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EPILATOR OR WAX - which epilator is better, which depilatory wax is better

Tears from your eyes, but your legs, bikini and armpits will be smooth if you use an epilator or wax. What could be simpler:

  • applied a layer to the skin, glued the strip, pulled;
  • or once or twice walked through the problem area with an electrical appliance.

Whether you want it or not, you will still get your share of the torment. Therefore, before choosing a wax or epilator, determine your comfort zone. Here are five of its components.

The effectiveness of the procedure

How good the epilator is depends on the model you choose.

  • Some break off the hairs rather than pulling them out by the roots. It turns out that all the torment is down the drain, because the bristle breaks through the very next day.
  • Others cool the skin at the time of epilation (hair removal with damage to the follicle). The devices are equipped with an anesthetic system with cool air, which makes the torture a little easier.
  • Still others massage. When moving, the massage attachment rubs the skin, thereby reducing pain.

Important: Scrub your body thoroughly the day before epilation, and steam your skin in the shower before the procedure. Hair will be pulled out more easily and the result will be cleaner. Watch the video review of the Remington EP7030 epilator with massage attachment

The wax allows the hairs to pass through: hotter - less, in stripes - more. Tear off the sticky strip correctly: not fast, but not slow either. At an angle of 45 °.

The wax is applied against the growth of the hair and removed against the growth. The epilator and depilation products cannot cope with vellus hairs.


The epilator is easier to work with: hold it at a 90 ° angle and move it against the hair growth. All you need is a charged appliance or a socket at hand.

You will have to tinker with wax. If you have a wax heater, it automatically selects the desired temperature. If you have to warm up in a water bath or in a microwave oven, then the grandmother wondered in two:

  • cold is difficult to apply and poorly removed;
  • hot burns and irritates the skin.

It is indicated on the product packaging to what temperature the wax needs to be brought to be ready for use. Therefore, watch it warming up with a medical thermometer.

When applied to skin, the more the better rule doesn't work — you can't remove it. Apply to skin in a thin layer.

The wax heater automatically adjusts the thickness of the wax layer in the cartridges, there will be no problems with depilation (hair removal from the root without damaging the hair follicle). The main thing is not to hesitate! The wax cools down instantly, work with it quickly. And don't try to remove hairs from the entire lower leg in one stroke. It is more comfortable to apply wax on small areas of the skin and remove it gradually.

The optimal hair length for epilation and depilation is 5 mm. Short wax or an epilator will not capture, and long ones are painful.


The epilator hurts more: it seems to stretch the "pleasure", pulling out the hairs one by one. It only hurts for a second with wax - when the tape is torn off.

To reduce pain:

  • consider your menstrual cycle. The worst time is on the eve of critical days. On the 5-7th day of the cycle, the sensitivity decreases;
  • do not epilate in a bad mood. If the blues attacked, then the level of serotonin and oxytocin in the blood decreased, and with them the pain threshold;
  • lower the acidity of the body. Excess acids increase the sensitivity of the skin. Drink less coffee and substitute bottled water for fresh orange juice.

Side effects: ingrown hairs and skin irritation

Epilators are more likely to cause ingrown hair to grow than wax. In order not to complicate your life, after epilation, treat the treated areas with chloramphenicol. And for 3-4 days, scrub the body thoroughly with a hard mitten.Apply more shower gel and rub until red. Repeat this procedure periodically.

Skin irritation appears from both hair removal and depilation. It is not surprising: when a hair is pulled out by the root, blood rushes to the injured area. As a result, red dots appear on the body. They usually go away in a couple of hours, but for those with sensitive skin, they can last until the next procedure.

Take antioxidants to keep your skin from irritating. They strengthen blood vessels and promote tissue regeneration. Creams with Panthenol or keratin restore the skin well. In case of severe irritation, wipe the skin with calendula tincture twice a day.

The price of the question: "What is better depilation with wax or an epilator?"

The epilator is a one-time purchase. I bought it and use it every day, no more expenses. Advanced models with additional attachments will cost you from $ 150, budget models - from $ 15.

Waxing requires financial investment. Even if you purchased an electric heater (wax melter), you will have to spend money on consumables. The most budget depilation set, which includes a wax heater, a cassette of wax, paper strips and post-epilation lotion, costs from $ 10. A replaceable briquette of wax in cartridges can be bought for 1.5 USD. It is enough to process the legs three times.

Wax residues are washed off with olive or vegetable oil. Conclusion: using the epilator is more convenient and cheaper. But wax removes vegetation more effectively and with less chance of side effects.

Which epilator is better: TOP 4 popular models

Philips HP6540 / 00

Buying Philips HP6540 / 00 means paying for one device and getting three at once. In addition to the epilator, the set includes a mini-device for sensitive areas and eyebrow tweezers with lighting.

