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Review of the film The Good Son / The Good Son (1993)

Evil has many faces ... This slogan is very well chosen for the film. After all, no one would have thought that such a sweet blond boy with an angelic face could do such things. What is the reason for such a childish and strong hatred, and what does it conceal in itself? Watching the film, you wonder if we know our children well?

12-year-old Henry Evans seems like a very ordinary boy who has a loving mother, a sweet little sister, a home, games, entertainment. And no one knows what Henry is fraught with and what kind of games he invented. The first to know the real identity of Henry is his cousin Mark, who came to stay for a while. The boys became friends and began to play together, but gradually we begin to show Henry more sinister. Starting with the little things, smoking a cigarette and killing a dog, his deeds take on shocking brutality. He begins to kill people, puts their lives in mortal danger without any feeling of pity and compassion for them.

Definitely, the film deserves attention. This is a very successful psychological thriller with a good cast and a gripping plot, an excellent acting work of the still young Culkin and Wood. The film constantly keeps you in suspense, filled with intrigue and gripping plot, chills to the bone with its brutal realism. Full immersion in the atmosphere of what is happening. The film was made technically competently and professionally.