marvel at the development of cycling tourism in Russia and Ukraine, then you come to me with little respect. The one who wants to go cycling is to blame for the mustache poturbuvatisya himself. In the first place, it is necessary to plan a road route. Do your best to pass the highway and highway roads. It is necessary for such a route to pass along the paths, unpaved or asphalted, or near a good camp. Such a route will be the most safe, and more and more clearer.

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