The model is equipped with 21 tweezers and two speeds. It is convenient to shape the contour of the eyebrows, treat the bikini area and armpits. Not afraid of water: the head can be rinsed under running water.

Svetlana in his response: “I bought this model and I'm happy. Pulls hairs quickly and cleanly. It is convenient to hold the device in your hand, and the cord is so long that you do not need to sit pressed against the outlet. I really liked the device for the bikini area: it is fast, convenient and not so painful! I was pleased with the backlit tweezers. When I bought it, I thought it was nonsense. But when I tried it, I was delighted with how cool it is to pluck eyebrows with a flashlight, it helps a lot. The only thing I would like to be buzzing is quieter».

Panasonic ES-ED20-V520

Panasonic ES-ED20-V520 has 48 tweezers. The device epilates in two ways: dry and wet, using soapy foam. The latter reduces pain. The foam lifts the hairs and protects the skin surface from damage.

Novitskaya Inna: «Compared to my previous Panasonic, this one is much cooler! He has two speeds, and this is a huge plus. Charges in just an hour. There is a backlight, with it, not a single hair will slip through the tweezers, of which there are already 48! The epilator head is flexible and tilted to accommodate our natural curves. Beauty!».

Rowenta EP5660

Roventa's ridge is the technology of comfortable microcontact. The head fits snugly against the skin, even on the curves and bulges of the body. In this case, the tweezers capture small hairs shorter than 5 mm.

The Rowenta EP5660 has a double sealed case, the device works 2 times quieter than its counterparts. For convenience: the backlight illuminates the working area, you can see everything at a glance.

Includes 5 attachments: two for sensitive areas, a shaving head, a trimmer and an exfoliator. The latter prevents ingrown hairs after epilation.

Julia Kulbachinskaya: «I'm happy: the attachments are super, they don't fly off. I even tried to put the armpits in order with the main massage nozzle. I did 2 hands at a time. It is convenient to clean, but you need to carefully so that hairs do not fall into the holes on the sides. The charging cord is long, but the instruction was upsetting - I understood the epilator more intuitively than using it. The design is great».

Braun SE 3270 Silk-epil 3

20 Braun SE 3270 tweezers gently remove hairs from the roots.The massage rollers make this process less painful.

Feature of the epilator - SoftLift fingers. They lift the hairs that are adjacent to the skin and direct them to the tweezers for removal. An additional attachment for delicate areas makes it easier to epilate underarms and bikini areas. The rough body fits comfortably in the hand and does not slip out.

Tatyana: «I have been using it for a week now. The epilator is just super. Practically painless with the massage attachment. Recommend».

Watch the video review of the Braun SE 3270 Silk-epil 3

Which depilatory wax is better

There are three types. Which wax is best for depilation depends on where you plan to use it.

Cold wax

These are ready-to-use paper strips coated with a wax layer.

A plus:

  • Convenient to use: rubbed the strip in your palms, → the wax warmed up, → removed the protective layer, → applied a sticky layer to the skin, → ripped off. No skill and additional devices are required.


  • Costly and inefficient way. The hairs do not adhere well, half of them are not pulled out.

Cold wax is best used on the legs and face. Good when you need to quickly put yourself in order.

Ane4ka about Veet Bikini Cold Wax Strips Blossom: "I did not feel much pain. Most of the hairs are torn out, but a few still remain, you have to apply the strip several times. The skin turns red after the procedure. The strips do their job well, but the epilator is still more convenient for me, it removes hair quickly».

Warm wax

It melts at a temperature of 40-45 ° C. There are two types:

  • in jars: it is heated in a wax or microwave oven, and applied to the skin with a spatula;
  • in cartridges: it is inserted into a vertical heater equipped with an applicator for application to the skin. Suitable for home spa: it is convenient to spread the sticky mixture straight from the package.

A plus:

  • The warmth from the wax opens the pores, hairs are removed more easily than with the cold method.


  • Not suitable for underarm and bikini depilation.

Warm wax is best used where you need to remove a lot at once: on the arms, legs, back or chest.

Natry about warm wax Veet Warm Wax: “Wax smells nice, it's a pleasure to use it. After it, there is irritation, which I easily eliminate with oil. To prevent ingrown hairs from appearing, I use a scrub.

In general, I like the wax. I use it for my legs and am very happy. He does not take my armpits, but I'm afraid to climb into the bikini zone. Who decides, most importantly, take small stripes».

Hot wax

It is heated at 50-55 ° C. Produced in granules or in cubes. Depilation can now be done easier: hot wax is removed with your fingers, without special strips.


  • Tears off even coarse hairs.
  • No sticky layer remains on the skin.


  • There is a risk of scalding due to the high melting point.
  • It is not used for varicose veins, skin diseases, wounds and scratches on the skin.

Hot wax is applied on the face, armpits and bikini area.

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See how easy it is to depilate with a wax melter

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