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YAK VIBRATY THE RIGHT MACHINE - how to turn on the washing machine

Pralny machines are built according to the type of entrapment. It is drawn from the vertical to the horizontal (frontal).

  • From vertical bindings

    Vibiayut at that vipadku, if you need to put the typewriter at a very accessible corner or vm_stiti in a small space. For such a model, there is no need to open the hatch, so it has to be seen up the hill. The transfer of cars is unsecured because of the type of lock-up - you can make speeches until the end of the cycle of pranny, or, navpaki, add the backs up at any moment.

  • From frontal fastenings

    I will need more money. Open the hatch before the hour is not visible. Many cars are wide, so you can vibrate the optimal option for your apartment. Deyakі are small pralks to find a way to navіd a sink. Forward, qia axis, with frontal fasteners - Bosch WLX 20162 OE. Inexpensive and even functional option.

On machines with different types, the curtain panel can also be wrapped in a different way.

  • In the vertical direction, the buttons will be seamed at the top. It’s easy, like in seven little children: the stench cannot reach them.
  • From the front - the buttons are spaced out on the front panel. Fathers beshketnikiv will have a chance to turn on the blocking of buttons from children.

Bakeless - order. It is only because of the characteristics of the adder of the walking color: black, bila, sir, or navit siblyastu.

Glybin of the pralka: you can add your little ones

When vibrating a pralny unit, make sure you rescue it on the size and fix it. Standard machines have a height of 85 cm, a depth of 58 cm and a width of 60 cm. However, in the middle of the without models of young wyrobniks, you can adapt the car with the required amount (minimum 33 cm).

Zychayno, the change of glibini is renowned at the maximum entangled. Vuzki cars do not accommodate more than 3.5 kg of twins. More wide models are available for pre-setting five, navit, seven kilograms.

Vuzkoy pralki is enough for a young bet. For the motherland with children, a car of different sizes is required.

Tank of the car: what of the crushes

The tank is the most important thing, the drum of the blowing machine is installed at the yak.

The drum is made of stainless steel, and the tank is made of composite materials. Look at the wear and tear, the priority tanks made of stainless steel. Ale, vibrate taku the car, know that there will be more guchnoy. A tank of composite materials is a mensh yakisny, ale tezh is not a good man, and a cladding process (mensh guchna machine).

Special features of the floor machine: class, vidzhim, energy efficiency

Pralki podіlyayut on decіlka classes. Vvazhaєtsya, how best to enjoy the energy of the car class "A".

Accepted by the class for the efficiency of the car.

  • Effectiveness of the class "A" and "B" - tse dbayliv and in the case of a lot of pranny. Likewise, the value of vikoristovuyutsya at viznachenny class of energy service.
  • Naynizhchiy ryven with the power of showing the cars of the class "A", "A +" and "A ++". Tsi poznachenya mean, how much energy the machine will be able to live with at 60 degrees. The designation "A" should be running at a rate lower than 1 kW / year.
  • Cars of class "B", "W" and "D" have more energy.

Weakness in vіrobniki visas start at a number of wrappers on hilin. Svychay, machines show up to 1000 wraps, which allows you to vidzhati bavovnyany speech to a non-rich stature, and thin fabrics are practically dry. To wrap it up, to wrap it up more, to wrap it up more and more to see it.

Yaki rezhimi prannya at pralny machines

On all typewriters it is possible to display the temperature beforehand and I will give it to you. For some models, it is necessary to vibrate only the type of fabric: the temperature is th hour before the unit pidbere itself.Also, cars often have a number of modes, which allow the robotization of the pranny, pranny when the car is locked, economical prana or additional rinsing of the bile. Pranny hour is displayed automatically.

Deyaki machines may see the ability to play a number of misses in the drum, so that the optimal hour of the day is vibrating. The "Fuzzy Logic" system is clever in the current models of the plowing machines. The price of the innovation allows the attachment of control of the amount of praline powder, the mode of the early temperature. The system does not only optimize the process of running, but rather allows the supply of energy to the water. True, such cars cost more.

Washing machine with a dryer: chi good hang bileznu

Deyaki models are equipped with built-in dry land. Tse zaoschadzhu hour and go for the quiet, who has no place for the development of wet twins. The machine will automatically hang if weaving. Є in the tsy function of its shortcomings.

  • The machine can hang at two times less than a lizny, chim viprati. Tom, when zavanazhuvati povnogo drum, drying will come from two priymannya.
  • Until then, often automatically dryness is a lot of odeag.
  • From the dry place, we will wipe out, we will depress it.

Yaka pralka is more beautiful for being a zbirannya

It’s not a good idea, it’s cheap and expensive cars to serve the same way.

  • At the middle one, the car, picked up in Turechchina, rozrahovani on the victorian, stretching for 4 years.
  • English and Swedish cars can work up to 20 rockets.
  • Nimetske folding - tse up to 15 years of lifeless service.
  • Italian Korean cars are working close to 8 years.

Yak turn on the washing machine

When buying a pralnoy car, you should be respected, where you can store a service connection. In some cases, it is necessary to turn around in the service center, and for a small fee, it will be good enough to destroy everything.

If you bring a ballast, beast of respect for the visibility of the hoses on the hull. It’s just a stink that we’ll get used to after an hour of transport. Head, when choosing a machine, respectfully familiarize yourself with the parameters. As far as they are not sound, they must go to the store manager and check the details. Todi will sing when you have chosen YOUR car itself, as you will be procyuvate rock. Prannya suddenly stop being a problem.

The online store promoted the machine for a given price.

Varto nobility: "Why is there water inside the new washing machine?"

Marvel at video yak does not need to be taught with a machine