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Geyser coffee maker (electric): how to brew (prepare) coffee in a geyser-type coffee maker, how it works and instructions

A geyser coffee maker (moka) is a good alternative to a coffee machine. Its peculiarity: water, under steam pressure, passes through a filter with a layer of ground coffee, absorbing the taste and aroma of its beans. An invigorating homemade drink - what could be better?

Moca benefits:

  • convenience and simplicity of making a drink;
  • rich coffee with a delicate aroma without sediment;
  • the device does not take up much space (you can take it on any trip).

How to use a geyser coffee maker?

Principle of operation:

  • unscrew the bottom flask;
  • pour cold water up to the lower edge of the thread;
  • insert a strainer and pour ground coffee into it (2 teaspoons per cup);
  • screw the upper part of the device;
  • put the moka on the stove;
  • when the top is filled with a drink, remove from the stove and pour into cups;
  • rinse the device under warm running water.

How to brew coffee in a geyser coffee maker?


  • fill the bottom container with water;
  • insert the filter and pour medium-ground grains into it, without tamping;
  • screw on the two sections;
  • insert the device into a coffee maker (electric) or on a stove and heat it up;
  • when the drink stops flowing out, it is ready.

Coffee in a geyser coffee maker - how to improve its taste?

The aroma and taste of espresso is improved if:

  • medium or coarse coffee is used;
  • the grinding of the grains occurs immediately before use.

How to care for a geyser coffee maker?

Clean and wash the appliance after every preparation of a drink:

  • let the device cool down before washing it;
  • clean the filter from coffee grounds;
  • remove sediment with baking soda solution or detergent.

How to choose the right geyser coffee maker?

When choosing, consider:

  • size: the design of the moka is designed for a certain amount of drink. The size is determined by the volume indicated in the cups (1 cup per 40 ml of finished coffee);
  • heating method:
    • classic - they prepare a drink on the stove. The preparation process must be constantly monitored so that the coffee does not burn;
    • electric mocks are switched off automatically. Some models brew cappuccino or latte;
  • material: made from:
    • aluminum - the lightest, but the drink prepared in new moka has a specific taste for some time;
    • stainless steel - dishwasher safe, do not leave any aftertastes in coffee;
    • ceramics are fragile, but have an original design.

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Brewing coffee in a geyser coffee maker is quick and easy!

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