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HOW TO PRESERVE FLOWERS - keep roses and other cut flowers to last longer in the vase

For all flowers, follow the main rule: before placing the bouquet in a vase, remove the lower leaves from the stem, and the roses also have thorns to avoid rotting in the water. For flowers with a hard stem (roses, chrysanthemums), make an oblique cut with a sharp knife to increase the area of ​​moisture absorption.

For flowers to last longer, they need nutrients. Florists advise adding special products to the water for feeding cut flowers in a vase. For example, "Chrysal", "Etisso". They nourish plants with minerals, give juiciness to greens, and brightness to flowers. Another "plus": water with these products does not deteriorate for a long time. On average, flowers will last 2-3 times longer than usual.

But it's not just the recharge that decides. Having brought the bouquet home, do not unpack it right away, but let the plants get used to the home microclimate. Fresh flowers do not like sudden changes in temperature. Arrived from the cold for 10-20 minutes, put on a glazed balcony and only then transfer to a warm room.

Avoid placing the vase of flowers next to heat-emitting appliances or on a windowsill. Even thermophilic varieties do not like dry air and direct sunlight.

If a bouquet bought in a flower shop wilted on the second or third day, do not be surprised. Such flowers do not know how to drink ordinary water, because in the store they are in a nutrient solution. At home, immediately put them in the same, and you will enjoy a long time.

How to keep flowers cut in your home garden for a long time

Prune fresh flowers with a sharp knife or pruner. Before placing them in the vase, clean the stems of leaves, thorns and side shoots so that they do not come into contact with water. Do not damage the stem - this will accelerate its rotting.

For most types of flowers, the water in the vase is changed daily. The stems are washed with running water and the cut is refreshed by 1-2 cm. Like wounds on the skin, it is gradually tightened with a film that prevents water absorption and blocks the flower's nutritional system. Therefore, the slice needs to be updated every day.

When renewing the cut, keep the stem under water to prevent air bubbles from entering the stem tubules and clogging them. Otherwise, the flower will die from lack of moisture, even while in water. Cut obliquely, leaving a large area for absorption.

For flowers to last longer, fill water in bottles and freeze it in the freezer to "kill" germs. Then use it for plants.

How to keep roses and other flowers

How to keep roses longer

Acetylsalicylic acid will help prolong the life of roses - 1 tablet per liter of water. Or sugar and vinegar - a teaspoon of both per liter of water. If you are presented with a complex bouquet, place the roses in a vase separate from other plants. They get along with very few people and oppress their neighbors. To revive and preserve roses for longer, spray them with a spray bottle, wrap them in plastic and submerge them in a bathroom or bucket of cool water. Flowers will be saturated with moisture and become fresher.

How to keep lilacs in a vase

You can save lilacs in a vase for up to seven days (depending on the variety) by splitting the ends of the stems and placing them in acidified water. At night, the inflorescences need to be sprayed and covered with damp paper. A fading bouquet can be “revived” in a universal way: place it in a container with warm water, and after 20 minutes return it to a vase with cool water. The inflorescences will bloom again in all their glory. The same procedure can be done with most flowers, including finicky jasmine, bird cherry, and poppy seeds.

How to save tulips

To make tulips last longer, place them in cold water, add ice cubes to it. Wrap the fallen flowers tightly in paper and place them in a well-lit room.They have a tendency to reach for the light, so they will quickly straighten.

Alstroemeria care

Alstroemeria (Peruvian lily), carnation, a bouquet of chrysanthemums do not require much effort. They will last for several weeks, provided that you remove the faded buds and change the water in the vase in time. Make sure that the leaves of the bouquet do not rot in the water.

How to keep gerberas

Gerberas do not absorb water well. Place them in tall vases so that the stems do not touch the bottom. Be sure to add cut flower fertilizer or activated charcoal to the water. It perfectly cleans water, removes haze and odor. Slightly wilted gerberas can revive ammonia if you add a teaspoon of it to a liter of water.

Microbes often live on the walls of the vase, which quickly destroy the bouquet. Before placing flowers in it, wash it with warm soapy water and baking soda or vinegar.

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