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Look around Nokia E5

Prior to the launch of Nokia E71, QWERTY phones were not popular, none were sold in millions. One model turned the segment upside down, became a key one for Nokia for the next hour, on the basis of a large number of outbuildings. For example, E72 is a direct advancement with shorter characteristics, a similar style, E63 is a simplified version with a general price.

Smartphones have also become bestsellers, but on the E72 application they have already seen a decline in popularity. Expensive non-touch smartphones step by step give up the touch screen, and for the E72 the main competitor is the N97 mini, a functional device. Yakiy vikhіd є from Nokia? Lower the price bar for additional outbuildings. So the E5 model came to Eseries, which, according to its parameters, can be applied to the line S.

In zagaly, with a cob of new system of naymenuvan (one letter - one number), Nokia has ended a series of yak. Earlier, within the framework of the same line, we used models with zagalny rice, united in style, concept, functionality (guess, for example, N78 - N81 - N96, or E52-E72-E75). The infectious device can be carried to this or that series only according to a certain set of characteristics. For example, the version of N8, with the same design and barrels, is used in Eseries, and the smartphone from Cseries, I repeat on the C5 viewer, is the old E5. The kolishnya scheme was more appropriate for me, it was more zealous and koristuvach, and the current years in the name didn’t mean much.

Yak bi is not bulo, E5 is the first step in Eseries, indexes in lower (yak and price) will not be. From the beginning and from the varto vidshtovhuvatisya, in the first place. The Nokia E5 is not an upgrade to the E72, but rather, the E63, and the new model is being sold for the same price as the one in the market. Now, the most affordable QWERTY smartphone from Nokia is a plus. Minus is a callous viglyad niyak does not appear to be vivid, vitrified and thin devices of the line E.

Characteristics of Nokia E5

• Merezhі: GSM 850/900/1800/1900, HSDPA 900/1900/2100

• Display: 2.4 '' TFT, 240x320 dots, 262 yew. koloriv

• Memory: 250 MB, microSD slot (up to 32 GB)

• Camera: 5 megapixel, sleeping

• Communities: Bluetooth 2.1, microUSB, Wi - Fi

• Inse: FM-radio, 3.5-mm rose on the case, GPS

• Battery: Li - Ion 1200 mAh

• Dimensions: 115 x 58.9 x 12.8 mm

Design, ergonomics

The Nokia E5 is even cheaper than the E72, while the main difference between them is the design, while the functionality has lost the same amount. Let's be amazed at the call of the viglyad in the context:

The screen is the same, the same area of ​​the keyboard, the same set of elements and so far. At the same time, the novelty is simpler, not so clean, budget. The glossy plastic of the front panel near the screen cannot be added any better, the wine is not less easily soiled, and we don’t diminish the rank. Rashta is bigger than normal, nice to the metal: the back panel is made of stainless steel, and in the E5 there are two small brackets, like the bullet in the E71. For a rakhunok tsyogo, the quality of the class is ideal.

The novelty is more E72 by 3 mm, moreover, it is neat, the device is clearly better to be seen in the hands. There are fewer end elements. There were no buttons for the activation, voice control / dictaphone, only the buttons for regulating the purity were missing. Also, in the presence of micro - USB roses, with a plastic plug, 3.5 mm for the headset and the charger socket (2 mm). On the back surface there is a built-in camera, 5 MP without focus (the first sub-module), though the function "sleeps" was saved.

The screen looks the same as in the Nokia E72 for the size, but the element itself, the same one, is the same as in the C5, so it's dark, I look at it less. In general, the screen has not been overwhelmed by hostility.


The QWERTY keyboard in the Nokia E5 is a hybrid E72 and E71. From the first there is soft, rumbled plastic, from the other - the rosetting of symbols. For example, in E5, the omission of knowledge, which amused us two dodatkovy keys. The result, the Russification will be equal to the same as in the E71. Whilst, for those who have the right to locate it better, so Nokia is a butt for inheritance.

The navigation block is still not very similar to the traditional one in Eseries, but it has tidied up the additional functions of the keyboard, and only one has been deprived of it, but it will be explained for the notification / customer of the electronic mailing. There is no sensor element scrolling through lists, like in E72. Navigation block of vikonaniy z metal, not zabarvivaniya plastic.

The standard battery is known to be changing, it is no longer traditional for Eseries BP - 4L is 1500 mAh. The Nokia E5 has a 1200 mAh element, which, however, will keep the same hour of robotics, don't mind. Usya on the right in optimization. For the application of the virobnik in the mode of growth and the device, the device is built up for 11 years (GSM), in the mode of cleaning up to 18 days, the indicators are not visible for the E72.


As for the Nokia C3, it’s just the first glance, so there’s no information about the software platform here. A few surprises, the checkout is not varied - functionally E5 will practically repeat E72: here is the same version of the platforms, the same is presented to the work table, the same set of stasis. Hiba, by those, the design will be taken out, there will be no menus that are tied to management and others. However, the amount of RAM in the novelty is larger, now 256 MB is the standard for Symbian. But in practice, it does not mean great growth, you can launch more important stores, or view Internet sites without fighting a re-memory.

Nokia E5 will be available for sale in Serpents for the price of UAH 3000 at the start. If you find an affordable QWERTY smartphone, you can, in principle, try a non-vibrant, inviting view. The E63 and E71 models have practically gone out of the market, the E72 has lost an expensive proposition, and at the very bottom is the Nokia C3. So, the E5 loan can reach a great segment, and with such a price, it is possible to achieve high sales.